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Elizabeth Hurley became known as Hugh Grant’s girlfriend but then made a name for herself as an actress, model, and businesswoman.

894646. His entry in Epstein’s black book includes his email address as well as his assistant’s phone number. Mick Jagger’s phone number is listed on page 28.

There’s also a separate entry with the contact information of Ivanka Trump, listed right under “Ivana” Trump on page 54. "[9] Her interview regarding her mother and conditions in the Near West Side Neighborhood at the turn of the 19th century appears on Disc 3: Battle for Chicago.

This address book has the contact information of many public figures, including names of the socialite’s associates that range from entrepreneurs to celebrities. Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book is one of the most cursed documents ever compiled in this miserable, dying country. Edouard de Rothschild and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild are members of the Rothschild family, known as one of the wealthiest families in the world.

However, because of the overt nature of many of Epstein’s charges, it’s hard to believe people who knew him were completely unaware of Epstein’s conduct. Aside from the flight logs of Epstein’s jet nicknamed Lolita Express, there are records of Epstein’s “black book”. One of Love’s phone numbers is marked with an arrow.

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein: I phoned every number in their little black book. Ralph Fiennes has acted in many great features including Red Dragon, Harry Potter, and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Registered in England No.

[6], Epstein's papers and correspondence are held by Columbia College Chicago's Center for Black Music Research.[4]. Liz Hurley, Alec Baldwin, Tom Ford, Mick Jagger, the Trump Family and Courtney Love all look like low-level opportunist swingers.

. Courtney Love’s information appears highlighted by a hand-drawn square on page 33.

[8] Among other findings, Epstein demonstrated that the banjo emerged from the African slave tradition rather than rural white culture, a revelation that "shattered myths and sparked a remarkable revival of black string band music". His phone number is listed on page 26 of the black book. David Koch was co-owner of Koch Industries along with his brother Charles and ran for U.S. Vice President back in 1980.

Apparently Prince Andrew was looking to party and was told Courtney Love could show him around; Love confirms they never met again afterward.

Ford is married to journalist and former Vogue Hommes International Editor-in-Chief Richard Buckley. Contact information for the two of them is listed in Epstein’s black book, page 48. . Please. Her 1977 book on the topic, Sinful Tunes and Spirituals: black folk music to the Civil War, was awarded the Chicago Folklore Prize and the Simkins Prize of the Southern Historical Association.

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