can you have an otter as a pet in kentucky

They force them, they are not pets, they are not our possession, they belong to nature! Remember when 101 Dalmations came out and everyone ran and got a Dalmation and thousands got dumped at animal shelters? Poor animals in those cages, would you like to be in jail ? Then there are, of course, ferrets. No matter how much you fantasize about them, you must accept the fact that they are not house pets. They would come to the nano-reef forums posting spotless 10 gallon tanks loaded with fish including tangs. Cage should have a top and fencing needs to extend in-ground. You can discover many popular videos of them interacting with their caretakers in ways other than direct contact. The only reason is if they cannot survive in the wild and need to be protected. We are living in a world full of ignorant, entitled, beings who have little/no respect for anyone or anything. I'm leaving school and need to know where to move to own one... okay kids... you really need to go move to where you can own a bear and just let it live with you in your house... just do us all a favor and go get mauled... people are really dumb holy shit lmfao. Question: Are otters legal pets in California? Otters and most exotic pets may not like to be restrained, especially with strangers. Before they used to be chased by humans for destroying rice cultures but now the parents are killed at first sight to get the youngs to make money! Swimming in circles , chanting, running around like crazy is them showing they suffer! This requires a fence which is not climbable and has a horizontal ledge at the top. In many states, do you think it's illegal to keep river otters, beavers and many exotic animals as pets? They are extremely uncommon, and you would likely need to contact a broker who can track down a breeder or import one. Plus I would never just have one. I was headstrong about owning an otter and this article actually dissuaded me... people are insane nowadays, would you rather there I have not come across this information then got an otter and regretted? How otters are protected. I just have no words for it! So, here are some of the reasons you should not keep an otter as a pet: Above all, otters are wild animals that are happiest in their natural habitats and are not meant to be kept in our homes. They swim 17km everyday , live in large groups of 20 individuals espérantes in multiple families. These toys are excellent for species that hunt and forge. If a state doesn’t prohibit the possession of "non-domesticated carnivores" or the family Mustelidae (of which Asian small-clawed otters are a member), and it doesn’t have an awful list of "non-regulated" species of which all not named on it are considered illegal, then these otters might be legal! I thank you for the info! Not to mention the sad ways in which they are breed, in cages, only to then be separated from their significant others. If you legally obtain a non-prohibit… How to Care for Otters as Pets.

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