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It will not, for example, change the mind of Jim Wolter, a retired Calgarian who once sent $100 to Capt.

Jackie Lacey vs. George Gascón: What to know about L.A County district attorney’s race. [2], Thirteen minutes later, at 06:26 UTC and approximately 65 nautical miles (120 km; 75 mi) from Lajes Air Base, engine No. An Air Transat pilot who saved 306 people by guiding a plane to safety in the Azores after losing both engines mid-Atlantic says he hasn’t lost his passion for flying 15 years later. Because the anti-skid and brake modulation systems were inoperative, the eight main wheels locked up; the tires abraded and fully deflated within 450 feet (140 m).[2]:11. Growing up in the small town of Mont-Joli, Quebec, he plied his trade for regional airlines until, laid off by ailing Québecair, he was reduced to a string of odd jobs in the early 1980s. He has had an eventful life and all he did made him a hero.". 2 (right) engine. Air Transat accepted responsibility for the accident and was fined 250,000 Canadian dollars by the Canadian government, which as of 2009[update] was the largest fine in Canadian history. [7], Following the accident investigation, the French Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) issued F-2002-548B, requiring a detailed fuel leak procedure in the flight manual and the need for crews to be aware of this. I guess at that time my experience came in.”. Ten people suffered minor sprains or fractures going down the slides. [1] Most of the passengers on the flight were Canadians visiting Europe or Portuguese expatriates returning to visit family in Portugal. [2]:8 Without engine power, the plane lost its primary source of electrical power. Endorsement: No on Proposition 14: It’s not the best way to support stem-cell research. "Our perception hasn't changed.". Military air traffic controllers guided the aircraft to the airport with their radar system. “My wife was hysterical. It now gives a clear warning if fuel is being expended beyond the specified fuel consumption rate of the engines. Thank you for your patience. Nevertheless, the pilots returned to a heroes' welcome from the Canadian press as a result of their successful unpowered landing. [2][5], At 05:45 UTC, the pilots decided to divert to Lajes Air Base in the Azores. [2]:7,23 Although these readings were an indirect result of the fuel leak, there was no reason for the pilots to consider that as a cause. There were 293 passengers and 13 crew on board. “It’s not what pilots like to dream about,” said Piche, who has been flying for 30 of his 49 years and mastered tricky landings as a bush pilot on Quebec’s rugged Anticosti island. Exactly 33 minutes after the first emergency call, the plane’s tires touched down. Airbus also modified its computer systems; the on-board computer now checks all fuel levels against the flight plan. Leaving the gate in Toronto, the aircraft had 46.9 tonnes of fuel on board, 4.5 tonnes more than required by regulations. Piche had no engines working, 10 minutes of fuel left and a plane full of 304 passengers and crew on their way from Canada to Portugal.

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