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He is known as Harbinger, Thane, King, Dragonborn, Arch-Mage, Holy Listener, Champion, Nightingale, Messenger, Lord, and is the current Emperor of Tamriel, third of the Mede Dynasty. Imperial City Video. Emperor's Robes. Though considering Titus rejected the outla… I think Mede had no heirs so I think the Elder Council will be in charge, which is probably why you were hired and expenses paid for with an Elder Council amulet. Personally, I'm happy to do so, he's a nasty little man, and he carries far too many shiny pebbles in his pockets. https://the-elder-scrollsv-skyrim.fandom.com/wiki/Emperor_Titus_Mede_II?oldid=192. He was crowned prince at the age of sixteen, and has been loyal to the Empire ever since. [1], The Eighth Legion covered the Emperor's retreat in a desperate rearguard action on the walls of the capital. emperor-titus-mede-ii. [12] Others considered that the Emperor didn't have any choice in signing the Concordat, as without it the Dominion would have destroyed the Empire. Even if the player is an Imperial Legion member, killing Emperor Titus Mede II has no effect on the progression of the Imperial storyline. However, the reasons and implications of the signing are up for debate. Whether or not they'll do well as an emperor is dependent on how good this heir balances the wants of the empire's people with the outright demands of the Aldmeri Dominion. If he/she fails in this, we could be looking at a second Great War taking place. [1], While the Battle of the Red Ring resulted in an Imperial victory, the Legions were too weakened to continue their advance. Emperor Titus Mede II is an Imperial acting as a decoy in place of the real Emperor, during the Dark Brotherhood quest To Kill an Empire.He was put there by Commander Maro as part of a conspiracy to rid the Brotherhood of their new Listener, namely you, and will be seated in the dining area of the Emperor's Tower of Castle Dour in Solitude.His real name is never given. J. Eepers. Titus Mede II ascended to the throne in the year 4E 168. I won't fight you, so we may as well get this over with. Grey Titus Mede II was crowned Emperor at age 30, and took matters into his own hands at this point, organizing a full scale war against the dominion. Grid View List View. Race According to The Talos Mistake, Emperor Titus II had always believed the worshiping of Talos as a deity was morally correct and that the ban on Talos worship was coerced by the Aldmeri Dominion. -Astrid, "The man you need to speak with, his name is Motierre? They were recovered by a contact of mine from within the Dark Brotherhood. Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. This page was last modified on 11 March 2019, at 19:28. Emperor Titus Mede II is the current reigning Emperor of the Tamriel Empire. Imperial He personally put Servius Tullius as the new General, and had launched thirteen attacks on each Thalmor base in the vicinity. [13], Amaund Motierre, a Breton noble from Cyrodiil, contacted the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim in 4E 201. [2], Titus Mede II was crowned Emperor in the year 168 of the Fourth Era, inherting a weakened Empire from his predecessor, consisting of Hammerfell, High Rock, Skyrim, and Cyrodiil, of which only the latter three remained peaceful and prosperous, as Hammerfell was in civil war. The main army was commanded by the Forgotten Hero, and would advance from the north. Roll Random Skin! It is unknown if Amaund Motierre was later also killed by the assassin, as the Emperor had requested from the assassin. On the 30th of Frostfall, 4E 171, an ambassador arrived at the Imperial City with an ultimatum for the new Emperor and a gift in a covered cart. (Which is inevitable anyway. That's a very old and powerful Breton family, firmly established in Cyrodiil. Titus Mede knew there would be no better time for peace, and thus signed the White-Gold Concordat, marking the end of the Great War. To Kill an Empire; Inventory . Homeland Titus Mede II ascended to the throne in the year 4E 148. His Majesty, Emperor Titus Mede II, is the reigning Emperor of Tamriel during the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. There were those who considered the Emperor to have renounced both humanity and honor when the Concordat was signed. He is an aged, wise and powerful man, who is forced into visiting Skyrim by the Dark Brotherhood, upon the command of Amaund Motierre.When you enter his cabin, Mede seems to have accepted his fate, but he asks you to kill the man who ordered his death. Third Empire Titus Mede II dies at the end of the Dark Brotherhood Questline - you assassinate him - we all know that. Emperor Titus Mede II is the current Emperor of Tamriel at the time Skyrim takes place. You haven't come this far just to stand there gawking.". The Hero volunteered to infiltrate the city, and discover the source of this power. And really, why would you? Minecraft Skin. [19], The assassin would survive, however, and through Amaund Motierre, discover that the real Emperor was on the ship the Katariah. Cyrodiil Titus Mede II is reigning emperor of Tamriel during the time in which The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is set. Delicious." Local support in Skyrim for the Emperor varied. He is an aged, wise and powerful man, who is forced into visiting Skyrim by the Dark Brotherhood, upon the command of Amaund Motierre. I told him you can't stop the Dark Brotherhood. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Weight The Penitus Oculatus will continue its presence in the game, even after you kill the Emperor, despite the fact that you can overhear Commander Maro saying otherwise before killing him. Titus Mede's request isn't a contract, however I fully agree that the deal with Motierre extended to 'kill the emperor' and no further, certainly there was nothing in the contract about not killing Motierre.

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