cute osu skins

You'll have to redownload the skin, however, if you wish to play HD again. [/quote]

An unfortunate side-effect makes this skin un-fun to play on.

The only reason this doesn't come in last is because Luminance is on this list somehow.


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- page by Comentarinformal. Edited my first post with a video preview.

Falbere Glow: Basically a 'best of'; everything I want to see in a skin.

rar - unpack it to osu!/Skins folder.

[/quote] Orbit HD: A single-color combo skin that manages to keep circles distinct. Even when I made one. I primarily look for two things in osu skins: bold outlines for the circles, and blank 300 popups. of images and add a border/your name to it to make your avatar. Join a family of great individuals, and discuss topics including but not limited to anime, manga, doujins, and hentai. Update: This is a PREVIEW [*][i]a variety of qts[/i] [*][i]optional content[/i]

I'll focus on that after Endurance Project. At least its not hiragana. I primarily look for two things in osu skins: bold outlines for the circles, and blank 300 popups.

In [General]

Still, I like it.

fartownik: Another single color combo skin that attempts to be distinct, except it uses a thick silver border instead of Orbit's approach. What colour should the spectrum bars in the main menu be coloured in? it.

rar - [url=]click!

This could be fairly easily fixed by using realish numbers instead of dots. Skins. c: Eeh, a bit too heavy for me, I hope its okay that I modify it to my liking. All images and sounds remain property of their original owners.

Even when I made one. It's easy! Don't like the combination of Orange and Silver, but don't lose focus as much as I do in Orbit. [*]support for other game modes (CTB, Taiko and Mania)

[/url] The reason for that is that some aspects are better visible on a bigger screen, hence there's no need to be overly safe with, for example, wide hitcircles or standing out cursor. 5 notes.

[*]Lewd! skin database! [*]Nilsso Luminance: Has the weirdest hitcolors on this list. I'll go on about the positives later, but for now my overall rating for this version of the skin is 83 our of 100. Inside the skin folder you'll find a file named 'sd.bat'.

What colour should be used for the sliderborders? >coming really soon - check back shortly

[quote] I would like to hear back from nana soon, I'm getting a little worried. need to have a profile and be logged in to do this. Your avatar has not been saved because you are not logged in, but you can still download No more wordpress SoonTM! When I made said preview I hadn't played osu for over a month, so was rusty AF. [*]Falbere Glow (best) >  it's been two weeks, still no preview ;-;, support for other game modes (CTB, Taiko and Mania), kaosu!explorer rewritten so it's compatible with this skin (kaosu!explorer is a little simple program I wrote for another skin of mine, kaosu, that lets you preview choose and replace various skin elements with a simple click).

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