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Film producer and nightclub owner Elie Samaha is under criminal investigation by the FBI for possible fraud, representatives for Samaha acknowledged Wednesday. He also gets a bargain deal on film stock from Fuji and Kodak by guaranteeing them a minimum purchase of 5 million feet of film each year. After Samaha sold the film’s cable, foreign and video rights, he came away with a tidy profit. One way he cuts costs is going after projects that have been sitting on a studio shelf, deemed either too costly or flawed to make. Arnon Milchan, a onetime Israeli armaments dealer, has made a string of box-office hits at New Regency Pictures. You don’t have to wait around to get notes from 10 different development executives. A look at California’s November ballot propositions. He befriends actors who have a pet project no one else is willing to make, keeping the film’s budget down by persuading the stars to take a lesser fee in return for a potentially lucrative piece of the film’s gross. We pick the scripts the stars already want to make.”. DVD $10.87 > Customer reviews. Samaha signals that the meeting is over by pulling out his wallet and extracting a $100 bill, which he tosses onto Elwes’ desk.

It was terrible, but Elie made me an associate producer and took care of business.”, Samaha was always an entrepreneur. Merisier Elie est sur Facebook. “It’s like he stepped right out of ‘What Makes Sammy Run.’ ”. Endorsement: No on Proposition 14: It’s not the best way to support stem-cell research. It is 5:30 on the second night of Passover, and the lights are out all over Hollywood. We are firmly of the view that this is a not a criminal case. For now, he’s basking in the glow of his first bona fide hit, “The Whole Nine Yards,” the Bruce Willis mobster comedy that was No.

“But we had too many problems. Worried about a possible new Canadian tax law that could hit American actors with a steep tax charge, he’s making plans to build sound stages in Mexico and ramp up film production there. When he picked up his clothes, the shirt was missing. Los Angeles, CA. He also owns part of a catering service, which allows him to feed his cast and crew for half of what a studio pays. “Or a cameo for free.”. “The studios spend millions in development every year. As part of the divorce, Samaha agreed to a two-picture deal with Carrere, though he has an option to buy her out instead of making the films. Samaha saves even more money by making the films in Canada, which shaves up to 30% off the budget. He jokes: “She’s dating [he names a prominent young actor]. Buying a new building, putting a film together--it just turns me on.”.

Seeking to cut their risk, the studios frequently make deals with outside producers who bankroll the movies with foreign capital. How did I do a deal with Wesley [Snipes]? The $5.5-billion measure can wait. California’s November election will feature 12 statewide ballot measures. As Pantoliano tells the story, Samaha asked how much the shirt cost. 1 at the box office earlier this year. “Why do you need money for parking?” he says. Possible Associates Elie Kheir Samaha could have been associated with Tia C Carrere, Colette Marie Underhill, Contract Servs Elster, Grill Kachina, Delsol Cabo, and Restaurant Coyote.

Artisan Films co-CEO Amir Malin, who was once partnered with Samaha in Millennium Films, puts it this way: “Elie gets actors to do the movie for the wholesale price, not retail.”. “I was a little rascal.”, Shortly after the Lebanese civil war broke out in 1975, Samaha left the country, eventually arriving in Los Angeles. “He said, ‘I’ll give you $300 in dry cleaning,’ and I said, ‘You’ve got a deal.’ So when he made his first movie, guess who was in it. By moving it to Montreal and getting Willis to cut his salary, he slashed the budget to $28 million. If you give them 25% of the profits, they get out of the trailers faster.”.

Elwes fishes some $20s out of his wallet. Say what you will about Samaha--he’s always thinking ahead. Film producer and nightclub owner Elie Samaha is under criminal investigation by the FBI for possible fraud, representatives for Samaha acknowledged Wednesday. “What can I say,” Samaha says.

