der computer plural

programmgesteuerte, elektronische Rechenanlage; Datenverarbeitungsanlage, englisch computer, zu: to compute = (be)rechnen < lateinisch computare, Konto.
il computer → i computer (the computer – the computers) lo yogurt → gli yogurt (the yogurt – the yogurts) There are some cases in which plural nouns have a different spelling. Are you ready to accurately predict a German noun’s plural nearly all the time? For example, the masculine noun ending -or sometimes takes the -e plural, sometimes the -en plural; so we treat that as a special case. masculine polysyllables that are very ‘German’ looking, e.g. BUT if you couldn’t remember the gender of Licht, but you do recall that the plural is Lichter, you can then still know that this monosyllable must get off at this Train Stop and that — if you work backwards — it must be a neuter monosyllable because neuter monosyllables take the -er & umlaut [whenever possible] plural. Many other nouns (listed in the previous section) that end with -a take an ‘s’ — in fact, you can think of the -a words going 50/50 either way. Add -er + umlaut: NO feminine nouns take this plural form! In English, lightning is a noun that doesn’t have a standard, regular plural. Keep a little notebook in which you record new German words. For example: die Frau. The so-called ‘strong’ endings (e.g.

Learn about how declensions (a.k.a. But NOT to monosyllables such as Bad, Kind, and Boot because they look but don’t sound English. Some masculine and neuter monosyllables got off the train at Train Stop #2 (along with all feminine monosyllables) and more just got off at Train Stop #3 because they were English loanwords. Nouns that go plural with – er are mostly masculine or neuter when singular. In English, we can’t say advice → advices, either, for example.
I get into details elsewhere!). – Personenbezeichnungen mit festem Genus, „Zum Hirschen“ – Starke und schwache Deklinationsformen. Turns out, there are lots of predictable patterns to German noun plurals (just like for German noun gender!).

In practice, then, what we are left with is largely a bunch of masculine and neuter polysyllables, which furthermore divide pretty neatly into these categories: NOTE: Almost all of the masculine & neuter polysyllabic nouns getting off at this final Train Stop and taking the default -e plural ending have their final syllable accented! Of course, there are many feminine noun endings, but they are lumped together with the rest of feminine nouns (i.e.

Learn language within context is huge!

My favorite part of all remaining male person nouns getting off here is that this plurals rule spares you the necessity of memorizing approximately another dozen masculine noun endings used almost exclusively for people (e.g. We also have collective nouns that don’t even have plurals (e.g. no change: all neuter nouns ending with -er, -el, -en, -chen, or -lein except TWO. Then, there are also a lot of nouns that look ‘English-ish’, e.g. Making matters worse, there is a lack of consensus on even how many different plural forms there are (5? das Alter (age) → die Altersstufen (ages)der Atem (breath) → die Atemzüge(breaths)der Käse (cheese) → die Käsesorten (cheeses)der Kohl (cabbage) → die Kohlköpfe(cabbages)der Kummer (anxiety) → die Kümmernisse(anxieties)der Luxus (luxury) → die Luxusartikeln(luxuries)der Rasen (lawn) → die Rasenflächen(lawns)der Sport (sport) → die Sportarten(sports)der Streit (quarrel) → die Streitereien(quarrels)der Tod (death) → die Todesfälle(deaths). Exception: ~45 feminine monosyllables (and compound nouns that end with –brunst, -flucht, -kunft) take the -e + umlaut plural. Certain suffixes (<– always on polysyllabic nouns) always* take the same plural, regardless of the noun’s gender: With these 4 hierarchical rules, you’ll have German plurals wrapped up! Then, using a different colored pen (for whatever color you’re associating with each of the 3 genders), record each new noun under the plural form that it takes.

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