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So it's in my closet, a hand grenade. And now we're reviewing them all because this is my 50th anniversary on television, so we'll be celebrating that on Labor Day. GUTFELD: Yes.

BRUCE: A hat I wore to one of the Caribbean Islands when I was seeing if they could be as good as Hawaii. Do you know? WATTERS: All right, yes, a little bit. That's what Jesse would say. I mean, "Gone with the Wind". Nobody needs to see that. And you can't cover the Democrats, look at them, they are a mess. You know, it's so classic, it's so -- it's slander. RIVERA: Don't go anywhere.

Just go down the list, because most of the best picture picks in the last 30 years have just been ghastly. GUTFELD: You are the reason why our streets are filled with filth. Don't they --. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes... Jump to. All right, Watters has Jesse's bear news. Losers I can see making an excuse after you lose, but now they are making excuses before they lost and that's pathetic. Here comes "The Five.". I hate "Gone with the Wind.". It's that, this in fact, while it is perhaps performance, it's really him as well. Kind of a good question, I think. Look at the size of that sucker. A woman tries to escape. WATTERS: Did you wear those black leather pants? And specifically, they were told there was none. Bernie is too emotional. A song dedicated to her daughter, and lead single for upcoming album Conversations, On July 1, 2005, Rivera gave birth to her first child, a daughter, whom she named Charlie. GUTFELD: What about -- what about you, Dagen. BRUCE: Wow. And some of them wrote he doesn't know that that movie like in 1936. WATTERS: I think it's partly what you've said too, Greg.

GUTFELD: It's one of the greatest shows ever but the British office. All right, go ahead. GUTFELD: Yes. ", He made a mistake. Copyright 2020 ASC Services II Media, LLC. Take a look at this beauty right here. BRUCE: And this is why people have to pay attention because you are going to get four more years of this garbage if you don't vote accordingly. Eventually, they tranquilized it, Animal Control, thank you very much. BRUCE: Alrighty.

If he is going to rip on the Oscars, I want him to go after what was it, "The Shape of Water" where that woman had a relationship that --. BRUCE: Maybe our brains are supposed to change. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let's go. It's just crazy time. Greg. Everybody should see what the proof is.
GUTFELD: I don't -- I feel bad. She is a former cast member of the VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.She released her first single "All These Kisses" on June 12, 2017, and her next single, "Only One", on November 7, 2017. OK. That Russia is going to sway --.

What exactly is this?
It's just true. There's a long night ahead of you. Greg and I were trying to get some work done in the pod this afternoon, and we just heard the speech outside and we both gather around to start watching it, he was, he's on his game. Who is David Duke? Like the office is on every single hour. He hasn't changed, they haven't ruined him, he didn't get scared, he didn't address, that's the other thing they love about him. MCDOWELL: But don't -- but don't go watch the documentary because it's really disgusting. All the negatives. RIVERA: I wonder, I wonder if they -- those reporters, though, he's Brian Williams, he's big, he's big. DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Pocahontas was really mean, but she is going to be easy. Right? The president wrapping up another massive rally just a few minutes ago in Las Vegas. You're going to be staring --. WATTERS: I'd say my generosity.

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