“Now I have to beg Elie to return other people’s calls.”, In Hollywood, when you have money to make movies, you make a lot of new friends. We’re not going to pay $500,000 for a rewrite and then not have the star do it. Lived in Ottawa Hills and Toledo, OH.Dearborn, MI, Phone (313) 605-XXXX, (313) 914-XXXX, (313) 730-XXXX. The storm has lifted. His movie production companies are housed in buildings he owns.

But Samaha wants a bonus: The agency’s actress has to do a movie for Samaha--"and for scale,” he says.

For crime news, safety advice, and technology hacks check out TruthFinder Infomania, Add info to reports: Help ensure your contact and personal info is accurate, (310) 400-XXXX, (313) 605-XXXX, (323) 348-XXXX, (323) 866-XXXX, (734) 680-XXXX, (310) 800-XXXX, (310) 980-XXXX, (310) 400-XXXX, (323) 848-XXXX, (818) 788-XXXX, (310) 270-XXXX, (310) 246-XXXX, (310) 400-XXXX, (310) 980-XXXX, (310) 270-XXXX, (323) 848-XXXX, (818) 788-XXXX, (310) 246-XXXX, (323) 654-XXXX, (213) 500-XXXX, (323) 822-XXXX, (818) 205-XXXX, (323) 465-XXXX, (781) 592-XXXX, (315) 474-XXXX, (323) 461-XXXX, (310) 289-XXXX, (424) 278-XXXX, (323) 654-XXXX, (313) 605-XXXX, (313) 914-XXXX, (313) 730-XXXX. “It’s the only way they make any money.”. “I really like those guys,” he says. “I was on a plane to Paris with Arnon recently and he kept drilling me with questions--he wants to know how I’m putting all these movies together. When the agents tout a prominent young actor for an upcoming bio-pic about Montgomery Clift, playing up the artistic merits of the project, Samaha interrupts: “It’s a labor of love, right? A look at California’s November ballot propositions. Other formats.

If only movie studios had as much synergy as Samaha, whose operations all seem to feed on one another. It is all here.

It’s a surprise to hear Mike Nichols calling one day to reschedule a meeting--the two men may produce a movie together--but an even bigger surprise to learn that it was Samaha who was too busy to initially meet with the esteemed director. 4.0 out of 5 stars. The more buttoned-down Hollywood becomes, the more room there is for someone like Elie. Having lost his father when he was a young boy, Samaha grew up fast. Samaha was a movie producer. Samaha seems to be haggling with his own brother. “He’s a throwback to the old studio guys who put everything on the line every time they made a movie. “Elie is a fantastic seducer,” says producer Bill Gerber. Samaha says that “The Whole Nine Yards” would’ve cost $45 million to make in Miami, where its script was originally set. The FBI probe into the financing of films made by Samaha’s Franchise Pictures--including “Battlefield Earth,” starring John Travolta, and “3000 Miles to Graceland,” starring Kevin Costner--stems from a civil case brought against Samaha by former partner Intertainment Licensing, according to lawyers for both sides. Possible Associates Elie George Samaha could have been associated with Lara Elie Samaha Mawsour. He has four movie crews there, two in Montreal. Lived in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, and West Hollywood, CA. To him, making it in Hollywood is all about knowing how to play the game. Email ds****@a****.com au****@y****.com ds****@e****.net, Possible User Ids 51****@linkedin, 18****@linkedin, #9****@linkedin, Phone (213) 500-XXXX, (323) 822-XXXX, (818) 205-XXXX, (323) 465-XXXX, (781) 592-XXXX, (315) 474-XXXX, (323) 461-XXXX, (310) 289-XXXX, (424) 278-XXXX, (323) 654-XXXX, Lived in Washington and Birmingham, MI.Los Angeles, CA. In that case, Intertainment alleges that Samaha defrauded the German television company out of $75 million through a scheme using multiple sets of books for each movie. He chooses the movies and puts up the money. “This is her life’s passion--it’ll kill her.”, At first, Samaha is unmoved.

