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Most auto parts stores will show the picture of the EGR valve that applies to a particular vehicle make and model for quick identification. Diagnosing what is causing the P0401 code in the Colorado is typically not very tricky. If everything checks okay, you need to check the voltage in the circuit or the EGR valve itself for carbon buildup interfering with the valve operation. Answer: Look around the top and side of the engine, close to the valve cover. EGR Valve Cleaning : Chevrolet Colorado 2.8 L 175 hp Gas How to avoid the need to replace your EGR valve? Just make sure that if you're dealing with a newer valve, it is likely to be electronic and therefore will have a wiring harness connected to it. Using a ratchet, extension, and socket, remove the valve mounting bolts. This service works as a preventative treatment, recommended every 15,000 miles, but can also resolve existing problems in the engine. Carb cleaner smells horrible and is nasty stuff, so soak it outside or in a very well-ventilated area. 8L90E Specs, Performance, and Identification, TH400 Transmission Specs, ID, and Common Problems, Chevy Impala: Brake Lights Stuck On → Diagnosis. Don’t hesitate to contact us! During operation, the EGR system pulls a small amount of exhaust gases from the exhaust manifold through the EGR valve, into the intake manifold, and back into the combustion chambers. Newer models use a similar valve with a small box (sensor) on top along with an electrical harness. This results in the reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions. If there is no voltage, the EGR is bad and should be replaced. Locating the EGR valve in an engine—an integral part of the emissions control. Refer to your vehicle repair manual for exact location and a diagram. Question: Where is the EGR valve located on an Insignia 1.8 petrol? The lowered temperature inhibits the formation of poisonous oxides of nitrogen (NOx). The valve is mounted on the exhaust manifold. This engine compression test will reveal your gasoline or diesel engine's mechanical condition. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You'll locate the valve towards the top or side of the engine. Question: Is it possible to damage an EGR valve internally by simply cleaning it? Don't forget to reattach your vacuum hose and your electrical connections, if applicable. Depending on your car's make and model, your engine may be using one of three common types of EGR valves: vacuum controlled (older models), electronic-vacuum controlled valve (newer models), or the new electronic controlled digital valve. Check the oil dipstick, under the oil filler cap, or PCV valve for a milky residues. Theses gases mix with the air-fuel mixture inside the cylinders to reduce high temperatures during the combustion process. Attach the red lead wire to the EGR circuit labeled "C." There are five circuits on the EGR and each is labeled A-E. Connect the black multimeter lead to a ground point, such as the battery negative cable. Read the multimeter. If it still looks in good shape, recycle it. If it’s clogged you can get away with cleaning it and replacing it. Yet, you can buy gasket paper and make your own. If there is anything you would like to add about P0401, please feel free to add a comment below. Although this is not a foolproof test, it is at least a good starting point. Clean your MAF sensor in minutes using a simple procedure. . In some extreme cases, you may notice a slight ping or knock. And don't gouge mounting and sealing surfaces, or you'll cause exhaust gases to leak. Even more importantly, it'll prevent serious engine damage and expensive repairs. That’s because the EGR valve is not always going to be the culprit. Here are some of the most common fixes to help clear the P0401: Testing your EGR system is relatively easy to do. Question: After I cleaned everything and vacuumed the intake out, it runs really bad. Turn the vehicle off and remove the key from the ignition. Ok I bit the bullet and bought a new EGR valve from Holden . The EGR OFF Module electronically switches off the EGR motor valve via the factory ECU for the Holden Colorado 2.8L 2015 onwards. Turn the multimeter on and set the dial to "Volts DC." Some auto-parts stores only sell the gasket as part of a new EGR valve. Good luck!! 1994 Ford F150. Once you have removed your EGR valve, shake it lightly. , with no need for disassembly and entailing the shortest service time, and which is an alternative to part replacement, is hydrogen treatment via the Carbon Cleaning station. I’m going to clean it, as I just saw how dirty it was in there. The exhaust gas recirculation valve within your vehicle is a crucial component in reducing harmful emissions and ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly. If you notice your vehicle running poorly, stalling or having poor gas mileage, you should test the EGR. JavaScript is disabled. Got alternator problems? well looks like I have to fork out Hundreds for a new egr valve . Electronic EGR valves are used in vehicles dated 1990 and up. Answer: It'll help to remove soot and buildup from the tube. My guess is there is a blockage in the intake/EGR valve area. This is your EGR valve. If you decide to clean your EGR valve, it's not too difficult. Time taken was approximately 2.5 hours Jason Smith JDS Automotive MOOROOLBARK VIC YOU SAID IT! Bookmark this guide now to save time, money, and trips to the car shop. emissions friendly maybe not but its probably eco friendly because you won't end up running at 50% when its all blocked up and the motor will last twice as long. Let it soak overnight if you can. It can be loose or a wire in the circuit is damaged. After removing the EGR valve, check the valve's gasket(s). Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. The vehicle computer operates the valve instead of previous years EGR valves, which are operated by the engine vacuum. Here’s a good article on how to do that from, Test the EGR Valve- A vacuum gauge will help you determine if the EGR valve itself has gone bad. In severe cases, this develops into violent detonations that will seriously damage your engine. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information. Please consider unblocking ads for, or purchasing an annual 4x4earth subscription, which removes the ads on the forum, or you could buy a T-shirt or Polo from the Store, we are currently giving away a free membership for 12 months with each T-Shirt. 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