bak revolver x4 vs truxedo sentry ct

Truxedo Sentry CT vs. BAK Revolver X4 ― which one’s more secure? Your goal should be to find something that’s the right fit for your vehicle and personal requirements. The Sentry CT is the same concept with a woven fabric providing a water resistant matte finish. At one point in the 3rd winter we had to drive through an ice storm while visiting family. Unpacking the over sized box revealed a rolled up cover surrounded on each end by foam with an accessories area that contained the instructions, hardware, and bulkhead seal. That’s why I put together a comparison of how these systems are the same and what you can expect when using either option.The Latching SystemBoth the Bak Revolver X2 and X4 systems rely on the same simple latching system to secure them in place. Besides this, it’s easier to maintain and clean due to its dust-resistant covering.

In the past, I have owned a hard tri-fold cover and a rolling soft top cover.

The only deterrent a soft top provides is keeping belongings out of sight from would be thieves. This TruXedo Sentry CT Review is the result after months of research and debate about bed covers after purchasing my F250 in the Spring of 2019. So I located free shipping and placed my order.

When opening the cover make sure that you roll it tightly instead of just peeling it back. The is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The cover is made from industrial-grade vinyl and aluminum slats.

If you’re interested then you should definitely look at the diverse collection of tonneau covers made by. Privacy Policy: We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. The only way to gain full access to the bed of the truck is to fold up all three pieces of bed cover. If you have loved Mercedes all along its line of development, you cannot overlook one model that is Mercedes 190SL. The strength of the aluminum sheets and softness of the fabric offers more flexibility. Do you find regular tonneau covers too restrictive? One never knows when a temper tantrum will strike. All Rights Reserved.User Agreement, Privacy, Cookies. Guide the screw head on each end into the hole on the rail. A magnet is placed on an axle, much like a car tire, and that axle is connected to a spinning turbine. In this way, a roll up tonneau cover becomes a hassle-free way to protect your truck beds and the cargo inside.

I had decided that the soft cover didn’t offer enough security or longevity. If you would like to confirm fitment please leave this box unchecked. You can always opt for a roll-up tonneau cover if you’re looking for versatility. Let’s have a look at the special specs of … I believe this is because the manufacturers are controlling the pricing of their products. The vinyl panels give BAK a slight advantage as they’re a better barrier against rough weather. What’s more?

Both brands have made quite a name in the industry, and they’re always coming up with helpful ways to fulfill a truck owner’s needs. When fully rolled up the strap on each rail should be attached to the loop at the bulkhead and tightened. Let us know here and we will try to acommodate you. I decided either brand would be acceptable and began price shopping. Let’s have a look at the special specs of each product: After comparing the truck bed covers, we feel that there is no straightforward answer to this question. Like the Sentry CT, this one also offers you full access to the truck whenever it’s opened. Additionally, the rotational locking rails help keep your valuable cargo safe and sound.

This cover saved many softball road trips with buddies from wet and damaged gear and allowed us to lock things up out of sight overnight without hauling it all into hotel rooms. In contrast, Truxedo Sentry CT is more flexible and an excellent barrier against the elements. My research into hard roll-up bed cover (s) led me to two front runners in the industry., Sleek and stylish design for aesthetic appeal, Flush mount design allows the cover to keep a low profile, Sturdy aluminum slats help withstand external pressure, Instant release system allows the entire cover to roll up with ease, Shields cargo from the environmental elements, Storage strap keeps the cover steady when it’s open, Hardwearing aluminum construction with vinyl overlay, Strong straps keep the cover secure while you drive, Dual access from either side for convenience, Rotational locking rails to maximize security.

So which one of these roll up tonneau covers would you prefer? while the rotary section consists of parts like the crankshaft, camshaft, ignition, timing gear etc. It is a two door touring convertible car that comes with a removable hardtop. In addition, both brands are Made in the USA and guaranteed by a 3 year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Truck Bed Covers Tip #1: Understand The Difference Between Online Prices And Local Shop Prices – get the rest of the story here: ==> Both versions of the TruXedo have an easy to use slam latch system that latches at the tailgate and mid-rail for added security. Sentry CT comes with an additional security latch that prevents your goods from being stolen.

Our part # quote allows advanced users to speed up the process. I was able to latch it like normal. The most common method is through steam power. That’s because its rotational locking system offers more security than Sentry CT’s extra latch. They both display a stunning matte black finish that gels well with your vehicle’s exteriors. The main difference in the BAK Revolver lies in the side rails which replace Velcro with rubber seals. Copyright © 2020 Tonneau Cover.

My problem was that a retractable cover didn’t make sense to me unless it was automated. This hard roll-up cover is the official upgrade for BAK Revolver X2. Please select convenient times for you to receive a call from one of our team to help you make your shopping easier. Reading materials state that the rails lock the full length of the bed at an angle that prevents water entry. Truxedo Sentry is similar to Sentry CT in multiple ways but as we said above, every tonneau cover boasts some unique features. This characteristic makes maneuvering it a lot simpler.

For instance, if you’re looking for extra security then you should go for BAK Revolver X4.

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