athlon ares btr vs vortex pst gen 2

If anyone is considering a Athlon scope pm me and I'll send you contact info for the dealer I used. The turrets on these rifle scopes are true tactical turrets, what means that they are not capped, so the user can quickly change the elevation and windage setting if needed. In this comparison, we will test 2 new rifle scopes, both designed for precision tactical shooting on a long rage. Both rifle scopes have an adjustable parallax from 25 yards (23 meters) to infinity, but Vortex is easier to adjust. Features: HD Glass, FFP, Advanced Fully Multi-coated, True Zero Stop, Illuminated Reticle, 30mm Tube, 10MIL/25MOA Travel-Per-Rotation Turrets. Thanks again! Other than the two of us who are responsible for writing the articles our friends have almost zero experience in rifle scopes. I will be using this for Out West Hunting Maybe once a year and occasionally target practice. Visit the site to check out our current specials. Whatsoever, Athlon scores because of the bigger zoom factor, and consequently smaller and bigger magnifications.

I will say that I'm shocked at the quality of the glass from China. Thats a nice set of rings, a good bubble level and some ammo!! When you are dead, you don't know you are dead.It is difficult only for others.

For the windage turrets, both rifle scopes could have a stopper, so the user couldn’t get into a second revolution. He also claimed the scopes used german glass and were only assembled in China. This price difference is already quite big, for almost the same features and more additional accessories. Because of that, you have a little bit more field of view on the minimal magnification, and you can be more precise when engaging small targets at long distances. The illumination control on the Vortex is very stiff to turn, and because the illumination control of the Vortex stands out only a few millimeters, it is very difficult to adjust. Pretty much all of the nightforces are 9-10's. The locking mechanism of the Ares ETR is great, and in my opinion, this is one of the biggest advantages over the Vortex, because the clicks are easy to turn and could be adjusted accidentally. The Ares is made in China and that just sends chills down my spine!! The reticles in these rifle scopes are both in milliradians, so the lines in the reticle and the clicks on the turrets are always matched. Optically this Vortex can easily compete also with much more expensive rifle scopes. Both rifle scopes feature a zero-stop function, which is very easy to adjust. The biggest con to the cartridge is the brass. Now i did see this add for the Athlon Ares 4,5x27x50 for $849.99 and figured id share it with you. The APRS1 reticle from Athlon has a small dot in the middle, and the EBR-2C reticle from Vortex has an open center. Because both rifle scopes are designed for tactical-style shooting, the reticle in both is positioned in the first focal plane. This featured test is impartial and we always try our best not to prejudice and favor one product over the other. It tracked true, returned to zero and had a lot of folks impressed with the glass quality and features. The focus diopter adjustment goes to the Ares. Both rifle scopes have a fixed eye-relief, what is great for more comfortable shooting. Both scopes were mounted in parallel and people observed trees and buildings about 260 meters away. I thought they would lighten up with use or with warming the scope, but neither of those things changed the stiff controls. Well I haven't had the opportunity to try out Athlons policy although I would bet given my research that it's right on par with Vortex. just thought i'd ask how does the BTR compare with the weaver tac 3-15 glass wise thanks. Here's my thoughts. I'm looking for a ffp scope for my 300 win mag. After we are sure that the test can be done without preferations we ask our volunteers to test the following parameters: Central sharpness – subjective impression at 5x, 15x and 25x, Edge sharpness – subjective impression at 5x, 15x and 25x, FOV – subjective impression at 5x, 15x and 25x. Either way, they do not have them in stock.

We also thank them for letting us use their videos. For shooters that are searching for a great quality tactical rifle scope in the middle price range, these are the perfect two to choose from. Both have a Christmas-tree design, and both are illuminated.

Athlon scores in the elevation adjustment range, because you have 34 MIL of adjustment compared to 27 in the Vortex. Little too easy to dial. They are very audible and have a nice feel. Because of the bigger field of view on the smallest magnification, the Athlon is slightly better for observations, especially with night vision attachments or thermal attachments. For flip-up covers and other accessories, the user has to look for aftermarket products. Glass is clear. Whatsoever, in one category Athlon scored more points than Vortex, and this is in the inner reflections. I much prefer the Vortex as they continue the markings on the second revolution of the turret. Both companies do not take the product into warranty if the product was misused, if the damage was caused deliberate, or the maintenance was provided by someone other than the authorized service department. Whatsoever, Vortex is for almost 20 millimeters longer. Both are fairly new on the market, Vortex since 2017 and Athlon since 2018. I just assumed they were a cheap Chinese scope with crappy internals and great glass so I passed. Very helpful. As soon as you said 7LRM I knew who you were. That’s good peace of mind, and just one of the things that makes Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II FFP scope one of the best out there.. 2 reticle options – … This is an incredibly big difference if we consider that Athlon costs more than the Vortex. The warranty on both products in Europe is 10 years, but both manufacturers advertise a lifetime warranty. Like said before, the turrets on these rifle scopes and the reticles are matched, so you can make 10 clicks for perfect shot placement on a target, or just go with the reticle 1 MIL over the target and the shot placement will be the same. glass seems clear. Our team of enthusiasts who tests these products and writes these articles is doing it from dedication, as rifle scopes are our big passion. Our team comprises of two enthusiasts who write the articles for hobby and our very helpful unbiased friends who help us make the evaluations, such as the optical characteristics. Both reticles have a Christmas-tree design, what means that you have many additional lines under the center, which go on both sides of the vertical line. The warranty of these two products is very similar because they will repair or replace the damaged product, no matter if the product was damaged by the user or if just broke inside. I appreciate the well thought out and well written review. For all these reasons I chose the Athlon Ares BTR FFP 4.5-27x50mm for my long range hunting gun. It definitely got a workout ranging targets from 100 to 1100 yards.

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