cessna aircraft interiors

Jim is a devout 3,000-hour VFR sport pilot who finds as much enjoyment in working on and repairing planes as he does flying them. … One of the most notable crashes involving a Cessna plane occurred on January 5, 2002. While other companies ridiculed them, this helped to set Cessna planes apart from others during that time. I’m a huge proponent of owner maintenance and saving money where you can, but with airplanes, sometimes you have to bite the bullet. While Cessna closed their doors for a short period of time due to the Great Depression, they returned to commercial production shortly after, in 1946. Typically, you have to repair the part, buy the material and adhesives, ensure the burn certification, and find someone to do the work. 215.295.4115. We have a strong presence in the Cessna operator world and continue to expand our list of satisfied customers; which include Cessna Service Centers, avionics facilities, paint facilities, and countless owner/operators around the globe. One major controversy that Cessna faced was on November 27, 2007. “Other standard interior changes include a durable lightweight headliner and a new lower sidewall. Find us on a map. We do not want something like this to happen simply because we didn’t take the time to see how fast a new carpet burns. While Cessna was very well known for producing small and light piston-powered airplanes, they also produced larger business jets, as well. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Depending on your vision, there’s the option of upholstering all or some of the parts. Premier . If you don’t find what you need, please Contact Us and we’ll be glad to assist you. Some parts don’t look like they should cost as much as they do, but it’s a supply and demand thing. Some Aircraft Covers are usually … Plus, Plane Plastics … Cessna interiors never looked or felt so good, no more uncomfortable flights. Request Information. Cessna ceased operations as their own company in March 2014 and became one of Textron Aviation’s brands. Skandia, Inc. (www.skandiainc.com) specializes in testing and certifying materials for aircraft use and has been burning stuff up for 31 years. Flying the aircraft to Aero Comfort in San Antonio: You may also elect to fly the aircraft to San Antonio and have Aero Comfort handle the complete project. Watch for Selkirk Aviation’s Mobile Showroom at your next fly-in with our showroom airplane, a 1957 Cessna 180 shown at right. If you have plenty of time and want to repair and upholster your parts, go for it. While the flight disappeared and the body was never recovered, he and others on the aircraft were presumed to be deceased. Services available for certified, experimental, and homebuilt aircraft. As for the paint itself, I recommend using a flex paint designed to prevent chips, cracks and “spider webbing.”. 1946 Cessna 140. They announced that their Cessna 162 would be built by a subsidiary of the China Aviation Industry Corporation I. Your first call might be to Steve Wentworth or White Industries to try to find a good used part off of a salvaged airplane. When Roos resigned a month later, however, Cessna was able to petition successfully to have his name dropped from the company name. These parts included a glareshield, console, window trims, aft bulkhead and baggage door, and front door posts. These days, Cessna is a brand of Textron Aviation, with headquarters in Wichita, Kansas. Textron Inc. is a multi-industry company that leverages its global network of aircraft, defense, industrial and finance businesses to provide customers with innovative solutions and services. The company also is offering optional fabric lower sidewalls, optional carpet flooring and optional headrests. © 2015 111Design - Phone 403.295.8770 - Fax 403.313.0793 - 151-2340 Pegasus Way NE, Calgary AB T2E 8M5 - Email info@aerotex.ca Email Usvar _rwObsfuscatedHref0 = "mai";var _rwObsfuscatedHref1 = "lto";var _rwObsfuscatedHref2 = ":in";var _rwObsfuscatedHref3 = "fo@";var _rwObsfuscatedHref4 = "aer";var _rwObsfuscatedHref5 = "ote";var _rwObsfuscatedHref6 = "x.c";var _rwObsfuscatedHref7 = "a";var _rwObsfuscatedHref = _rwObsfuscatedHref0+_rwObsfuscatedHref1+_rwObsfuscatedHref2+_rwObsfuscatedHref3+_rwObsfuscatedHref4+_rwObsfuscatedHref5+_rwObsfuscatedHref6+_rwObsfuscatedHref7; document.getElementById("rw_email_contact").href = _rwObsfuscatedHref; Thank you! The new interiors, which improve cabin comfort and functionality, are available today and customer deliveries have begun. Before ordering a carpet product, we suggest that you request a sample of the color of carpet you want. Next, go shopping online and determine what your costs may be. We do not charge extra for two tone seats or for intricate seat designs. In addition, the seats now feature a durable luxury covering that is stain resistant and has an antimicrobial finish, which is especially beneficial in air ambulance and other special mission operations. Your submission did not go through :-(. I lost a very good friend and his beautiful girlfriend when they burned up in a Bonanza sitting on the ground at a run-up ramp. Ernest had just finished 29 years at GE where he had been a VP and general manager of the global supply chain of GE Aviation. Leather wrapped control yokes featured in April 2012 Edition of Cessna Owners Organization Magazine. Mea Culpa, Y’all! Cessna 150/152; Cessna 170; Cessna 172/175; Cessna 180/185 ; Cessna 182 Skylane; Cessna 206 Stationair; Cessna 207/208 Stationair; Cessna 421; Cessna 425 Conquest; Cessna Citation Excel/XLS/XLS+; Cessna Citation V/Ultra/Encore; Cant find your Aircraft?

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