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For the general prep missions, you obviously need to do the vault keycards prep mission, which is mandatory, followed by the Patrol Routes prep mission. The second mission requires you to simply go to two different locations, take the guards out and take the vault keycards. You need to find 50 signal jammers spread around Los Santos and destroy them for Avi to be unlocked. It will gradually increase if you become more noticeable and attract attention, however, you need to blend in and make sure it doesn't rise. This will take you to the road. You can get a Buzzard and head to the airport. You don’t really need to outrun them. 54 comments.
Go right and towards the vault, but be aware that before entering the next door there is another camera right beside the doors. Your support crew for the Diamond Casino Heist consists of a gunman, driver, and hacker. Ultimately, GTA San Andreas is my favorite! As soon as you see the guard approaching towards your area quickly take cover inside of the security room and wait for the guard to leave. As it does, release the button and it will come down, then you can continue drilling. Enter the office and proceed to the morgue. 12. What is the difference between the Level 1 and Level 2 security passes? GTA BOOM is the original source for all things Grand Theft Auto. Thoughts?

Clean Vehicle: You do not need to buy this. Archived. If you have an Oppressor Mark II, it will make doing this method a tad  bit easier. For a getaway driver, if it was up to us, we would not hire any driver at all - but it's mandatory that we do. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If you want to do everything the proper way, then you might as well consider acquiring a Level 2 Security Pass as a mandatory mission. After you get out of the casino, head over to the casino race track and either go for your getaway vehicles and head to the sewers to lose the cops, or as soon as you get on the race track, stay on the right side of the track and when the end comes, go to the right and over the fence. Take this camera down using your stun gun. Although this is a heist, you don't have any crew to deal with other than Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, so I won’t go into too much detail. Once you reach the party, a suspicion bar, at the bottom right corner of your screen, will become visible. After that, go to the headquarters, sneak into the building and find the hacking device using your phone. hide. One guard will be drunk on the street while the other will be having "a good time" in a motel room. And which car for that specific vehicle? Our Big Con approach guide, I've been playing games ever since I was a kid. Since you won't have a prison guard disguise, as soon as you enter the prison premises, you will get wanted level and the prison guards are alerted. Best crew for Diamond Casino Heist. Lester's Assassination Missions Stocks Guide, Space Interloper / Alien Costume - Solomon Richards' Prop Locations & Random Events. I might have to get one additional real player, but I haven't gotten there yet. You can go to the nearby sewer tunnels to lose the cops as shown in our video guide. One guard will be drunk on the street while the other will be in a motel room. One requires you to hijack a prison bus and get the keycard from one of the guards while you impersonate a prison guard.

Getting the vault keycards from prison is the easiest prep mission. For your driver, just get Karim. PC. After that quickly use the EMP from your phone and enter this room, wait for the guard to come back and take him out with a headshot. As you pass through the doors you will notice two guards at the desk, take them both out and there will be a camera to your left. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, For the first type of mission you will be instructed to go to a pool party. It's debatable whether you need to do this mission and doing so is entirely up to you. You can either sneak your way to the car or just kill all the guards and approach the vehicle - it is completely up to you. After all the required prep missions are done you are ready to carry out the heist. For instance, you can take out the left guard and your friend can take out the right one. Grand Theft Auto Online - Rockstar's ongoing ever expanding multiplayer system, introduced by Grand Theft Auto V. Press J to jump to the feed. So make sure the camera is facing away from you and then enter the doors. Though you can do these prep missions solo in either public or invite only session, it is highly recommended that you have at least one friend with you, as it will make your life a whole lot easier.

If your crew can break open the doors, you can possibly loot all the carts/paintings and still have time for a few safe deposit boxes. Since we use it in our heist finale and it makes the heist much easier, we recommend you do it though, and get the EMP device.

This guide is a complete walkthrough of the Silent & Sneaky approach to the Diamond Casino Heist. However, as you are on your way to the power station you will get 3 stars wanted level. Gunman: Karl Abolaji, you don't need really good weapons if you do duggan shipments (big con you don't need to), Driver: Karim Denz, Sentinel Classic getaway cars are best for getting more cut to yourself and also getting into sewers fast. Since you're flying, it is relatively easy to lose the cops.

