dracaena massangeana cats

As for propagating a Mass Cane stalk from the existing canes, yes it is possible but the results will likely be disappointing if a new full cane is expected, and there is a big risk in damaging the existing Canes. What is the lowest temperature they can survive in? Conditions below 55°F/12°C will cause the leaves' edges to turn light grey or brown. Any crowns that appear to be coming in damaged should be removed and discarded, this will help the plant put energy toward regenerating roots, and healthy foliage. I've had my mass cane for about two years and suddenly in that last week or so its leaves have turned yellow and then within days they go brown.

In areas with strong light, it may be necessary either to leave some water in the liner or water more frequently. Be calm and patient, as you stabilize environment and allow the plant time to adjust things should begin to normalize. I ve had my mass cane for over 7 years in the office In hk...we recently moved office and i re-potted to bigger pot... she gets great light in the day...she must have been very happy. This species has the nicknames of the Madagascar dragon tree and the red-edge dracaena. I pulled off some brown dead leaves, and I saw that I probably should have used pruning shears?
There are. Question: Thank you for your response below about cutting my cane down. Answer: The fresh ground coffee could likely cause a problem.

Healthy Pet: Can Cats and Houseplants Just Get Along? The leaves that have been removed will not grow back. If you live in a tropical climate, it should be fine; I would probably avoid a spot where it receives many hours of direct sunlight even in this environment.

However, after I water, several leaf tips will yellow. Answer: It is best to pot up one size from the pot that your plant is currently in. There are not safe ones. You won’t need a lot of fertilizer with this plant. Dracaena plants are also used in veterinary medicine. Besides the above, you will get varieties such as Anita, Dorado, Hawaiian sunshine, Florida beauty, Limelight, Lemon surprise, Rikki, Malaika, Song of India, Songs of Jamaica, White Jewel among other varieties in the market. In your case I would be most concerned about moisture level in the soil, and any possible cold damage that may have occurred.

Don’t fertilize your plant in winter. Question: My mass cane was fairly dead, so I cut off most of the stalk to save it. If the situation has become severe enough, intravenous fluids and electrolytes will need to be supplemented. Answer: It is most likely that your Mass Cane has bloomed. This plant loves natural lighting, but it’ll do fairly well under artificial grow lights if you absolutely can’t get enough natural sunlight.

The top leaves of my mass cane look healthier than the bottom ones who seem kind of limp.

Your temperatures should range between 65°F and 78°F throughout the day to create the best environment for this plant. That hub details Mealy Bug infestation and how to treat an infected houseplant. Any ideas as to why?
They will multiply and become more apparent, and can spread to surrounding plants.

Is there a way to propagate additional plants off of my current plants? Is this from inconsistent watering? You’ll want garden scissors or pruning shears for this project, but it’s relatively easy. It is believed that the rust like spots develop after being watered with water that has a high mineral content.

It may take weeks for the plant to show symptoms of either overwatering or underwatering; by then, the damage will already have occurred. Saponins are considered mild to moderate toxins. Most of this plant’s species are native to Africa with only a few species found in Northern Australia through to South Asia. To prevent your cat from becoming ill from eating straight margined dracaena, keep all houseplants out of the cat's reach and clean all fallen leaves regularly.

It is also known as curly bamboo, Belgian evergreen, ribbon plant, Goddess of Mercy’s plant, Chinese water bamboo, Sander’s or ribbon dracaena. They love to attack new growth, and they’ll cause your Dracaena’s leaves to turn yellow and fall off.

What ends up happening to a houseplant is a concentrated build-up of the foreign organic material, leaving the plant to stew in something that it can not process, and a substance that can go rancid rich with aggressive bacteria to boot. The damaged crown should not be used to propagate. My one hope was that the new little leaves on each crown looked healthy but now even those have dry tips. It is believed, and in my experience appears to be supported by evidence overtime, that the cause is a build up of soluble salts and minerals from the water, this can be a more or less likely cause depending on how mineral rich the water is in your area.

This will help ensure the soil will drain well enough to keep your plant happy, and it’ll also have nutrients to feed your plant. How can I help it recover? It has narrow, arching leaves with purple margins. You’ll want. thoughthole (author) from Utah on July 16, 2017: If your plant is truly getting burned by the sun it is being exposed to too much extreme light, & heat.

thoughthole (author) from Utah on November 20, 2017: Lori, Draceana are safe for the cats to be around. The top gets more sun than the bottom. They love bright light, but they’ll also survive in dimmer lighting. Answer: I recommend consulting a local nursery in your area for the best answer to this question. It always seems dry to me, even immediately following watering. Add fertilizer at a time of year that sunlight hours and temperatures, are increasing. In strong light, the plant will grow faster, but the leaves may become bleached or burned, and the soil will dry out too quickly, which causes dehydration. I have noticed that cats tend to like batting the foliage with their claws on occasion, which can lead to shredded leaves on a Draceana, so there is one thing to look out for for the safety of the plant in relation to cats. Should I remove it and toss it? thoughthole (author) from Utah on March 01, 2017: If the smaller cane appears to be well rooted then there is a possibility that it could sprout a crown at some point. If the damage to your cane is a cut, or gash the plant will likely heal itself. Cats may be prone to nibbling on the plant as it is very similar to grass. First the leaves started getting white patches all over them, which I was told was fungus and to cut them off. A pot or planter that has drainage holes for excess water is also advisable. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. I have scoured the internet and can not locate a photo of this huge bulb with a cane growing from it. He’s not vomiting or diarrhea but is extra shy and sleepy and does not want to be petted too long right now. You should apply it straight to the soil in the pot, and you want to lightly water it after you apply the fertilizer to encourage it to sink into the roots. Because the mass cane is a tropical plant, it prefers high humidity. How do I replenish or save the existing stock? It looks like tar.

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