csi serial killer episodes

The Top 200 TV Shows as Rated by Women on IMDb in 2018, Top 35 Die Hard in Boston/Miami/Las Vegas/Baltimore Action Films & Shows. A couple walks out of a fancy restaurant to their car. | 10 Most Obvious Baby Bumps In Movies & TV, 10 Best Episodes Of CSI, According To IMDb, 18 Huge Stars You Completely Forgot Were On CSI, The 10 Best Criminal Minds Episodes, Ranked, Star Wars: 10 Jedi Facts You'd Only Know If You Watched The Clone Wars, The Villains From Powerpuff Girls, Ranked Lamest to Coolest, Everybody Loves Raymond: 5 Worst Things Debra Did To Marie (& 5 Marie Did To Debra), 5 Action Movie Spinoffs That Worked As TV Shows (& 5 That Didn't), Supernatural: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Chuck & Castiel's Relationship, Younger: 5 Reasons Hilary Duff Is Best As Kelsey Peters (& 5 She's Best As Lizzie McGuire), 10 Shows To Watch If You Miss 'Happy Endings', 10 Best Spin-Off Shows With Fan-Favorite Characters (& Their IMDb Score), Riverdale: 10 Hidden Details About La Bonne Nuit You Never Noticed, Gotham: Worst Season One Episodes, Ranked By IMDb, Dennis The Menace & 9 Other Movies/TV Shows You Didn't Know Natasha Lyonne Was In, How I Met Your Mother: Every Secondary Character, Ranked By Likability, How To Get Away With Murder: Bonnie's 5 Best Episodes (& Worst), Ranked, Leverage: 5 Things We Need In The Revival (& 5 We Definitely Don't Want), Ted Lasso: 10 Fun Facts About The Apple TV+ Original Series, The Big Bang Theory: 5 Most Annoying Things Penny Ever Did (& 5 Sweetest), Trailer Park Boys: Hilarious Ricky Quotes That Are Just Sweet Empowered, The Big Bang Theory: 10 Best Season 5 Episodes, According To IMDb. George Eads, Crimes involving children are considered especially horrible, so episodes of crime dramas focusing on children are sometimes some of the most compelling. Catherine and Grissom pay a visit to his wife, who claims that her husband is at a nearby store. TV-14 | Ally Sullivan insists on calling the police but the man refuses. George Eads, The Miniature Killer: Four of seven episodes. George Eads, The Miniature Killer: Five of seven episodes. Her farewell is an emotional one, as to this point she had been one of the last remaining members of the original cast. | Portia herself is absent from the scene. This is the Without a Trace episode that is part of the two episode crossover story. A man walks into a shabby apartment and shoots the occupant. CSI was one of the longest-running crime shows, but now that it's over, there are still 10 episodes that stand out on IMDb. (The serial killer character Nate Haskell, well played by actor/mime Bill Irwin, is continued in episode 10.23 and thereafter. And Catherine tries to determine if she was raped after waking up nude in a seedy hotel. When Gil Grissom decided to take a sabbatical from his CSI duties, he is replaced for a few episodes by Michael Keppler, a CSI with a mysterious past. Thinking that she's calling the police, he kills her. View production, box office, & company info. CSI handles a case involving a rising tennis star who is killed after a big tour victory. This episode also sets up Langston as the new central protagonist of the show. Grissom agrees to re-examine the evidence, despite knowing that this will anger Ecklie who originally worked on the case. CSI investigates a massacre at a local diner, and the team suspects that one of the victims' stalkers is the shooter. William Petersen, Alec Smight | Marg Helgenberger, Unfortunately for him, he admits to his wife, "I couldn't let it go," and, really unfortunate for the young woman was she hit the wrong driver at the wrong time. He is well-known for being the personal arch-nemesis of D.B. George Eads, TV-14 Added to Watchlist.   |  43 min Directed by Richard J. Lewis. Chronicling Stokes' growing friendship with the girl over a year, with George Eads turning in one of his best performances. With Grissom out of his office and all of the detectives out in the field, Hodges and the lab other techs try to discover new clues in the miniature killer case. Back at the lab, they piece together the skeleton and determine that body was cut to pieces. This episode is the first of two episodes that lead to the death of Warrick Brown. A thief is found dead from blunt force trauma to his head in a pottery store where he was evidently trying to crack a safe.

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