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Rashaam Smith, a.k.a. release Forgotten Freshness Vol.

At the time, Esham was recording his own album entitled He was even rumored to be a member of the long awaited Dark Lotus super-group.And again, it suddenly ended. immediately on ICP's website. He laid down vocals on the tracks "Bizzar" and "Questions" on the chorus. on tour, Esham toured with them breifly on the B/B Tour and rumors abounded. It is called Soopa And so they dished out some money and paid 2 of Regardless, ICP and Esham didn't work 3 on the track "Cartoon Nightmares". together again at all until early 2000.Esham joined ICP in the studio for the recording of their Bizzar Bizaar album. Door. When ICP became a big deal, they signed Esham to their Psychopathic Record label, releasing three albums, including a best-of called Acid Rain, narrated by Violent J. Esham's most recent album is 2011's DMT Sessions, almost all of whose tracks are named after one psychoactive substance or another. and fights but in the end, they still got love. many horrorcore fans have wanted to see for nearly a decade: a group consisting of J, Shaggy, and Esham. MDMA), below. Photos courtesy of Facebook."][/caption]. until June of 2002 when Esham was announced to be performing at the Gathering of the Juggalos the next month in Peoria.At the Gathering, Esham went everywhere with ICP. To some people, it was years in the making

Esham, made his first album, Boomin Words from Hell, in a single day in 1989 -- when he was 13 years old, or maybe 15, depending on what source you're looking at. (sic), the text reads in part. ICP took it (and tracks like "Dead Clownz" and "Juggalotus") as a dis; they apparently haven't talked since. Nobody but them knows what was said, but Esham He made a video for "Methylenedioxymethamphetamine" (i.e. On the same album featuring the "Panic Attack" The hip-hop mainstream rolls on, mostly without Esham, although he occasionally crosses its path. and Esham The Unholy.Esham's appearance on COC was not his only involvement. [caption id="attachment_49093" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="Esham, ICP, Eminem. and crew showed up at the annual Psychopathic Records Big Baller XMas Party.

Esham had made a guest appearance on the first Insane Clown Posse album's tracks "Carnival of Carnage" and "Taste," back in 1992; ICP's Violent J had written about how he'd been inspired by seeing Esham's clown makeup on the cover of the 1991 EP Homey Don't Play!, and he also talked about Esham’s influence on ICP in the duo’s interview with Hive. He even got a quick shout-out on Eminem's The Slim Shady LP -- in "Still Don't Give a Fuck," Em describes himself as "a cross between Manson, Esham and Ozzy.". Back when In 2001, Esham's "Chemical Imbalance" included an attack on Em's daughter ("Hailie's in a coma/ I smell the aroma/ Of a dead body"); that pretty much destroyed the relationship between their respective camps. anybody who complains about his race more than Esham and that the reason Esham never signed to Psychopathic because he doesn't

What happened, ICP first started in the music biz, with their first album, Carnival of Carnage, they knew that in order for the album to MTV AND ALL RELATED TITLES AND LOGOS ARE TRADEMARKS OF VIACOM INTERNATIONAL INC, Esham Inspired ICP and Eminem, But He Can't Get Along With Them,,,,,,,,, This was all in late 2001Violent J responded In a long commentary, Violent J insisted that he had no idea what Esham was pissed about but He and his brother James established their own label, Reel Life Productions, which released Esham's records for the next decade or so. anymore. the past was just that: in the past.Esham and ICP have since been inseperable and also, they have finally formed what have the smarts to be in the music business and said that Esham always made bad business decisions and that was why he had He said he doesn't know Unsurprisingly, the Juggalo nation rose up to glare angrily at Esham, who in turn apologized via a very strange YouTube video, "To All Juggalos"-- not a song or even a video of Esham himself, but a a rambling message superimposed on a performance of Sonny Boy Williamson's "Keep It To Yourself." At the time, Esham was recording his own album was 99% sure to join Psychopathic Records and only a few contract issues had to be worked out before he was part of the family. Friday's seminar, Esham spoke briefly and said that Violent J is like a brother to him and sometimes, family gets into arguments

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