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Without a shadow of a doubt, Benny Hawkins was one of Crossroads‘ go-to guys for all things funny. Despite not being able to keep Crossroads going, Jane Asher maintained a respectable acting career. It seemed like Helen Raven had one of the more well-defined backstories of all the new characters of the Crossroads revival series. In January 1988, the series was reduced to only two episodes a week, with Crossroads King's Oak finally coming to an end on 4 April 1988 (the Easter bank holiday). Certificate: 16 Further changes included the series being renamed Crossroads Kings Oak for a time, with the intention in the future of shortening this to merely King's Oak. The first set of 16 episodes was released in January 2008 and contained some episodes not previously available on earlier DVD releases. | Outside of his acting schedule, Wells is a keen fan of West Ham United football club and is happily married with two kids. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. After already establishing herself as a talented actress, with two years under her belt in the medical drama Casualty, Jane Gurnett joined the cast of Crossroads during its revival series. The motel is now a hotel and a brand new cast are in residence. Cast of Crossroads L-R Meg Mortimer (Noele Gordon) David Hunter (Ronald Allen) Jill (Jane Rossington) Sandy (Roger Tonge) and Benny (Paul Henry). In April 2000, Carlton Television announced that they would be reviving Crossroads for the daytime slot on ITV. The son of the hotel’s owners, he was surely destined for big things! The lives and loves of four female friends: Katie, a doctor having an affair with a patient; Trudi, a 9/11 widow; Siobhan, a barrister; and Jessica, a commitment phobe who plays the field. She joined the cast of Hollyoaks in 2005 and has played the character of Nancy Hayton ever since, making her one of the longest-serving characters on the show. (Each ITV station was able to broadcast the episodes at different times on the same day). Outside of TV, she has done a lot of work on stage, with her most recent performance in 2011, reciting extracts from the diaries of Robert and Clara Schumann. In order to fill the void left by the shocking death of long-running main character Jill, the writers decided to create a new powerful lady to lead the show. Over the years the series dealt with storylines which were controversial for the times. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. Kitty, on the other hand, is married to the unemployed Dick (Brian Kent) and is not wealthy. Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 31 October 2020, at 15:51. This charming, good-looking hotel clerk appeared in the revival series for no more than four episodes. Jane, now 77, played Jill Richardson, the daughter of Meg and Charles Richardson, the older sister of Alexander 'Sandy'. "The Crossroads Motel" was located on the outskirts of the small village of King's Oak, which is on the outskirts of Birmingham. The original series was recorded at ATV's/Central's Broad Street studios in Birmingham, while the revived series was filmed at Carlton Studios in Nottingham. In 2012, Susan moved to ITV soap Coronation Street , playing Penny Thornley. Newspapers reported that two endings were planned for Meg: she would either die in the fire, or disappear for a while and turn up on the QE2. The adventures of tough lady cop Maggie Forbes. The Wise sisters burst onto the scene in the Crossroads revival series, albeit it as a front. Media. Under Central, more location shooting began to be featured. | Get all the very latest news in Ireland straight to your email every single day. Outside of acting, Fox does charity work for Breast Cancer Care. With Charles, Meg had two children. Jane was the best of the three original cast members that had returned to the show. It has also been suggested that Crossroads was filmed at a 1960s motel on Stratford Road in Alcester Warwickshire called CherryTrees (the buildings were demolished in 2001 and a care home was built), however it was a nearby petrol station (now closed) that was used in the early 1980s for filming a couple of outdoor scenes of the Crossroads garage. With roles in shows such as Black Adder, Mr. Bean, and My Family under his belt, it would be difficult for Sloman to do much better in his career. Brown has also had a successful role in a period drama, starring as Edward Seymour in The Tudors. She might not be one of the more prominent characters on Crossroads, but it was impossible to leave out Diane Keen from this list, simply due to her high profile. The actress decided to turn to teaching and ended up getting a job at Warwick School. In the final episode of the original series, the name 'King's Oak Country Hotel' was seen over the entrance doors. There is no doubt that Gareth “Gilly” Gilchrist had already added a lot of noteworthy roles to his acting resume before having a 5-episode stint as the temperamental chef Billy Taylor. Though by the early 1970s it was second only to Coronation Street in the ratings[10] it did, occasionally, in the mid-1970s beat Coronation Street gaining audiences of up to 15 million viewers during the decade. The U.K.'s longest-running television soap, Coronation Street focuses on the everyday lives of working class people in Manchester, England. This time, they brought on Jane