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Posted by 2 months ago. To start this quest, you need to find the blue tent where the titular ravers are hanging out. How to get: Fail to make throw in the petanque game south of the hotel. You can speak to Acele again to get a little more information afterward, but it's not necessary. Continue north from there and you'll eventually reach two buildings, a church and the abandoned Feld R&D building. Yeah that much is easy enough and was already on my todo list, both of these (and Actual Art Degree) are possible Day 1, I've proven that much so far. He will spill the beans after you mail the envelope with the signatures) and then listen to her explain how these islands were discovered. While researching: 7 hours 10 m, no other changes.

Explore around as you wish. While researching: 5 hours 55 sec, Result: +10 cents for each green orb clicked, Learning Cap for Savoir Faire raised to 6; The Precarious World. Cycle through his dialogue options about the church, then agree to help him. While researching: hours, -1 Visual Calculus, Result: +1 Inland Empire, All INT White Checks unlocked. Then, she'll tell you to fetch an item from her old office. Just south of the tent is a little drawbridge you can push to make the trip a little faster next time.

All FYS (Physical / Pink) learning caps raised by 1. Buy it immediately. How to get: Tell Joyce about the Union's ultimate end goal (help Everart with two tasks.

How to get: Talk to the old pine rep and then the old driver lady about the Pale. If you've fully done the Investigate doomed commercial area side quest already, it's possible you can skip a few steps here.

How to get: You get it in the same dream where you get White Mourning, but it requires a skill check. Both as a human being and an officer of the law.

Just talking to Garte, asking why Silvie left, and loudly proclaiming yourself a feminist should be enough. After confronting the suspect and coming back to the hotel, the Horrific Necktie will tell you that you need to put it into the bottle of spirits. Make sure to pick the dialogue option that mentions the bow collector when you're talking to the Ancient Reptilian Brain. Result: +1 Suggestion, +1 Inland Empire, +1 Rhetoric. This page is a guide for the Inspect the traps side quest in Disco Elysium! The effects the thought has once internalized. How to get: Open hidden compartment in ledger, throw card away, think about it immediately afterward. How to get: Be as normal and boring as possible, avoid wacky options. While researching: 4 hours, +1 Empathy towards Kim, Result: +1 Empathy towards Kim +1 Esprit de Corps. Result: +2 Hand / Eye Coordination against enemies in FT-500 armor. If both the Half Light and Suggestion checks fail, you cannot proceed with the side quest. While researching: 3 hours 45m, +2 Authority vs Males. If you fail, return to Soona and speak to her about the problem. An almost irreversible, unmitigated failure. How to get: Support Facism (stand against women and immigrants), While researching: 9 hours 10m, -1 Composure, Result: Nationalist dialogue options damage -1 Morale (or do they heal +1 morale? If you choose Option 2 to pass the Suggestion check, there are many more steps to follow. This will print out a data log. 4. For information on the main plot quests, please see the Walkthrough page. 4. While researching: 3 hours 30 m, -1 Savoir Faire. log in sign up. ), Result: +1 Savoir Faire, +1 Espirit de Corps. If so, Encyclopedia 5 is too high. Attempt to open the ice cream maker regardless of the odds. How to get: Talk to Joyce (The Rich lady) about her company Wild Pines (Specifically the option about “8 percent of *all* cargo in the world”). Speak to Rosemary, the man wearing brown, and go through his dialogue topics until he mentions that he's got a special drink. How to get: Fail to pitch an investment idea to the Mega Rich Light-Bending Guy, in the sealed container in the Harbor (talk to Evrart about the container to get a Rhetoric check to unlock it). An almost irreversible, unmitigated failure. For information on others, please see the Side Quests page. doesn't make sense otherwise) Alcohol gives +2 FYS (Physical / Pink), How to get: Constantly apologize / dunk on yourself (4 times?). This requires hitting 3 different items, not counting doors. You'll also need 3 réal. Click this to continue. This quest cannot be triggered until Day 3.

Close. "), While researching: 1 hour 25m, -2 Half-light, Result: Moralist Dialogue options heal +1 Morale, Learning Cap for Volition raised to 5, Learning cap for Logic raised to 5. Whether you throw Soona out of the church or give her the item, return to Andre in the blue tent and tell him you succeeded. How to get: Presumably something to do with the music guys? While researching: 30m, Learning cap for Endurance raised to 4, Result: All currently locked white Endurance checks unlocked (literally only useful for examining the corpse, waste of 2 skills points). Inside the basement of the old commercial area, there is a refrigerator that looks like a bear.

This quest cannot be triggered until Day 3.

Result: -1 Half-Light All PSY (Purple) White Checks Unlocked. I love solving things, so I don't wanna be weak For more side quest guides, please see the Side Quests page of the wiki. User account menu. Return to Andre to make your report, but he'll ask for your assistance to remove Soona from the church or make peace with her. As a prerequisite, you need to possess (but not necessarily wear) the Horrific Necktie that is looped around the ceiling fan in your hotel room. Keep the bottle of spirits in your inventory until you start to find the suspect. If this succeeds, you can return to Andre and report that he's free to enter the church. If you don't get the orb because your Inland Empire skill is too low, simply go into your inventory and put the spirits bottle into one of your hands. Fys and Int red check failures heal 1 health.

Walking around doesn't take up any time. This side quest is one of the longest ones in Disco Elysium. While researching: hours, +1 Encyclopedia, Result: Perception learning cap raised to 5, Speed (the drug) gives +1 PSY (Purple Stat).

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