“I could never succeed as an investment banker--I don’t have the language, the clothes or the customs,” says Lerner, who was a partner of Samaha’s on a number of his early films. We located 8 people named Elie Samaha living in California, Florida, Michigan and 2 other states. Jack Nicholson.

A Warner Bros. spokeswoman declined to comment on the revelations of an FBI probe. Soon Samaha was producing his first movie, “The Immortals,” a low-budget thriller about a gang of small-time hoods. He even put Stovitz to work operating the dolly on the film, which was little more than a supermarket cart with a camera attached. Elie works on gut instinct. California’s November election will feature 12 statewide ballot measures. Why can’t you play them?”. 3.8 out of 5 stars. I told him, ‘Leave me alone. Robert De Niro. “Corner properties are very important,” he proclaims. --so he doesn’t waste time with amenities. Controversial nightclub operator-turned-film producer Elie Samaha and producer Don Kushner are buying the theater from a joint venture of Warner Bros. and Viacom Inc. for an undisclosed price. Other formats.

Samaha earned money, but little respect. Where to vote. Samaha’s relationship with Intertainment dates back to his first major studio film, “The Whole Nine Yards,” starring Bruce Willis, released in 1999.

He smiles. Avi Lerner, an Israeli immigrant who heads Nu Image, a low-budget film company, says that the film business is especially open to new blood. Avi Lerner, Elie Samaha Studio FilmRise MPAA rating R (Restricted) Purchase rights Stream instantly Details Format Prime Video (streaming online video) Devices Available to watch on supported devices. “I used to have to beg people to return Elie’s phone calls,” says Ken Stovitz, his CAA agent. Possible Associates Elie G Samaha could have been associated with Lara Elie Samaha Mawsour.

John Travolta. Can’t find the Elie Samaha you’re looking for? “I’ll walk away before I’ll overpay,” he says. “After you’ve had a meeting with Elie, you think, ‘I’ve read about people like him in Hollywood novels, but I never thought they existed in real life,’ ” says Tony Safford, senior vice president of acquisitions at 20th Century Fox. His lack of polish is his strength.”. One of Samaha’s staffers asks why she didn’t include a card. Elie G Samaha. The Intertainment case is set for trial November 2002. Either he says yes or he says no, and if he says yes, the movie gets made.”, With his colorful demeanor, Samaha provides quite a contrast to the well-bred Ivy League smoothies who run today’s Hollywood.

Jackie Lacey vs. George Gascón: What to know about L.A County district attorney’s race. I want to meditate.’ So he’s competitive, I’m competitive. Possible Associates Elie Kheir Samaha could have been associated with Contract Servs Elster, Grill Kachina, Delsol Cabo, Restaurant Coyote, and Kitchens Avery. When he picked up his clothes, the shirt was missing. How did I get Travolta? Samaha boasts that he shot 80% of the film at locations where he owned the real estate. Once Samaha got the project, he cut the budget from $100 million to $50 million, shot the film in Canada and covered nearly 80% of his costs from foreign sales. Fogelman suggests someone write down the deal. Parlaying the Hollywood friendships he formed through his clubs, Samaha was able in 1999 to lock up a distribution deal with Warner Bros. Pictures. 3.8 out of 5. Movie stars like him because he’s a little larger than life.”, Samaha’s timing is good--he arrived in Hollywood just as most of the major studios were losing their enthusiasm for financing expensive big-star projects. Because they don’t watch their money.”. Soon he was running Celebrity Cleaners, whose first outlet was on La Cienega Boulevard. Endorsements. “I learned what I know on the streets,” he says simply. The slate of films is renowned for being consistently poor performers in theaters. Yoram Barzilai, Danny Lerner, Elie Samaha, David Varod Studio FilmRise MPAA rating R (Restricted) Purchase rights Stream instantly Details Format Prime Video (streaming online video) Devices Available to watch on supported devices. Download the TruthFinder app. A lengthy discussion ensues over the exact rental rate.

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