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“All Out Of Love” by Air Supply plays on the music box. DEADPOOL: Russell! CABLE: I'm not a fucking racist, moron! Will you give Domino my email? DOMINO: Mmm-hmm. Dopinder: F***! He gets up nearby. There’s one out there for you. Let's test that theory, shall we? P.A. DEADPOOL: Sugarbear. WADE: Fuck! WEASEL: Jesus! DOMINO: I'm with the old white guy on this one. Domino: I should’ve finished college. Her coarse responses and limited sympathy force Deadpool to return to form, as shown with this hilarious burn in the midst of one of Deadpool’s darkest moments. DEADPOOL: I'm coming up on your six. Lonely at the top, eh? Deadpool shoots the other Deadpool in the head, killing him instantly. Which is also off-putting. SHATTERSTAR: My name's Rusty, but I go by Shatterstar. Logan: I guess Stryker finally figured out how to shut you up. VANESSA: You gotta pump a baby in me first, cowboy. Cut to the prison control room. You stay back! But that isn't Russell. CUT TO: INT. CABLE: What? MUTANT: No, no, no! Colossus says something in Russian before Juggernaut hits him with the entire bus. I can hear you rummaging around in there. TOM: Well, hello there, new fish. You can't stop me! Cut to Cable. The prisoner punches the ground and sens the entire truck flying and the bridge crumbling. He has the bod, attitude, and lines to form the generic, but likable, dad next door as embodied by his interview for X-Force. COLOSSUS: Wade, whoever they are, we track them down and bring them to justice. DEADPOOL: Right here! Where did the rest of the team land? Here we go. He looks at Cable. So gross. The truck slows down as it reaches a bridge. DEADPOOL: Hi, Yukio! I’ve been inside your shoes, which is also off-putting. I fucking did this. Go on. DEADPOOL: Never underestimate a man with a mustache! DOMINO: Lady Luck, take the wheel. Wade? I ain't letting Cable get to him, even if I have to teabag him to death. Puns. I guess family really is an F-word. That fucking does it. Dopinder begins mopping beneath Wade. You're a good kid, Russell. Sergei gets in his car and peels off but swerves and crashes into oncoming traffic. DOMINO: I'm talking about your face. WADE: You're wasting your time, Shiny Jesus. X-Force! WADE: Don't try to chase me. Don’t stare directly into that. So here we are. I'm flowing. DOMINO: It means that I don't know yet. He's standing right behind you, isn't he? Cable approaches the truck from the front. Wish we could head back in time, and I could take all that back. [we see the old Deadpool/Weapon XI when his mouth was closed off] DEADPOOL: What's your shtick? Cable accidentally shoots him in the face. But all I told him was everything he wanted to know. But if you kill him, he wins. Cut to Yukio, Negasonic, and Colossus looking at Juggernaut. WADE: That- What? One, two, three. CABLE: Jesus Christ. DEADPOOL: But we'll get to him in a moment. Wade? DEADPOOL: Go, go, go! WADE: No, you want me to join. DEADPOOL: Walk away! A record plays. The group stops and looks at him as he begins yelling at them. DOMINO: Okay, I'm over the convoy. Wade Wilson : I loved her. Juggernaut grabs the gun before he can fire. I was always appalled by the blatant sexism in the group's name. The camera zooms out. The headmaster opens the door. We are so fucked! And I didn’t do it for you. I can’t protect you. Russell burns Deadpool. Domino: Oh, lucky me. We all need a genuine sense of home, a place...Dopinder : I want to become a contract killer.Deadpool : I'm sorry, what did you say?Dopinder : Remember when I kidnapped Bandhu and threatened him with great violence?Deadpool : Yeah, you kinda killed him.Dopinder : And remember the movie "Interview with the Vampire? We were gonna start a family. I was tortured. Cable quickly dispatches the guards. IRENE: There are two police vehicles that are overturned. Dopinder stands nearby. RUSSELL: You can't stop me, Wade! DEADPOOL: Is there a knife in my dick? Or don't. ORPHANAGE The headmaster begins escaping. The screen cuts to black. Cut back to Cable and Deadpool fighting. Russell pulls out his pen. WADE: No shit. We need them tough, morally flexible, and young enough so they can carry this franchise ten to twelve years. CUT TO: INT. While Wade continues talking, we see a number of X-Men in the room next to him, with the door open.

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