code of conduct article 1

indicate whether other professional services might be required which are not included in the fees. In particular, he must not lend or use the monies or property for purposes other than those for which it was entrusted to him. Although a lawyer may receive instructions from a representative of the client with respect to the performance of the mandate, the lawyer must act for the client and serve and protect the client’s interests. A code of conduct defines how a company’s employees should act on a day-to-day basis. Thus, he must not, in particular: take advantage of his office in order to obtain or attempt to obtain an advantage for himself or for any other person; use his office to influence or attempt to influence a judge or a member of a tribunal in order that they may act in his favour or in favour of the firm within which he engages in his professional activities, another person in the firm or a client; or. Team Business Standard, Last Updated at October 29, 2020 09:00 IST, Micromax IN Note 1, Micromax IN 1B launched: Price, specifications and more, BS READS: How Kerala shot itself in foot in battle with Adani for Trivandrum airport, Biden good for emerging markets; dollar to gain from Trump win: Analysts, KXIP vs RCB: KL Rahul rewrites IPL record books with blistering 132, IPL 2020, RCB vs MI highlights: Mumbai wins by 5 wkts; seals playoff berth, IPL 2020: Check Royal Challengers Bangalore schedule, match timing, venue, IPL 2020: RCB to leave for Dubai on August 21 with health top of agenda, IPL 2020: Virat Kohli completes 6,000 runs for RCB in 13th straight season, Access Exclusive content - articles, features & opinion pieces, Weekly Industry/Genre specific newsletters - Choose multiple industries/genres, Access to 17 plus years of content archives, Set Stock price alerts for your portfolio and watch list and get them delivered to your e-mail box, End of day news alerts on 5 companies (via email). A lawyer owes his client duties of integrity, competence, loyalty, confidentiality, independence, impartiality, diligence and prudence. This Code cannot address every potential situation or impropriety, but provide principles that govern all conduct.

Our subscription model has seen an encouraging response from many of you, who have subscribed to our online content. However, in the case of a review engagement, the lawyer may act for a client in the following cases: the client is a partnership or legal person that has not made a public distribution of its securities; or. A lawyer must take reasonable measures to ensure that every person who collaborates with him when he engages in his professional activities and, where applicable, every firm within which he engages in such activities, complies with the. A lawyer must engage in his professional activities with competence. A lawyer must submit to the client every settlement offer he receives with respect to the mandate and advise him in his assessment of the offer. the disbursements, fees, commissions, rebates, costs or other benefits that are or will be paid by a third party with respect to the mandate the client gave him. accept an advantage from any person when he knows or should know that the advantage has been granted to him for the purpose of influencing his decision as the holder of a public office.

A lawyer must retain a complete copy of any advertisement in its original form, for a period of 12 months after the date on which it is advertised or published for the last time. 166 0 obj <>stream 0 �/y2ѤP�c-�B�6�!m�ݠ�{C{G]0�'��Q�7�L�M�RODЎ?��S�X��j������n.Mn2�[M��&*mnR3d�Euw���f�R�� b ����L_���0�P�3D�0*

Where circumstances permit, a lawyer may consult the office of the syndic of the Barreau in order to obtain assistance to assess the appropriate course of action before communicating confidential information.

ARTICLE 1. A lawyer must at all times acknowledge a client’s right to consult another lawyer, a member of another professional order or any other competent person. A lawyer must not elude or attempt to elude his civil liability with respect to the performance of a mandate nor the civil liability of any person who is collaborating with him for such purpose or, where applicable, the civil liability of the firm within which he practises his profession.

A lawyer must provide to his client, in a timely manner, all the explanations necessary for the client to understand the amount of the fees or the statement of fees and the terms and conditions of payment. He must foster a relationship of trust between the public and the administration of justice. A lawyer must try to dissuade a client from exercising a recourse or filing proceedings that the lawyer considers abusive and must inform him of the possible consequences.

A lawyer who is a police officer may act as a lawyer only for the police force to which he is attached or as a representative of police officers in a disciplinary matter or labour relations matter. A lawyer must avoid any situation of conflict of interest. The acceptance of a limited scope mandate does not exempt a lawyer from his other duties. A lawyer must cooperate with all participants in the justice system so as to ensure the sound administration of justice.
However, a lawyer from the same firm may act in this matter if the former client consents or if doing so is in the interests of justice, having regard to the following factors, in particular: the measures taken to ensure that no confidential information obtained by the former lawyer will be disclosed to him; the extent of the prejudice caused to one of the parties; the availability of another lawyer with the requisite competence; and. A lawyer who accepts a limited scope mandate must inform the client of the professional services that will be rendered to him and the fact that they will be rendered on the basis of these limits. �5�x��'5�O��A��P,��V�׏Wz�n*�^�\1����'݃��C�����!

For Level 1 breaches of the Code of Conduct, the Match Referee's decision is final and binding. A lawyer must not act against a former client in the same matter, in a related matter or in any other matter if, when acting for the former client, the lawyer obtained confidential information that may result in prejudice to that client or if knowledge of personal facts regarding the former client or the conduct of his affairs would provide the new client with an undue advantage, unless the lawyer obtains the consent of his former client. Dear Reader, Business Standard has always strived hard to provide up-to-date information and commentary on developments that are … A lawyer must protect his integrity and safeguard his professional independence regardless of the manner in which he engages in his professional activities or the circumstances in which he does so.

A lawyer who communicates confidential information with a view to preventing an act of violence may only communicate the information to the person or group of persons exposed to the danger, to their representative or to the persons who can come to their aid. He is responsible for the mandate and must adequately supervise work performed by others who are collaborating with him in the performance of the mandate. Unless all the parties consent and it is in the interests of justice that the lawyer do so, a lawyer must not appear or plead before a judge or a person who exercises an adjudicative function if: the judge or person has an interest in the firm within which the lawyer engages in his professional activities; the part-time judge or the person engages in his professional activities within the same firm; or, the judge or person is related to, or allied with the lawyer within the meaning of the rules concerning recusation in the, Lawyer for trustee in bankruptcy or liquidator.

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