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(Phys/Ice) Medium attack. (Phys/Sword) Light attack. Similarly, the player can suffer a disadvantage if the Mirage initiates the encounter first. As long as nothing too out of the ordinary happens, then doing this should ensure that the fight wraps up smoothly.
Use this spell every few rounds, while another party member uses Sukukaja on the other characters. (Mag/Elec) Light attack. (Phys/Bow) Medium attack that may cause Charm.

Cures all status ailments from the party (except Unconscious). (Mag/Mind) Heavy attack. As mentioned, a multitude of Fire Emblem series characters make appearances as mirages.

If Itsuki has acquired the Lance-Slash ability and Tsubaba has learned Sword-Lunge, then the party can deal a triple combo if Touma starts the round with a Skewer attack. *Sessions from Force skills. (Phys/Bow) Light attack. (Phys/Lance) Medium attack.

On y suit les aventures d’un groupe de jeunes adultes souhaitant réussir dans le show-business japonais, dans un Tokyo contemporain.

In the present, Itsuki encounters Tsubasa at the One of Millennium talent audition event, where she is hoping to begin her career as an idol.

(Phys/Sword) Dodges a melee attack against you and delivers a heavy counterattack. *Sessions from Ice skills. Gangrel has the ability to act twice each turn, which he will use in his first round with Reversal of Fortunes and Shield Me. *Sessions from Lance skills. *Sessions from Sword skills. (Phys/Bow) Medium attack that may cause Confuse.

*Sessions from Elec skills. (Phys/Sword) Dodges a melee attack against you and delivers a severe counterattack. (Mag/Ice) Medium attack.

Number of hits is determined by Skl. A Radiant Skill that reveals new possibilities in Kiria Kurono.
These come in may shapes and sizes. This section has been marked as a stub. Slightly decreases the EP cost of offensive magic skills. Draug, a Mirage in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE. The second phase of the battle is considerably easier than the first, but the player still needs to be careful. Aside from bosses, Tokyo Mirage Sessions's dungeons feature mirages as common enemies, with some being based on demons featuring in the Shin Megami Tensei series, some common Mirages are also based on classes in the Fire Emblem Series.

Effective vs. Dragon Mirages. *Sessions from Sword skills. However, not all Mirages in dungeons are out to attack Itsuki and friends, as there are several Mirages that will ask for favors and give minor sidequests. *Sessions from Ice skills. (Phys/Ice) Light attack. A Mirage's appearance in a dungeon before initiating battle is generic, they look like a ghostly cloaked figure. Session attacks ignore Null and Repel resistances.

Heals you for half the HP inflicted. This page was last edited on 14 June 2020, at 23:22. *Sessions from Bow skills. IGN's Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE complete strategy guide and walkthrough will lead you through every step of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE from the title Sword-Blaze - Physical/Fire attack - Sessions from Sword attacks.

Leader's Gaze x1, 1-Star Prestige x1 (Requirements: Stagerank 1), Determined Energy x1, 1-Star Prestige x2 (Requirements: Stagerank 2), After at least a combo of 2 hits in Session, increases the filling of the SP gauge, At the start of a fight, reduces the chance of the foes having the initiative, (Requirements: Stagerank 5+ Treasure chest item in Dungeon 3), Once per fight, if a Physical attack kills you, it instead leaves you at 1 HP, Increases the bonus earned while performing Session combo, Performa as well as money, (Requirements: Stagerank 8+ Treasure chest item in Dungeon 4), 20% of the skill progression that Itsuki earns is distributed to Sub Cast members, After a successful battle, Itsuki is automatically revived at 1 HP if he died, (Requirements: Stagerank 14 + Treasure chest item in Dungeon 7), Once per fight, if a Magical attack kills you, it instead leaves you at 1 HP, For a certain number of steps, releases an aura repelling enemies Mirages, however entering in contact with them will start a battle, (Requirements: Stagerank 17 + Superior rank Arena reward), Reduces EP cost of Electricity skills by 10%, Allows to open Sealed treasure chests / Increases items drop rate after a successful battle, (Requirements: Clear the request "Path of the Strong"), For a certain numbers of steps, prevents the apparition of mirages with a lower level than Itsuki, Clear the Way x1, 1-Star Prestige x1 (Requirements: Stagerank 1). The attacks it uses depend on Excellus’ current state, which will be one of the following: Red: uses fire magic and is weak to ice magic. (Mag/Almighty) Heavy attack that delays target's turn by 2. *Sessions from Elec skills. (Phys/Elec) Light attack.

