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UP10TION He was on hiatus for a little over a year by this time. – Junho’s nickname is ChaCha. “Are you…sure? – His nicknames are: Seunggu, Six packs, Captain – Junho is the team’s “lucky guy.” (WeKpop) One of his hands was positioned next to your head, fingers splayed wide. After X1 – He can’t eat spicy foods. Their debut was streamed live on Mnet, Vlive, and Stone/Swings media platforms. Height: 173 cm (5’8″) Company: MBK Entertainment – He was the leader of X class, helping them with learning the dance to the show’s title song. – His specialties are soccer, beatboxing and Krump, rapping. – Yohan shares a room with Dongpyo. – Wooseok has been in the top 10 since the beginning of the first rankings. Check out his full profile…, Want to know more about Minhee? Early life & Family – In June 2018, he featured in UNB’s “Black Heart” promotions, along with Hwang Jungha, DIA’s Jueun and S.I.S’s Anne. A walk down memory lane… Cheney Chen was a CUBE Trainee and Almost Became a Member of UNIQ. You thought about it, quickly ran through the whole hour and a half long meeting, trying to remember if any important points were missed out on. – Yohan attended Seoul Physical Education High School. – Minhee attends Naming High School. – Hangyul & Dohyun will officially debut as a duo called H&D, on April 21, 2020. Want to know more about Seungwoo? Fixing a stray piece of hair behind your ear, you stood up and approached the middle of the table where the contracts were stacked. – His stage name was nearly Seungwooni because his company wanted him to have a cute image. X1 – The group consist of the top voted 10 members during the finale and one member with the highest votes over the course of the show of the remaining trainees. – Yohan’s first friend on the show was Taeeun. – Specialties: Acrobatic, Dancing, spinning balls – He is currently a member of boy group WEi. Check out his full profile…, Hangyul (7th Rank) The only person that didn’t vote for him was himself as he voted for Seungyoun instead. Li Wenhan’s Father Talks about UNIQ’s Struggles. Weight: 69kg (152 lbs) – Throughout the course of the show, Dohyon was labeled a music genius for his skills at his age and training time. – He graduated from Busan Energy Science High School. Therefore, he quit completely. (PDX101) Early life & Family If you'd like to talk to me, my twitter is posted in the end of every article I make as well as above this post. – If you were given 3 wishes: “Unfold the future as I wish. Descriptions were numerous, ranging from him being daddy’s spoilt little boy to a trustworthy and strong heir to the position. Zodiac Sign: Virgo Position: Main Vocalist, Lead Rapper – Fans have given Hangyul, Seungyoun, and Dohyon the nickname of “Team Rocket” from all of their shenanigans. Taeeun stated he would vote for him after he received an X grade. We’re looking forward to only the best results, Miss”. – They held their official debuting concert on August 27th at Gocheok Sky Dome with over 20 thousand audience members. – Junho is really close with Yohan, they have been by each others side since the blue carpet. Blood Type: O – He speaks Korean, Chinese, Tagalog, Portuguese, English Kpop Quizzes – His skills are composing and writing lyrics. While all of that was partially correct, you still caught on to the exchange of looks between the two. Seungyoun was quite taken aback, not really expecting the aggression you showcased. Chinese Sign: Monkey That was the name his mom gave him after he was adopted. (Idol Radio 9/5/19) – Wooseok’s shoe size is 250mm, the smallest in x1. (Ep.1) “Listen, just because I’m still only an heir and my parents are still alive, doesn’t mean you can try me like that. He was readmitted in SOPA as a first year student studying in the applied music department. Produce X 101 “I’m sorry for his thoughtless interruption” Mr. Cho turned forwards again, bowing his head. He enjoys eating alone, he also watches movies alone in the theater. The formidable and fearless boss now resembled a frightened kitten, hands beginning to shake and breathing becoming irregular. Why? – Since the start of the show, Eunsang has trained for a year and 2 months. X1 (엑스원) is a group formed by the top 11 contestants from Produce X 101: Seungwoo, Seungyoun, Wooseok, Yohan, Hangyul, Junho, Dongpyo,  Minhee, Eunsang, Hyeongjun and Dohyon. It was as if a ton has been raised off your chest, the air suddenly becoming clearer and easier to breathe. – He likes to drink beer and eat beef jerky. – His skill is taekwondo (for 13 years). – His special talent is imitating the voice of Pikachu and he can mimic the sound of goats. – He has become really close with Wooseok, Jinhyuk, Kookheon, and Yuvin. You most probably shouldn’t have stepped on the wound, for Seungyoun’s eyes opened wide and an audible gulp was heard throughout the room. – He is a former member of the group IM. Early life & Family – Hyeongjun shares a room with Junho and Minhee. “May I ask a question, father?” The young man interrupted, speaking for the first time during the meeting (if we exclude the formal introductions). Kpop Discographies You couldn’t quite put a name on the woman walking in, but the familiar pair of thick glasses and a skirt that’s tad bit too short, made you remember seeing her around. – His hobbies are coloring, singing, and dancing. (Ranked 13th) – He had only been rapping for 3 months prior to the show. – Celebrities he wants to work with: G-Dragon, APink, Huhgak – Hangyul has trained for 4 years and 2 months. – Along with his fellow MBK hyungs, Dohyon wanted to help save his company. X1 – Minhee share a room with Hyeongjun and Junho. – He attends Yeongdeungpo High School. There were no clear leads on who could’ve sent that, but you knew. Birth Name: Kim Woo Seok (김우석) Without any time to properly process the situation, you were pushed against a wall, Seungyoun’s face just mere inches away from yours. Stage Name: Dongpyo (동표) – All of Hangyul’s Produce X 101 videos. The general public often said his mother was the one who passed the genes, considering that she used to be Miss Korea back in the good old days. – Minhee says going out is one of his hobbies. Height: 178 cm (5’10″) – Han Seung Woo’s intro video. – All of Junho’s Produce X 101 videos. Produce X 101 (After school club) – Dongpyo can make his face go from an angel expression to a devil expression. Early life & Family Even through a thick pair of glasses, Hayoon began doubting her vision, not believing the unusual sight before her. Early life & Family – Taeeun and Hangyul are dancers on Shannon’s comeback stage ‘Hello’. Suggestions, About Us Zodiac Sign: Leo Weight: 63kg (138 lbs) Birth Name: Lee Eun Sang (이은상) 67 (ep4) X1 Group Facts: – He attends Seoul Performing Arts High School. Hurrying after Eunha, Mr. Cho and his bodyguards, you were about to walk through the open glass door when an unknown force yanked you back. Early life & Family – Eunsang is a talented dancer, he was even his middle schools dance club leader. He came back from his hiatus for UP10TION’s first full album Invitation. – Hangyul was a dancer for Shannon’s comeback stage ‘Hello’. – Fans have given Seungyoun, Hangyul, and Dohyon the nickname of “Team Rocket” from all of their shenanigans. Although you didn’t want to, you laughed at his question. Check out his full profile…, Want to know more about Hangyul?

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