defiance of the fall

I've seen it on other sites mind you, the chinese mass produced trash wuxia/xianxia novels in particular over on sites like do have this, it's just that they're always trash with absolutely no pacing, this story is similar I suppose (xianxia right? And 39.). Later on we learn that archer was one of the more talented demon youths, so not only would she have access to a great bow, but also great archer skills. The story is passable, and it's not stagnant. Then third of all, what the hell is the point of a bow if some rando noob can throw a knife with the same force from his hand. DotF has an averagely good start, got the hook though not the sinker. Even those "pretty" thrones that he couldn't bear to throw away. I acknowledge the callback the class made to the prolouge where he's out looking for firewood, but I didn't realize the theme of the entire story will now be about a glorified lumberjack. You better believe there's a settlement that he wants to protect at all costs and his motivations for becoming stronger are "because I need to". The result of this is a very large cast with relatively little characterization. One can definitely enjoy this. Not just once he hurts the people around him due to the distrust he bears, and he's only growing more crooked to "fit" into the System. The MC is one of those that were left. I'd say this is one of the top ones I've read. I did enjoy the story a lot, which is why I'm more disappointed as I got my hopes up. Suffice it to say that he makes characters that work for the story, rather than a story that works for the characters. Fortunately, or unfortunately. As another review said, this story suffers a bit from lack of planning, but I somehow always end up coming back to it, I first dropped it at ch 36 or so, but then came back to it a good long while later when it had 100+ chapters. Having it in one of his hands was too unwieldy, and slowed down his progress on the meat considerably. The story started to take a dive in quality when the MC made poor judgements and out of character decisions and the author started to handwave details too big to ignore. So kudos for that! Biggest bummer is his fighting style devolves into "I hit the other guy harder, so I won". If you look at some great artists (like say wlop for an excellent example) if you look closely at their artwork you will find that sometimes up to  80% or so of their pictures may end up being just blobs, anything that isn't the main focus/character of the picture is only vaguely defined. There's a few interesting characters spread around in the novel, and you might actually be able to feel invested in some characters (hopefully at least the protagonist), but I doubt you'll be singing the author praises for good characters. Now he's cycling energy, forming cores, and exploring the Dao with the best of them. I went more in detail about it in my review on chapter 24 if you'd like my complete thoughts on it, but to summarize it, it was an out of character decision and seemed like a forced choice from the author. Unlike him however, we do get a tutorial, we get all the basic RPG stats eplained to us as if everybody doesn't already know it and the story is chock full of wordy explanations about the most mundane things. Have you ever read a book or watched a show you know is objectively bad, but you can't stop? All of this along with the xianxia trappings of cultivation and conflict reminds me of the author I Eat Tomatoes. Fighting foes that have unlocked cultivation and beats them, with only some minor ingenunity. Defiance of the Fall however, starts good and only gets better the more time you spend exploring the world with the author and the heroes. A database of Defiance of the Fall a story written by The First Defier published on Royal Road WARNING: This Wiki contains spoilers from Patreon Chapter available on Defiance Novels Summary Edit Excellent work, and I hope that the author perseveres and continues on to finish the story :-). Definetily worth to read if you have nothing important to do.

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