creating a school vision ppt

The animation abilities in Keynote are wonderful and also easy to implement. PAID COURSE A+ Online English Tutor's Business English - 70 Lessons, Basics of Statistics - A Comprehensive Study (College Level). Sometimes you want to experience a long and relaxing visualization session. How will students act towards each other? As a result, it speaks directly to you. Make it Achievable. 5. I went to YOUR website too and love what you’re up to. ( Log Out /  A brief overview of what goes into making quality useful Vision and Mission Statements. Zest for Learning… into the rainforest of teaching. | Improving Teaching - September 29, 2013, Pingback: Towards a New Vision: for my school; for all schools. Needless to say, it’s likely to be a rocky road after that. Session Objectives Participants will learn how to develop and implement a school vision. A PowerPoint presentation lends itself to making amazing Vision Board presentations. Plus, by moving slides around, you get to identify your desires and intentions. They are immediate, motivating, dynamic, and completely customized with music and animation to change your vibration from ho-hum to high energy engagement. For some reason that seemed to make the dialogue easier. Again, the Vision can create acceptance for this; if people know why you’re doing something, they will work with you and support the change process. Check out, please I think they are the best, No public clipboards found for this slide. Type words directly into the slides, so as you search for content and you see words or phrases you want, just take note of them and enter them into your slideshow. Teachers usually have projects on the go…but all the activity isn’t always focused in a particular direction. 1. I suggest you start with a laptop or tablet to make the Vision Board, because it’s easier to store and access the images and ideas you collect as you search for cool online Vision Board content. 3. You build the vision with everyone connected to the school.. and together work out what might represent a set of goals to aspire to. Strategic Intent 1.Vision 2.Mission 3.Objectives 4.Goals 5.Business defination 3. I loved this over-blown hyperbole. Mission, Vision, Values, Goals Building a Foundation: The - Mission, Vision, Values, Goals Building a Foundation: The Four Pillars of a Professional Learning Community Whittier City School District 30seconds When creating ... | PowerPoint PPT presentation | free to view Make sure each faculty member has a copy in his or her hand, then read the statement, and then allow 15 or 20 minutes for open discussion about how the school is or is not progressing toward fulfilling its vision. Learn more. Example: Behaviour is poor  Before you devise elaborate behaviour systems, you need to have a sense of the kind of behaviour culture you want to develop. S/He doesn’t take time to find out what people value about the school as it is. Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later. Revisiting Dylan Wiliam's Five Brilliant Formative Assessment Strategies. The team of writers operates very quickly. You need to learn from setbacks, to adjust course and refine the strategy if necessary, but the big picture vision can keep everyone focused and motivated regardless. Looks like you’ve clipped this slide to already. Step 4 – Awesome Music and Inspiring Quotations. High School Some leaders may have vision but not have the skills to make it happen. Make many slides of what you think you want. If the endpoint is fuzzy and uncertain, lacking in ambition or patently unobtainable, it has the opposite effect. Read the whole series – No 4: People has a good chart for change management. The document we produced is four A4 pages; it isn’t a long list of platitudes; it is a practical statement of what we wanted the school to look like after six years. If you are faced with underachievement in a subject, across the school, or within a subset of students, it’s useful to set out a 3 year plan for turning things around. You can change your ad preferences anytime.

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