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And during Cyrano’s big duel in the theater, in place of cue cards, the words are printed right over the images as surtitles, so the action doesn’t have to cut away. The story, involving young King Louis XIV and his imprisoned identical twin brother, is one of Dumas’s greatest tales, exceeded only by The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers itself. Don Q, Son of Zorro He is also the game designer Lawrence Schick, best known for his work with role-playing games, from the D&D scenario White Plume Mountain in 1979 up to his current role as Lead Loremaster on The Elder Scrolls Online. By the late ‘20s the vogue was for darker and more openly erotic characters as exemplified by Rudolf Valentino and John Barrymore, the latter of whom had openly challenged Fairbanks on his own turf with Don Juan and The Beloved Rogue. According to a dictionary I had from 1976, a buffoon was a black pirate (I’m assuming a moorish ones). The pacing of the film never flags or falters, the acting is consistently solid, and it’s gorgeous to look at. 3. Complications ensue, and after a couple of far-fetched coincidences, Bardelys ends up recovering from wounds in the Château de Lavedan, but under an assumed name, that of a slain rebel and traitor. Unexpectedly, the Pirate attacks the island and using the Black Cat, kidnaps the Blue Puppy. Unfortunately, the lugubrious last act is way too long, and the ending is sentimental sludge. Related: Scurrilously; scurrilousness. Source: Kino Video DVD, The Man in the Iron Mask is the conclusion of Alexandre Dumas’s long tale of d’Artagnan and company that began a million words earlier with The Three Musketeers. The Gaucho Rating: * Rating: *** The Gaucho was a very different swashbuckler for Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. "using such language as only the licence of a buffoon can warrant" [Johnson], 1570s, from scurrile "coarsely joking" (c. 1500, implied in scurrility), from Latin scurrilis "buffoonlike," from scurra "fashionable city idler, man-about-town," later "buffoon." The main thing it has going for it is that they shot many of the scenes from the novel at their actual locations, so if you’re a fan of the book, that’s a reason to watch it. proper name Andrew, but there is no certain identification with an individual, and the name here may be generic. Related words - buffoon synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms and hyponyms. Director: Henri Fescourt As noted in the opening credits, “This entire production was under the supervision of Maurice Leloir,” the veteran French artist who was the most celebrated of the many illustrators of The Three Musketeers, and an expert on the period. Pirates. The adjective introduced by "Lewis Carroll" is an unrelated nonsense word. Director: King Vidor Bouffon (English originally from French: "farceur", "comique", "Donovan", "jester") is a modern French theater term that was re-coined in the early 1960s by Jacques Lecoq at his L'École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris to describe a specific style of performance work that has a main focus in the art of mockery. The exciting finale, with its call-backs to the first film, is genuinely satisfying. Douglas Fairbanks returns to the well in Don Q, Son of Zorro, once more donning the mask and cape that made him a superstar in The Mark of Zorro. The bells announcing the impending forced marriage of Andrea to Donati drive him nearly mad, and during his climactic confrontation with the Borgias he seems more dangerous than they do, genuinely unhinged, where the villains are merely wicked. He’s pretty much a bad apple, a vain, selfish, dishonest conniver obsessed with the seduction of women, who if he does the right thing, it’s usually for the wrong reason. Meanwhile, the Pirate and the Black Cat are celebrating their victory and sing a song about their spurious friendship. Kill and rob innocent creatures. Barrymore switches back and forth from heartthrob to buffoon without hesitation, always three sheets to the wind, and as the King of Revels on All-Fools’-Day, he clowns like he just don’t care. Don Juan 1764, "comic actor in an opera," from Italian buffo "a comic actor," from buffare "to mock; to puff" (see buffoon). The black color of pirate flags suggests the Muslim black banner, but this is only a presumption. Source: Flicker Alley DVD. There are scenes depicting him in class at the school with lectures in French. It was also the first big-budget Caribbean pirate movie, and Douglas Fairbanks went all-in on an original story that drew heavily on Howard Pyle’s tales, drawings, and paintings, and on Stevenson’s Treasure Island — the best possible sources, really. Nobody wants to play with him or to be his friend. After the colossal epics painted on broad canvasses in Robin Hood and Thief of Bagdad, it must have been a relief to return to the drawing rooms and cabarets of a romantic melodrama, and indeed, the ever-charismatic Fairbanks seems relaxed and comfortable in this film, happy to be doing what he did best. Bardelys is one of King Louis’s spoiled favorites, and rivals with another favorite, the supercilious Comte de Chatellerault (in a delicious mustache-twirling performance by Roy D’Arcy). For all that effort to give the film color, the results are strange — unconvincing, garish, and unevenly applied. White pirates were usually hanged, but black pirates were often returned to their owners or otherwise resold into slavery—a fate worse than death for some. Lurid visual bonus: skull-faced priests with sinister pointy-cowled monkshood minions! There’s a very satisfying and acrobatic sword duel, but though that’s where most swashbucklers conclude, here it’s just the prelude to the lurid final act, where both Andrea and Juan are clapped in durance vile. The Borgias’ Roman orgies, with their dancing damsels clad only in swirling veils, and a bibulous Bacchus surrounded by vine-draped maenads, are very persuasive, plus this overstuffed film gives us leopard-skin-clad African sedan chair porters, an evil dwarf castellan, a sinister poison-making alchemist, and a jilted lover sealed up alive in a castle’s walls. Rating: *** Bardelys the Magnificent The bandit chief, disguised in a captured Ruiz trooper uniform, sneaks into the occupied city to scout it out.

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