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RELATED: Bleach Vs. Hunter X Hunter: 5 Reasons Why Yamamoto Is Best Old Man (& 5 Why It’s Netero). However, after consuming humans, her offspring were born as the result of the incorporation of human genes. His Nen ability was quite unique, just like everything else about him, and it played a decent role in fighting Menthuthuyoupi. Ikalgo manages to hide under the truck, while Bloster left, convinced that he had killed the impostor. [23] The two other Royal Guards, Shaiapouf[29] and Menthuthuyoupi, born. [68] Everyone but Ikalgo heads towards the stairs; Ikalgo goes to find Palm. Pouf realizes that Meruem can regain memories through images and words. What does chimera do and how do we know it's not fake? Netero uses his strongest attack, Zero Hand. The species of the Chimera Ants is introduced. Morel attacks the chrysalis, finding that it was empty, and releases Smoky Jail, which ends up releasing the real Pouf. This first manifested in their request to have names, a concept that ended up fascinating the Queen herself. キメラ()蟻(アント)()()()()()()()() To take advantage of the genes of a particular species, Chimera Ants have been known to feed until the fodder species is driven to extinction in its ecosystem. [21] During the mission, Knov bets that both teams would make it; Morel bets that his disciples would win. At the top of the hierarchy is the Queen (女(じょ)王(おう)()()()()()()()(), Joō), who hunts on her own until she produces a sufficient amount of soldiers to procure food in her stead. He bets on his arm that he would win; she bets on her life. [119], Welfin and Bloster part ways as Welfin is going to seek Gyro and believes he's headed for Meteor City. He claims that he will allow a few humans to remain alive in "reservations", where they can be bred for food, a statement that rightfully infuriates the old man. Palm is skeptical of Gon and Killua's chances against him, but Gon promises to her that he will be victorious. He then heads to the palace where Pitou is in an attempt to kill Gon from behind. The personality of the fodder human can affect a Chimera Ant to varying degrees, and many remember their former names. Killua uses his yo-yos to deflect them, but Shoot attacks him at melee range. [113] Curious about the secret Pouf was hiding, Meruem uses En one last time and spots Welfin and immediately teleports to him. Kana He asks Killua whether they would help Gon fight Pitou, but Killua agrees, but notes that they wouldn't be sufficient. The Queen who drifted from the Dark Continent to the human world could issue orders telepathically, possibly with the aid of specific sound signals. Meruem might be the strongest antagonist in the series to date, but this doesn't mean he isn't liable to slipping up on rare occasions. NEXT:10 Hunter X Hunter Characters We Wanted To See More Of In The Anime, Rei Penber is an avid fan of anime and manga. [81] Youpi fakes going into the "Rage Blast" ability form to lure Knuckle closer to him. Simultaneously, his freakishly young age means that he hasn't had that much real-life experience, mainly learning about the world from his books, so he is often taken aback when people surprise him. Welfin drives out[111] and meets Youpi, with whom he shares the bargain. They were stated to be unique creatures more do due to their nature rather than their environment. RELATED: Hunter x Hunter: 5 Anime Heroes Meruem Can Destroy (& 5 He Has No Chance Against), In contrast to this philosophy, he has been shown to violently massacre and consume other Chimera Ants for their energy. Zeno uses his Dragon Head to attract the attention of Pitou, who responds by using En. It was deemed that fully grown adult humans were the most nutritious which was why they were abducted. Meruem and Pouf begin to bleed as Youpi did. They could also have flashes of memories from the consumed prey of loved ones causing them to avoid harming such individuals. When she asks for his name, he realizes that he doesn't know. Killua also explains that to select as many as 5 million people, and not have so many Nen-capable Ants, means that they can control them. Asking the real question about Chimera enchant. It was not animated in the first anime adaptation (from 1999) due to the manga's irregular publishing schedule. With techniques such as Rage Blast up his sleeve, Youpi was unbeatable. [99] As the battle rages on, Netero is forced to use stronger moves against him, but ultimately they are proven to be futile since Meruem manages to dismember his right leg[88] and left arm.

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