Asher to play the character, Angel Samson. Jane starred in Crossroads for 24 years while her character married five times, battled drug and alcohol addiction, and had a baby with her stepbrother. The character of Meg Mortimer was axed in 1981 and was thought to have died in a fire that gutted the motel, but turned up alive aboard the QE2, about to sail to a new life overseas. The Crossroads Guitar Festival is a series of music festivals and benefit concerts founded by Eric Clapton.The festivals benefit the Crossroads Centre founded by Eric Clapton, a drug treatment center in Antigua.The concerts showcase a variety of guitarists, selected by Eric Clapton personally. Sherrie Hewson has had something of a bumpy ride since Crossroads came to an end. After the show ended for good, Jane appeared in an episode of children's TV show Dramarama , and had her own radio show on Beacon Radio. However, it is certainly her time on Crossroads that fans will best remember her for. Network issued four volumes of the series on DVD (UK Region 2) in 2005, with 12 of the original ATV episodes in each volume (the first release including Meg's 1975 wedding, the highest rated episode). Long running character Diane Lawton (Susan Hanson) arrived in 1966. Funnily enough, she starred alongside her fellow Crossroads actor Sue Nicholls, who played Audrey Roberts. With the revival in 2001, changes were made to characters and stories. Looking back on his time as Minty Sutton, Peter Dalton recently shared how he felt about the role that he played for two years. Yet at its peak, it was watched by more viewers than any other soap except Coronation Street. The 2001 revival brought back the original Tony Hatch theme, this time arranged and performed by TV theme composer Tony Flynn. Just a couple of years after her debut TV role as Lola Wise, Agyeman became the companion in Doctor Who, Martha Jones. He has appeared on Celebrity Pointless where he won the jackpot alongside Shaun Williamson, who played Barry Evans in EastEnders. One of the standout shows that the actress is best known for is Doctors, which she played Julia Parsons in for nearly a decade, between 2003 and 2012. The revived Crossroads from 2001 was still set in the West Midlands; however, exterior shots were filmed at locations in and around Nottingham, such as Bingham and Redmile. The Crossroads theme tune was composed by Tony Hatch. Before being cast as Tracey Booth, Cindy Marshall-Day actually appeared as an extra in the Leslie Neilsen-led horror comedy Dracula: Dead and Loving It. Henry has also appeared on game shows such as Celebrity Pointless. The Chateau Impney Hotel also featured numerous times, most famously when Hugh proposed to Meg in 1973, and it was used to hold their wedding party two years later. Before that, Wells worked on shows such as Casualty and The Bill. [1] Television historian Hilary Kingsley stated that Crossroads never failed "to provide its critics with ammunition. Full Cast & Crew. He is currently recovering from prostate cancer treatment, and he praised the NHS staff as "angels" for their care in a 2019 news report. When her time on Crossroads came to an end, it wouldn’t take long before Fox upgraded to a more high-profile soap. The actor has also delved into the realm of video games, having roles in projects such as James Bond 007: Blood Stone and Hitman. Jill Chance had married John Maddingham (Jeremy Nicholas) and been widowed, but was calling herself Jill Harvey again, the name by which she had been known prior to her marriage to Adam Chance in 1983. | Her friendship with Nicola was very on an off and despite struggling to make ends meet financially, she came from a happy family. Use the HTML below. In the last 15 years alone, she has starred in some of the biggest shows the country has to offer. On November 2nd, 1964, her character Jill Richardson said the words, “Crossroads Motel, good evening.” She was the daughter of original motel owner Meg Richardson. As he had recently split up with Amanda Holden at the time, Dennis was looking for a way to take his mind off his personal shortcomings. [23] Plans were in place to bring Adam Chance back on a three-month contract in a last attempt to bring in more viewers; actor Tony Adams said that a down-on-his luck Adam would have been taken under Angel's wing as her personal assistant.[24]. The British television soap opera Crossroads had its original run from 1964 to 1988 and featured a wide range of characters. She worked alongside David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor for a couple of seasons before moving on to shows such as Torchwood and Law & Order: UK. In numerous interviews at the time she made it clear that she did not want to go. You can unsubscribe at any time. She played the character Kate Russell, the general manager of the motel. During the same time that she was turning heads with her performance as Beena, Rebecca Hazlewood was also playing the role of Arun Parmar in the critically acclaimed prison drama Bad Girls. Crossroads (ITV 2001-2003, Jane Gurnett, Neil McCaul) A revival of the ‘classic’ soap Crossroads with three original cast members (in the shape of Jill Harvey, Adam Chance and Doris Luke), even the theme tune stayed the same (albeit in a new arrangement), the only difference being that Crossroads is now a four star hotel.

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