The best part is that the model of these cars will be the exact same in all the locations, so once you've identified the car you'll know exactly what you're looking for during your next run. So make sure you are prepared to engage in combat and take them all out before finding the lasers at the specified site.
After taking down the guard and the camera continue down the hallway and take a right, where you will come across a keypad door which will lead to the stairs - however, you won't be able to access it from this side. So take a different route to the buyer if the GPS is directing you through the highway near the casino. You can get the pedestrian car and easily escape through sewer tunnels. Once the camera is taken down, take out the guard at the desk and move forward. The second mission is fairly simple, you just need to go to two security guards situated at two different locations, kill them and get the cards. You need to destroy five LSPD deployed drones. When you reach the headquarters, we recommend you park your vehicle right outside the entrance since as soon as you leave the building, you will have cops on you and will require a quick getaway vehicle. Instead wait and check your minimap for the camera to turn its cone of vision away from your exit point. This is applicable for other locations as well. When you on the hacking device mission expect two different locations where it can be located. I did a mission with a pistol and it was kind of tough, but still doable with headshots. This guide will help you prepare for this approach, showing you all the crew members that you need to hire, the prep missions that are necessary and the heist finale walkthrough itself. Thank you my good sir! Once you head into the party, wait for Lester to send you a picture of the Croupier. They make the finale much tougher. Once he leaves head to the mantrap entrance through the door and use your vault keycards simultaneously to open the mantrap door. It is pretty simple, just avoid the sight of the guards and walk silently and you should be good to go. If you have an oppressor mark II, it will make your life much easier as you can just fly away and lose the cops easily. share. As the name suggests, you con your way into and out of the casino using various disguises. For the crew members, I'm thinking I'll do Charlie for gunman (good rating, 7% cut), Taliana for driver (good rating, 7% cut) and then Paige for hacker (expert rating, 9% cut). Especially if you are doing this solo. Getting this blueprint is completely optional and it will not affect the Casino Heist experience. However, the location will be guarded by Merryweather and heavy army personnel. Most of his weapons suck, but can get you by. It makes your heist much easier especially if you are doing silent & sneaky approach. Once you're inside, you need to take out the metal detector fuse box and then silently take out the guard at the front desk using your suppressed weapon. Repeat this process until all the locks are broken and enter the vault. How do you turn off night vision goggles? The Vault Lasers prep mission is also a mandatory mission. This thread is archived. Once you've taken out the guards proceed through to the double doors ahead of you. Whenever choosing the hacker for your heist we recommend that you always go for the best hackers available, which are Paige Harris and Avi Schwartzman. When you choose the getaway vehicles, it is best to choose the SULTAN CLASSIC. Firstly, when it comes time to do the fingerprint scanner hacking, the pattern that you will see on one door will be the same for all the doors that you hack inside. Initially it will not be marked with an arrow so just look for a highlighted/glowing object. Paige is available by default and takes 9% of the cut. However, the cars sometimes spawn in the parking lot which is right next to the sewer tunnel entrance if you're lucky. Do not take that highway and set your own way point to the buyer. Which of the gunmen, drivers and hackers is useful? After taking him down, proceed towards the basement, but as you're going further you will come across another camera, disable it using your stun gun and then proceed. While inside, you go to one of the towers, take out the guard situated at one of the towers silently and acquire the vault keycards. We do not recommend this method unless you're confident you can do it. When you are choosing a gunman, there's no need to spend any time deciding which one to choose as this heist is the silent and sneaky approach! When you get to the police station, make sure you park you vehicle right outside the entrance so that as soon as you get the outfits, you can instantly hop on your vehicle and get away from the cops. Don't cheap out on the hackers as the better the hacker, the more time you get in the vault to collect the loot. Get a pedestrian car and quickly head inside the sewer tunnel and lose the cops. Casino heist crew selection. Don’t skimp on doing the prep missions. By completing the mission this way you are rewarded with both a Cargobob and a Submersible at the Sandy Shores Airfield. Whatever car you get, you can just hide in the sewer near the casino til the wanted level is gone. Once you lose them, head to the coroner's office. Choosing the hacker is the most important aspect in all the approaches for the casino heist, whether it's sneaking in or going in aggressive. If you are unsure of the exact location of the sewer tunnel entrance then you can refer to the map below. Once you have the EMP fly to the power station. Is there a way to change my crew after they have been hired? You do not have to do the duggan shipments, power drill and security intel prep missions. As soon as the camera turns to the left or right, depending on what side of double doors you've chosen to go out of, exit out and head to the keypad door leading to the stairway where you came from initially. you need 2-4 playerss to start the heists.

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