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Claudia Mitchell (author) on December 01, 2018: Hi Adrienne - I love those names. In today’s world, people come up with brilliant ideas that are extra ordinary from the usual. If you did find ones that you liked, then congratulations. That makes these choices just delicious for your new best friends. Y-Nots! Melba Toast. Baseball, basketball, football, hockey, fantasy football, and virtually every other sport are covered. Claudia Mitchell (author) on June 14, 2019: 6 grandchildren will have to agree to the names ! here's another idea that didn't see grip and rip. Nibbles and bits could be a good food themed name. Disco Ninjas. Dogs are one of the most appreciated pets of human being.Keeping names for our dogs is very usual these days. Some are listed below. Glad you enjoyed the article! Part of the fun of sporting creative team names for your squads is that it’s a bit of a conversation starter with opposing players. Geesh ! If you are planning to buy another pet because you are sorry to see your little one playing all by himself, or if you simply bought a pair of dogs, cats, birds, or fish, then, you may feel dazed and confused as to what to call them. Check out 37 Best Inspirational Sports Quotes of All-Time, Check out: Clan Names: Cool, Creative and the Best. If your new best buddies are bound for stardom then maybe this. Everybody needs a sidekick, right? To generate a laugh or two with your squad’s name is a fun way to start. Visit Doglime for more dog names related information. No part of this site may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the copyright owner. Well, practically every cartoon character has one, and here are the most famous of them all. Our family-friendly site includes sports quotes, slogans, and sports team names. The table below lists descriptive words for teams. Create-Your-Own Names. Creative Pair Dog Names. People keep names that come in their mind and are easy to remember as they see their pets. This was a very helpful cute naming site! There are many things to think about before you get two animals. My new dwarf hamsters are called sugar and spice, after a month of getting to know them, I named my twin (beefer), baby calves "hugs & kisses"....they are so kind, the names fit. Doglime is the page for all the people of the world who is a dog lover. Couple Name Generator combines two people's names into a unique supercouple nickname. This was very helpful and I would suggest this to my friends! What a great selection of names for a pair of animals. Whether you are getting a doberman duo, a pair of parakeets, a couple of cows, a doublet of ducks, a set of salamanders, a combo of cats, or a twosome of tortoises, this list has you covered. Here is a collection of most popular cat pair names. Claudia Mitchell (author) on November 15, 2018: Thanks Liz. Also, if you want a canine pet but confused which pet to chose, then this page is for you. At least that's what people say, and it sure is the case with certain pets. Hopefully you were able to find good names for your new best buddies, but if you didn't, I'm sure you'll find the right ones soon. Natalie Frank from Chicago, IL on November 29, 2018: Such a cute idea for an article on pets. Brindle Pitbull Dogs – Why are they Brindle Anyway? Copyright 2009-2020 Michael & Gabriel, Inc.© 2020 • Privacy Policy • Note: Sports Feel Good Stories earns an affiliate commission from some of the sites we link to. There are a surprising number of drink names that work well with pets. Thanks! Whether you have dogs, cats, or something else, you can't go wrong naming them after tasty treats. Susan Hazelton from Summerfield, Florida on November 15, 2018: What a great selection of names for a pair of animals. Your pets are going to love them! Mike worked as a naming consultant for businesses coming up with brand and company names. 206 Super-cute Names for Pairs of Pets That Go Well Together. People keep very unusual, attractive and extra ordinary names for their dogs. This free utility makes it easy for you to come up with a holiday gift exchange list for your Christmas gift exchange or Secret Santa. I found this very helpful found the perfect names tater and tots thank you very much :), looking for pig names and something like peanut butter and jelly or pancakes and waffles, syrup and honey. I love Peanut and Caramel for small animals. I will bookmark your article for any doggy owners seeking names for their new additions. I think if we ever get another dog after our old boy Max passes, we'll get a pair so they can keep each other occupied. If you are a foodie and are willing to keep your dogs’ name from the name of delicious food items. The Superlatives. Luckily most pet adoption agencies will tell you if the type of pet you are interested in can be with other ones. Some of the most creative dog names for pet pairs on different bases are as follows: Some creative names that dog owners keep as their dog’s name are related to Love and Romance. thanks for the support. Also, there are some animals that should never live in pairs. Tahltan Bear Dog (Extinct) Dog Breed Information, Facts You Should Know About Dogs Mating Process. The list isn't broken down by type of pet, but the choices will work with any animal you can think of. Spinal Tappers. Very creative. These days, people have become obsessed with fictional characters and also keep names of their pets based on those characters. Last Picks. Names like these might be just perfect for your dynamic duo. If you have a new pair of pets and they don't have names yet, then you need this list. The Mullet Mafia. Things are better when they come in pairs, right? Night Train Riders. Claudia has been creating content one post at a time for more than seven years and writes about a variety of subjects. The entirety of this site is protected by copyright © 2019–2025 Posted on March 9, 2019 March 8, 2019 by DGM. That’s it. All rights reserved. Llamas Pajamas. Who knows, maybe they'll be champions some day too. Weekend Warriors. Gang life is a hard life @lochi_human_dog @king.louiedog #ganglife #dogs #humandogs #sitpretty #sit #cute #friends #dogsofinstagram, A post shared by Mr Bone (@mr_bad_to_the_bone) on Feb 27, 2019 at 10:50pm PST. Select Muzzles for Dog Correctly – Things to Consider While Buying, Braque du Bourbonnais Diets and Supplements. My two new black kitties are Bits and Bobs! Funny and clever, these will put a smile on anyone's face. Let's face it, who doesn't like to have someone to hang out with all the time? Here you’ll find sports stories showcasing good deeds, overcoming obstacles, and sportsmanship. Looking for kitten pair names? You might like Cool Fortnite Names. We called our two cats Mousse and Mocha and we once had two turtles that were named "X" and "Y." If you have any other suggestions for creative team names, please let us know via the contact page. We’re too old for this. Cheeseheads for Peace. Liz Westwood from UK on November 14, 2018: They may not get along. NAMES OF FAMOUS ENTERTAINER PAIRS A list of names of famous entertainers TWINS AND MULTIPLE BIRTHS NAMES One of the best selections! I have a friend who has two cats named Frick and Frack. My family draws names from a hat every year for our Christmas gift exchange. In fact, many animals are happier when they live with a friend. The person who comes up with our team names is out of town. Picking names from a hat is a time-honored holiday tradition. Who knows, but over the years, there have been some pretty famous duos, and your new furry friends will be in great company if you give them names like these. The Pittsburgh Penguins probably wouldn't have won so many Stanley Cups without Sid & Geno, so it's only fitting that your sporty pet pair gets named after some of these superstars. Now, have a look and be inspired from the world of sports. Claudia Mitchell (author) on November 16, 2018: I love that set of names.

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