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Azrael then arrives to their rescue taking out some inmates then confronting Bane himself who throws Azrael aside, Cash then jumps to Azrael’s defense and even scratches Bane in the face. He was then recruited to "fight evil as their crusader Azrael" while wearing the Suit of Sorrows and using the Sword of Sin.

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Valley plays a pivotal role in the epic "Knightfall" story (1992-1994), in which he stood in as Batman after Batman was defeated and paralyzed at the hands of Bane. NEXT: DC: 5 Marvel Heroes Azrael Could Defeat (& He Would Lose To). Only six months after her death, Michael's two siblings (his last living relatives) were murdered by an apparent Satanic cult. An elite-level martial artist, Steel Serpent has also learned to channel his chi as well as draw on mystical power from other sources. This was done through the use of deep hypnosis and genetic experiments. Due to Valley's psychosis, once he removed his helmet, he also "removed" his version of the Batman identity he had built. Jean-Paul Valley appears in 473 issues. This would grow to become Jean-Paul Valley. In addition to being a proficient hand to hand fighter, Mary is a mutant with a variety of abilities, including pyrokinesis, low-grade telekinesis and a form of telepathy. Originally, he was intended to be part of a program for Police Officers in Gotham City to create replacement heroes for Batman should anything ever happen to him. Archangel Azrael appeared to at the dead bed of Rumi. At first his costume was a necessary trigger for "The System" to impart him with his enhanced strength, reflexes and speed.

That doesn't make him any less dangerous, though. Completely lost, he is targeted and manipulated by the Joker into seeing himself as the messiah-like vigilante of Azrael who is destined to defeat and usurp the Batman.

Portrayed by: It is later revealed that the reason Joker targeted him is that Jean-Paul is the true descendant of Edmond Wayne while Batman is descended from a man named Bakkar who killed Edmond Wayne then stole his identity and wealth. Michael Washington Lane In the end, the prophecy turned out to be correct, further reinforcing the supernatural properties the organization seems to possess, as the events within Arkham City, namely Joker's death, enabled Scarecrow to consolidate the criminal underworld into one, massive campaign on Gotham. The details of The System are never fully explained, but it is understood that training begins before birth and includes genetic modification, prenatal electric shock, and the use of gorillas as surrogate mothers. Abilities: He materialized to every people in the … When Arkham City was announced, the Order knew that the events within the prison would spark a prophecy long foretold in their secret society of Gotham eventually burning, preparing for such a day, and sent Azrael to meet Batman and begin to gain his trust. John Paul Valley was featured in the HeroClix figure game. Azrael is one of the most skilled fighters you'll find in DC. He watches Batman and can be found around the city leaving the Dark Knight cryptic clues. When everyone else is stocking up on bullets and bombs for a fight, Bullseye is down at his local Staples loading up on office supplies. Lizard is capable of a level of savagery Azrael cannot defeat. Azrael Concept Artist Reveals First Sketch of The Wizard, DC & Star Wars Unused Crossover Promo Art Shown by Alex Ross, Shazam! The Avenging Angel

Next week's episode of Gotham is titled "Azrael," and fans of the show will be introduced to the character in a big way. Order of St. DumasGotham City Police Department (formerly)

This has allowed him to enhance himself up to superhuman levels, more than enough to take Azrael down. Born Michael Lane, Azrael was once a police officer based in Gotham City. After he drives them away, he gets Jean-Paul medical help. The Order of Purity would later take him in as their agent Azrael, a deadly assassin working in God's name.

For most of his life, he has been brainwashed with "The System," a deep level of psychological conditioning. When Jean-Paul as Azrael met Batman, the Dark Knight brought him under his wing and into the Bat-Family. This experiment drove its participants insane and they eventually became the Three Ghosts of Batman, with Lane becoming the villainous Bat-Devil. Lane was once part of an initiative to create "the ultimate crime fighter," however it turned him into a criminal. Azrael makes an appearance in the online game DC Universe Online. It did not go too well, though, as his violent training took over and he went a bit crazy.

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