beechcraft sundowner upgrades

Like new cost $137, sell for $97 with free shipping in USA. ©2020 Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Avg. In steep turns, though, the nose drops quickly, and it takes a good tug on the yoke to maintain altitude. [2], The first of the line was the Model 23. Fiberglass Stabilator Tip. Your numbers just don't compute unless your Warrior has a 180HP engine. We promise our quote will be fair, accurate, and timely. By Staff Updated February 19, 2016 Save Article. New rebuilt engine with 200 or less hours. Those numbers look about right for newer Warriors I've flown (though cruise fuel flow would be more like 8.5 - 9 gph; his 10.5 gph likely factors in taxi, takeoff and climb). Beech also did an aerodynamic cleanup on the "C" model making it 6 knots faster than the "B" model it replaced in 1977 . $500 Finders fee paid! No ADS-B, fresh annual (October 2020). The archer II model I have flown had 950-1000 lb useful loads. The pilot sits slightly ahead of the leading edge of the wing, and the wrap-around windshield and large side windows offer excellent visibility. Those numbers look about right for newer Warriors I've flown (though cruise fuel flow would be more like 8.5 - 9 gph; his 10.5 gph likely factors in taxi, takeoff and climb). Get the best deals on Beechcraft Aviation Parts & Accessories when you shop the largest online selection at I need to have at least 900 - 1000. In 1970 the C23 version was introduced also under the name "Musketeer Custom". Tailor-made for your Sundowner Aircraft (Cockpit sold per seat, Rears by Row). Stable, but not as heavy on the controls as the Arrow, roomy, and the range is nice. We have reference libraries for Beech, as well as many other general aviation aircraft, so unlike many other suppliers, we do not require that you have the "part number ready". Where? A visual measuring tab below the filler neck of each tank allows the tank to be filled to a 15- or 20-gallon capacity. [1], The Beech 19 was introduced as a 1966 model year. The Beech Aero Club (BAC) is the international type club for owners and pilots of the Beech Musketeer aircraft and its derivatives, the Sport, Super, Sundowner, Sierra, Duchess and Skipper aka Beech Aero Center aircraft. Low AF and engine hours. Any condition! 1962 BEECHCRAFT B33 DEBONAIR • $55,000 • FOR SALE • 5200 TT ,1450 SFMOH IO-470-N 260hp upgrade STC,DeShannon engine baffles Freeflight ADS-b out,PS engineering PMA6000 audio panel,ICOM IC-A220 VHF Comm 1,ICOM IC-A200 VHF Comm 2,Narco NAV 112 VOR with Glideslope,Narco NAV11 VOR,Garmin GTX327 Transponder,King KR22 Marker Beacon,JPI Fuel Scan fuelflow 450,JPI EDM700 … The electrical system is powered by an alternator and a 12-volt, 25 amp-hour battery. There is a Sundowner for sale right now on Ebay but the owner will not go down a nickle. Your Beechcraft Specialists for Over 40 years! The Sundowner is a big airplane. The Model 23-24 Musketeer Super III proved the utility of the 200 hp (150 kW) engine in the Musketeer airframe, but the fixed-gear configuration prevented using full advantage of the extra power of the injected Lycoming. It was introduced under the "Musketeer" name as a 1963 model at an initial price of $13,300 and was powered by a Lycoming O-320-D2B engine of 160 bhp (120 kW). The Sundowner has a heavy forged aluminum spar with a fuselage carry-through structure that resembles a truss in the Brooklyn Bridge. Telephone: This model initially sold for a price of $16,350 in 1966. Flying or not.Cash in 24hrs! 1974 Beechcraft B19 Sport 180 Musketeer/Sundowner N5113R is a Musketeer B19 Sport modified by Beechcraft Corp. for the University of Illinois in 1974 with Beech Kit 23-9016-1-S and Kit 23-4007-1-S. Thusly has a 180hp Lycoming O-360-A4J, 76” propeller, two entry/exit doors, Increased gross weight (2450lbs) and Spin Fairings. The Musketeer design was further developed into a twin-engined aircraft, the Beechcraft Model 76 Duchess. Not a member? Gotta load up Mamma and two grandkids that are about 160 lbs each on the longer trips. New rebuilt engine with 200 or less hours. Beechcraft Sundowner Beechcraft Sundowner. The main difference between the Musketeer line and other similar light aircraft is the Musketeer's landing gear. BEECH SUNDOWNER NEEDS NEW HOME • $27,500 • AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY • Low AF and engine hours. In the last few airframes of the series a new instrument panel with the same "vertical tape" gauges that were used in the early Sierras was introduced.

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