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That evening she returns to Paige's house and explains that she realized there was a reason she ended up at Paige's house when she was drunk: she wanted to be with Paige. He was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Pennsylvania National Guard. Emily was around fifteen when she met Alison DiLaurentis, the popular girl at Rosewood High School.She became a member of Alison's "posse", who became known as The Liars to other people. Things are soon complicated by Paige; having recently come out, she hopes to rekindle her and Emily's relationship. Emily later finds out that she couldn't go back because her soon-to-be killer was there and wanted Emily to go with her to San Francisco to save her. Aria and Emily find a mess that had been used to cover up Elliott's traces. She eventually takes off the friendship bracelet Alison gave to her in an attempt to let go of her feelings for Alison. She is quite popular at school, but feels as though she's not close with anyone. The situation gets worse when someone calls Social Services to her parents in an attempt to get her away from them, which does not happen.

Occupation(s): General Overview However, she is interrupted before saying who is in danger, when Jenna calls her. Meanwhile, in "The Darkest Knight", Alison reveals to Emily that she's pregnant with Archer's baby, and they kiss. [2], Emily was a friend of Alison DiLaurentis and deeply attracted to her. Another noticeable difference between the two versions are the physical and psychological characteristics. Emily gives the sweater to the group and Caleb flees, giving it to "A.D." in hopes of saving Hanna. Severely depressed and increasingly desperate, Emily contemplates committing suicide and very nearly attempts it; she is only talked out of it when the Liars remind her that that is what Alison wants: for them to die. Emily starts to struggle to know if Alison is alive or not. They also argue about Alison's safety at Welby State, with Spencer saying she's safe locked up, and Emily denying it. Relationships Also in this season, Emily befriends Sabrina (Lulu Brud), the new-in-charge at the Brew, which in the following season lead to a brief hook up. Emily is rescued by her friends, but remains uncertain if Alison is really alive or if it was just a dream. Emily and Pam greet him and he tells Emily that she shouldn't be late for school.

In the show, she is of Irish/Scottish, Korean and Filipino descent, with long dark hair and brown eyes, and her dress style is more fashionable.
Deceased Drusilla Moorhouse of E! When he hears Emily yelling for help, he quickly climbs up the side of the building to the second story and rescues her. He calls Emily to make sure she's alright after her ordeal in the dollhouse. Shortly after the messages begin, Alison's body is discovered buried in her yard. Pam Fields (Wife) Keep Your Friends Close A concludes that Emily is the "weak link" in the group and begins to torment her as much as possible. Series Information

Emily goes with Toby to Homecoming, much to the dismay of her friends; Emily later admits to Toby that she really wanted to come with Maya. She is still depressed over Maya's death, but is at the same time angry at being treated like she is "made out of glass".

[1] She is described as having hazel eyes and a strawberry-blonde hair that is tinted green due to chlorine. According to the "5 Years Forward" special, which aired on ABC Family in November, Emily's father died sometime during her college years, though it's not clear exactly how. She is the jock of the group and participates in competitive swimming.

Believing that Emily and Toby were involved romantically, Emily's father confronts her about it; after denying that anything is going on, she ends up coming out to her father, who is shocked. She is a character of both Pretty Little Liars' books and television series, and initially appears as a "jock girl" and one of the main protagonists of the story.

Secret(s): Wayne returns home after being called by family services. Jenna then shoots at the Liars, as they run, but get separated from Spencer, who is shot. Emily is able to stay in Rosewood, but feels guilty, confiding in Samara, her new girlfriend. [14] "A" later mails Emily's mother (Nia Peeples) a copy of the same picture of Emily and Maya kissing. Pretty Little Liars established Wayne's heart problem in "Bite Your Tongue." Emily helps her and they deal to visit Alison together.

She starts to work as a bartender in Los Angeles, but returns to Rosewood at Alison's request, and also to depose on Charlotte's release from psychological hospital.

Later, the girls discover Alison's innocence and try to clear Alison's name and free Hanna. When Emily re-joined the school's swim team after a brief injury, she finds herself in a rivalry with Paige McCullers (Lindsey Shaw), an excellent swimmer who had taken Emily's place in her absence. Nicole (Rebecca Breeds), the supervisor of Habitat for Humanity,.

- Has a heart condition (exposed to Emily) - Had family services watching his family (exposed)

Back at the Welby State, Emily tries to visit Alison, but a nurse confirms that only family members can see her, and, following, Elliott (Huw Collins) repeated that Alison's conditions aren't the bests and rapidly avoid his conversation with Emily, leaving her unresigned. Emily escapes, but is caught by Lyndon in a nearby lighthouse while attempting to call 911. After Paige's homophobic and demanding father accuses Emily of getting preferential treatment, Emily's mother stands up to him, which helps to repair the relationship between Emily and her mother.

Bite Your Tongue

Her parents ask her to come home, stating that they will learn to accept Emily for who she is. Paige tries to solve the situation, but Emily ends up screaming at Addison; ultimately, Paige calls Addison's father and she's called to the Principal's room. Mary then reveals that she is Spencer's biological mother. Married to Pam Fields (at time of death)

In "Original G'A'ngsters", Emily and her mother, Pam (Nia Peeples), are running and exercising through the city forest and Emily decides to take her to celebrate her birthday in the Radley. "A" sends Emily to a barn in the woods; she ends up getting locked inside and passes out due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Convinced by her friends that Toby is dangerous, the two get into a physical confrontation; as Emily tries to run away, she trips and hits her head, falling unconscious. She was able to open the window a bit just as Wayne arrives to pick her up.

Meanwhile, Emily is forced to deal with her new relationship with Maya, who is desperate to avoid getting sent back to True North. Wayne returns and is having an alarm set up around the house. Pam Fields (Wife) Emily Fields (Daughter) Grace DiLaurentis-Fields (Granddaughter) Lily DiLaurentis-Fields (Granddaughter) Biography. Wayne Fields After Alison's trial, she moves out to California and begins a new relationship with a girl named Laura, finally feeling at peace.

Paige apologizes for her father later that evening and comes out to Emily by kissing her. Gender: That's because the series will pick up after a five-year time jump, and so much has happened since we last saw the Liars. However, when Emily discovers that Talia is married and their relationship is calming down, she breaks up. 2020 Bustle Digital Group.

Upset by this, Emily and Nate comfort one another, only to end up kissing.

They celebrate later as her mother enters a group of brides-to-be women. He has not appeared in Season 5 or Season 6, so the last thing we really know about this man is that he was suffering from a medical condition. [5] Although they break up soon after, Emily learns she's pregnant and secretly gives the baby up for adoption during summer break. As "5 Years Forward" revealed, Emily will still be grieving the devastating loss of her father when the show returns, marking her biggest tragedy since Maya's murder.

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