do boer goats have wattles

Because some people don’t like wattles, they remove them at birth. You might have seen a goat in a cartoon on comic, gnawing on a tin can and heard that goats will eat pretty much anything. Not to get off topic but is that a water hand pump I see? How great~ Love all your nannies’ names…Muffin, Jetty, Jilly . So glad you stopped by. Goats can either have one wattle or two. I’m so glad you enjoy the goats because I LOVE talking about them! Said lead author Christian Nawroth: "Here, we show for the first time that goats do not only distinguish between these expressions, but they also prefer to interact with happy ones.". Wow, you already have you X post taken care of! On the larger size, Anglo-Nubian goats can weigh as much as 250 pounds (113.5 kilograms) and are 42 inches (106.7 centimeters) tall, reports the National Zoo. I have no pictures I'm sorry about that, I can post some later if any one wants. “They can be really cute. 97. Boer goats have 24 molars and 8 incisors. I do not believe wattles have any purpose other than to look interesting.”. Wattles can be found on the ears, too. I love the way you describe things so that people like me can actually understand them. ( Log Out /  Not all goats have them and they serve no physiological purpose at all. Goats can either have one wattle or two. They are of no use to the owner, either as breeding stock or milk producers. Originally published in Dairy Goat Journal September / October 2008 and regularly vetted for accuracy. HISTORY. That can include tree bark, which is rich in tannins Goats can survive on the thinnest patches of grass, according to Animal Diversity Web, so the only place goats can't live are tundras, deserts and aquatic habitats. Fancy is the only one we’ve had with these cute little ear wattles! Some people are creeped out by the odd horizontal, rectangular pupils in a goat's eyes. Three cheers for Punnett squares! I have to admit, I love to just feel Minnie’s wattles–very silky. Mary Jo DiLonardo covers a wide range of topics focused on nature, health, science, and anything that helps make the world a better place. In birds, wattles are often an ornament for courting potential mates. I’m passing the Versatile Blogger award to you. Is that cheating? No problems there! For example, a "brown" goat can be anywhere from light fawn to dark chocolate. “I’ve seen goats with only one wattle. When I brought home my first five nannies, three of them were plain Janes, but two had decorations:  those cute fuzzy dangling flaps of skin called wattles. redneck_acres, Aug 3, 2008. redneck_acres, Aug 3, 2008. It’s not a big deal to most people, but I just want anyone looking at my animals to know, wattles or not, it’s in my bloodline and any animal bought from me will have the potential to throw wattles into their kids.”. Thanks for the lesson! They also have an intense dislike for water puddles and mud. Being polled (not having horns) is a dominant trait; however, polled goats also have more defects, so people don’t necessarily keep polled goats as much. But think of all the goat kisses you could get from three goats! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Love the Wattle post – perfect for ‘W’ – and a fun word to say over and over. “We get about 25 percent or less of the kids born with wattles in our herd,” she said. Our one goat has wattles and that was the reason I got him. Then nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine. I've never seen a fullblood boer w/ wattles. Sometimes there are “misplaced” goat wattles on parts of the body other than the throat, latch or neck where they are normally seen. Both have wattles, but I’ll have to think of boy names that start with X. They tend to be smaller than the meat and dairy goats, weighing in at around 75-150 lbs (34-68 kg) I am pretty sure that Boers do not have them. In research published in Biology Letters, scientists found that goats will look people in the eye when they're frustrated with a task and could use a little help. I am pretty sure that Boers do not have them. Both male and female goats can have tufts of hair under their chin called beards. There are some breeders that actually remove wattles as they believe that it detracts from the appearance of the goat. This information is not intended to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your veterinarian. I do not believe wattles have any purpose other than to look interesting.”. JavaScript is disabled. Text and photographs may not be published, broadcast, redistributed, re-blogged or aggregated without express permission. Muffin had wattles, but her twin sister didn’t. Goat meat is leaner than poultry and other red meats, low in fat and cholesterol and is a source of conjugated linoleic acid. They'll be great smell catchers, I'm sure! A female goat is a doe or nanny. Sue ===== Wattle It Be What are those globs of skin dangling on that goatâ s neck? Again, if someone had wattles removed, it might be hard to know that they did have them. I learned about wattles last year when my youngest daughter bought two pygmy goats. While your experience with Meg’s offspring, 90% of which had wattles, is POSSIBLE with a single-gene dominant trait, isn’t it more likely that something else is going on? Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I got to learn something today too. Meg has unevenly placed wattles, just a bit lopsided. We have found that the best way to do this is to feed enough feed per feeding so each goat gets to eat its fill. Change ). I also think there must’ve been a use for them once upon a time. About half of Minnie’s babies have had wattles, but none of her daughters ever did. First of all I wanted to say that I love goats. But the guy doesn't know what the little deelee-bop tassels are either, could some one please tell us what the little flesh tassels are called and what breed/s has them! Do check out the recipes gallery for cooking inspiration. In ruminants like goats, microbial digestion occurs in the first two compartments, followed by acidic digestion in the second two. By Jennifer Stultz – By general consensus of those who have attempted to define them, goat wattles are simply hair-covered appendages of flesh hanging from the throat area. Thanks for sharing your goat family.

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