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It also hosts a number of social and community groups (see ‘Community’ section ). Contents insurance should be arranged according to individual requirements. All maintenance and repair issues are dealt with by the on-site team according to their urgency, and prioritised according to safety, essential services, building structures and aesthetics, using Service Charge funds which have been collected for this purpose. Life on Brentford Dock (Sponsored by the Brentford Dock Events Team) Fish and Chips will now be delivered once a fortnight. Contact: Annie: 07976260045/ or Jeremy: It is also … Website: January / February 2017 Brentford Dock Newsletter January /February 2017 Website: 4 1 Welcome to 2017! Householders are also responsible for ensuring that anyone working on their behalf holds appropriate insurance. See our guide to Please be advised that these are leisure moorings and that you are entitled to stay on your boat for not more than four nights in any 7 day period. The BA (Hons) …, Read moreJohn Antrobus Brentford Dock Estate Manager, Brentford Dock, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and CCTV. Its aim is to inform residents of activities and news relating to the Dock. Security staff regularly patrol the Estate and also operate and monitor the CCTV cameras at the entrances and other points around the Estate. Residents of Brentford Dock spoke to security on Saturday the 9th of June and were told that the boilers were now off for the annual heating shut down which occurred the day before, however around 16.00hrs Friday residents were That's where we make the difference. We support a wide range of daytime and evening activities which are open to everyone. [Please note that, due to the proximity of the clubroom, all events must finish by 10.30pm and noise must be kept to a minimum]. The Company then changed its name to Brentford Dock Limited in 1999. Total votes cast 238. When you're seriously looking to buy or let, you need to know EVERYTHING The dock yard is now a Marina and housing estate. …, Read moreBrentford Dock GDPR and the data they hold of residents, Brentford Dock algae bloom. This information will be kept up-to-date, and is always available via your There are two major causes of algae/algal blooms (a boom in the algae population) in a water system, high temperatures and the introduction of high quantities of nutrients. For more information about life on Brentford Dock from the residents themselves please visit Meet at Dock Road bins at 10am. do, where to eat etc for Adults and Children in Brentford. Leslie Anne Ferber describes herself as an “Independent Information Services Professional” and who in a Julius Court & Marcus Court residents block meeting stated that she has 30 years of experience in archiving. The BDL is responsible for all parts of the heating system until it reaches the isolation valves in each property. Please email if you have any photos to contribute. is a community website run for and by local people. We're building a comprehensive one-stop information Brentford Dock residents' website ‘’'Brentford', The Environs of London’’: volume 2: County of Middlesex (1795), pp. Brentford Dock Marina does not offer residential moorings. Our Calendar and events section will Brentford Cruising Club is always looking for new members – and you dont even need a boat to join! BDL is responsible for the maintenance of all communal areas and the external fabric of buildings on the Estate and in each Block. Photos of the presentation by  our MP Ruth Cadbury and Mayor Tony Louki, 1st Ged and Abhi of 4 Numa Court, bottle of Champagne and trophy, 30 votes, 1st Children’s £25 cash, trophy, 35 votes, 2nd Greenhouse, bottle of Proseco, 20 votes. However, only 90 of the first-built flats were let and as the rest of the 500 flats were built they were offered for private sale on 98 year leases from the GLC. We already have over 600 The 24-hour telephone number is 07970 143999. Brentford Dock Data Protection Act Breach:  A serious Data Protection Act (“DPA”) breach of personal data by Brentford Dock Ltd (“BDL”) was discovered by the victims of crime (Brentford Dock residents) in a court of law during questioning by the defendant’s Barrister. When an inquiry was put to RICS astonishingly they stated that according to information provided to them that John Antrobus “DOES NOT” work for Michael Richards & Company, and as he is not yet a member of RICS they cannot … The Security Office is located at ground level, next to the Management Office, at 2 Justin Close. Our There are 107 properties in these