Sword-Lunge - Physical/Lance - Sessions from Sword Attacks, Horseslayer - Physical/Lance (light) - Effective vs horseback mirages, Elec-Blaze - Sessions from Electric attacks, Special Effect: Physical attacks have a low chance to cause Poison, Special Effect: Greatly raises Critical rate but lowers Hit rate, Javelin Rain - Lance attack on all enemies, Yasha Soul - Raises crit rate of physical attacks, Elec-Blizzard - Sessions from Electric attacks, Sneak Peek - increases chance to act sooner at the start of a round, Spirit Drain - Magic/Light (light attack), Fire-Blizzard - Sessions from Fire skills, Wind-Blizzard - Sessions from Force skills, Tarunda - Lowers all enemies' offense for three rounds, Special Effects: Physical attacks have a low chance to cause poison, Venom Shot - Physical/Bow (medium attack) - causes poison, You have 4 free articles remaining this month, Sign-up to our daily newsletter for more articles like this + access to 5 extra articles. (Phys/Elec) Light attack.

Raises chance of you being targeted by enemies. The player has to fight both Excellus and Yashiro at the same time during this battle, both of whom can attack twice per turn. Keep healing the party and recycling this tactic, and the mad king will be done in no time.

*Sessions from Ice skills. Mirages are able to bond with a "Mirage Master" and fight with their partner by combining their energies, known as a Carnage Form (Japanese: カルネージフォーム Carnage Form). “Culprit” Mirage, the beefy one wearing glasses and a mask is the top priority here.

Megami Tensei Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The knights are weak to fire, wind, and hand axes (if the player has any). There are also more difficult encounters with "savage Mirages", these encounters are more difficult than the rest of the lesser enemies in the dungeon. Causing Gharef and his minions to miss attacks is the best strategy for this battle. Next: New Paper Mario & Metroid Games Rumored For Nintendo Switch In 2020. (Mag/Force) Light attack.

However, this does not mean they are all completely humanoid in appearance. (Phys/Lance) Medium attack. Chances of recovering 50% of the damage you inflict when attacking. 1 Sword 2 Lance 3 Axe 4 Bow 5 Rod Greatly raises Evade versus Sword attacks. The gimmick of the battle is that Cursed Draug acts as the guardian of the smaller monsters and relies on them to perform spells that hit the party, causing Session attacks.

The player needs to keep the party at full health as much as possible, so they should bring in Tsubasa and use her Debut Smile SP power and healing spells whenever needed. *Sessions from Bow skills. *Sessions from Wind skills.

The Blobs will stay on the field after Gojuin has returned to the stage, assuming the player doesn't kill them first.

(Phys/Fire) Light attack. This bond can also be parasitic, with the Mirage taking over the human and their energy completely.

Boosts your attack, giving you more power the closer you are to maximum HP. *Sessions from Bow skills. Green: uses wind magic and is weak to lightning magic. Increases the potency of your healing skills. *Sessions from Fire skills. A Radiant Skill that reveals new possibilities in Kiria Kurono. The most fearsome of these is Dies Irae, which is a powerful almighty spell that deals a ton of damage.

*Sessions from Sword skills. Draws enemy aggression. (Phys/Ice) Medium attack. Effective vs. Horseback Mirages.

(Mag/Force) Light attack. Below is an incomplete listing of skills present inTokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE. *Sessions from Lance skills.

The player needs to focus on clearing the field of Gangrel's minions, which they can do with lighting and spear moves (for the Myrmidon) and ice, sword, and wind (for the Barbarians). Black cloaked Mirages are Savage Mirages that are stronger versions of Mirages Itsuki and the others will encounter depending on the party's level. The boss starts out with two Caspar enemies, but these can easily be disposed of by Itsuki's Zio spell. (Phys/Sword) Light attack that lowers target's Offense.

*Sessions from Sword skills. *Sessions from Wind skills.

(Mag/Ice) Light attack. Revives one ally and fully restores their HP. Cursed Draug uses powerful axe attacks, but he will generally only use them once per turn.

By the time they reach Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore’s fifth dungeon, Illusory Daiba Studio, most players will have gotten used to how the game’s …

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