eufy doorbell not detecting motion

Mine is the wheels on our car and the railing. App Alerts: Notifies you as soon as motion is detected, sending a message to your phone via the eufy Security app, no matter where you are. First up, the Eufy Security Wi-Fi video doorbell is $90, down from the usual $120. For instance, does it cover a sidewalk or a busy street?

You can adjust how big of a heat signature the doorbell picks up. Its also not the first time it doesn't detect motion despite a person being at the front door for several seconds. In fact, the recording begins as soon as it detects motion, even if the person doesn't ring the bell.

It will inform you of the activity, allowing any user to view live footage of the event by opening the app. With a reset, motion is being detected again. Sometimes, it doesn’t work. If you keep receiving false alerts, go to the Motion Zones first. All of the different Ring Models have advanced motion detection. If no motion is detected in the defined activity zone(s) for a cam, nothing will happen! Reset device and app, logged out but still no notifications for motion or bell press. I have two homes and two Eufy doorbells. As explained before, Ring uses heat detection to pick up motion. First, check Motion Alerts. Can’t wait to see an update incoming which brings us the updated and “perfect” activity zones (like already available for another eufy product) which only records video when motion is detected in the defined activity zone(s)! Does facing a window affect Ring Doorbell’s motion detection? This would make every customer possible to set a zone or multiple zones to cover the area he wants motion to be detected.
This bypasses the inside doorbell chime, which is necessary to provide steady current to the video doorbell. First of all and the main reason why i say it is ill-conceived i will show you here: What the …?! Let us know if this worked for you. My UPS driver was dropping off some packages and the recording cut off 30 seconds into our conversation right in front of the camera. Absolutely disappointed. Always great feedback for their business and on point with what people generally want/think. With that, make sure to check there first before fiddling with the device. You need to try and get the Doorbell to pick up the motion as early as possible. Here goes: This is a prevalent problem that often happens to new users. Sense and purpose of a security cams ACTIVITY ZONE is, that ONLY if motion is detected in the defined activity zone, the cam should do ANYTHING (which is set and defined in the settings, like notifications, recording, …) !!! If you think about what Ring doorbells can do, it is pretty amazing. My new Eufy doorbell was working fine after the initial install 2 days ago.

I’m just learning about all of this stuff, your comments and suggestions etc are easy to understand. That eufy isn’t running a centralized and detailed and gapless changelog for all updates, no matter if app or firmware for the cam or homebase, is one of plenty things i criticize and admonish since months! These are all great, but the problem is the Ring Doorbell doesn’t detect motion sometimes. You likely get frequent alerts because the device detects motion too much. Press J to jump to the feed.

@yamyam, completely understand your frustrations with it not working properly. Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered) Add-on Unit. They probably wanted to get the feature out so its out. You can adjust the sensitivity of the device from the Ring app. However, that function is not perfect. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Brilliant then just notifications just died since yesterday evening. Prior to this, it has worked fine in this regard.

I’ve verify the internet signal, disconnected and re-connected the doorbell and all I get is the yellow pulsing circle, no doorbell, no connect. Ice1 June 7, 2019, 12:21pm #2. Absolutely disappointed. This shows me that all i do here isn’t just wasting time. It’s a pain though playing with these rectangles on the phone to stretch and adjust them to my requirements.

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