blocks, each with 2 leases – one granted by LBH and another from BDL. The Hardwick family. Brentford Dock Limited is governed by a Board of Directors, all of whom own a property on the Estate. Your review was quite revealing. Your review called Michael …, Read moreMichael Richards & Co “Zoe” Review on Allagents, Brentford Dock marina fuel oil spills – during late November early December 2016 there were two separate substantive fuel oil spills within Brentford Dock marina. View more images in the Brentford Dock gallery. Brentford Dock Residents can also buy discounted season tickets to access the private gardens of Syon Park via our own gate. Letter from Brentford Dock Ltd dated 14 March 2018, This was a matter put to the chairman of Brentford Dock Ltd at the AGM February 15th 2018: The shareholder stated as follows: “The May 2013 Newsletter stated that an honorarium of £6,000 per annum would be paid to the Chair (Veronica Mary Wray). houses for sale or to let in Brentford, listed on our database, which is The lock-keepers are the first point of contact. Brentford Dock residents have been led to believe by Brentford Dock Ltd. that John Antrobus is an employee of Adam Goldwater’s Michael Richards & Company. The GLC (and subsequently the London Residual Body) continued as Freeholder and Head Lessor until the freehold was purchased by Estmanco (Brentford Dock) Limited in 1991. When an inquiry was put to RICS astonishingly they …, Veronica Wray and her Board made reference to a Brentford Dock “rogue Board” in the 586 Brentford Dock Ltd. Board meeting minutes. The Residents’ Clubroom is located at the entrance to the Estate on Augustus Close and is used for Estate meetings but most of the time can be booked by Residents for social events and meetings. The Dock Shop is located next to the Management Office and is on hand to provide a wide range of groceries, household items, newspapers and off-licence. In effect, LBH is a leaseholder of BDL and these properties pay the same Service Charge and receive the same services as those on the rest of the Estate. Structural works or those affecting the appearance of the property will always require formal consent. Brentford Dock. Residents can book BBQs along the front of the River Thames where there are tables and seating and concrete BBQ facilities. Brentford Dock GDPR and the data they hold of residents, Brentford Dock June 9th 2018 Hot Water Loss. Flat owners are responsible for maintenance of in-flat parts of the system – radiators, hot water cylinders, thermostats and in-flat pipework. The area is well served by transport links, being conveniently situated for the M4 / M3 as well as public transport. If you would like to sign up to the electronic version of The Brentford Dock Newsletter please enter your email address. that's available. These crimes were carried out on Brentford Dock. Plans were drawn up by Sir Roger Waters in 1968 for what we now know as Brentford Dock. TW8 Restaurants. Life on Brentford Dock This Community website was launched February 2018. * LOA means length overall to include dinghies, davits, anchors, bowsprits etc. © Brentford Dock. 39-58 - British History On-line Brentford, Chiswick & Isleworth Times online This is a popular venue for children’s parties, social gatherings and other events and can be booked via the Management Office at a very reasonable rate. and local councils. Residents would be interested to know who were the members of this “rogue Board” and what were the actions/activities undertaken by this Brentford Dock Board that warranted a description of it as being “rogue”? The Brentford Dock website collects and stores limited data on its users. Many more electrical and DIY items now available in store. Laundry and waste disposal facilities are available (no oil disposal). Many properties have individual allocated parking spaces or garages with them and these are often rented, or sold between Residents. Brentford Dock Marina is situated on the tidal River Thames at the mouth of the Grand Union Canal between Kew Bridge and Isleworth in the southern part of Brentford, Middlesex. Once a working dock, today it is one of London’s undiscovered treasures. The original leases were granted by the GLC to i) Estmanco (Brentford Dock) Limited and ii) the original purchaser of the flat. The defendant in the case was found guilty of racially aggravated harassment and harassment. Hugh Smith or Steve Tatham are on-duty and available to assist you every day from 08.30hrs to 18.00hrs from April to October and from 08.30hrs to 16.00hrs from November to March.

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