armory craft p365 extended mag release

capacity, and sincerely hope the 13 rounds available will negate any need for a fast mag… I will be waiting for the black 1.0 mm and watching an install video on you tube first lol. Please note that on some DASA models your decocking lever will have to be slightly filed off so it can clear this extended magazine release button. There are dozens of holster manufacturers with a VERY large variety of holsters out there. Most likely the modification should be minimal and very easy to perform. Quick Reply to: But my 1911's and P226 all release a lot easier. SAS and manual safety models will be available by Amy Craft as soon as they are available to us from SIG USA.). Anyone else? It seems $40 isn't that bhig of a deal if you think it will help -- use some of that stimulous money if you have any left (I do, I'm waiting on a Ronin Operator in .45). Faster release of the magazine WITHOUT the need to re-position your grip. Armory Craft Extended P365 Magazine button (+1.5mm) with Checkering for Sig Sauer P365, P365 XL, P365 SAS - BLACK. Will fit ONLY P365 or P365 XL 'without' manual safety. After the magazine catch release button swap - exchanging of the grip module alone is VERY easy - under 1 minute. Better angle and the longer overall length allows easier magazine exchanges and the extra checkering provides better friction vs. the stock shallow and smooth SIG button. That being said - to answer the question how this button will fit 'YOUR HOLSTER' is not possible by us. While the vast majority of holsters will not require ANY modifications, other holsters may require some. My shield arms extended mag release was a pain in the butt. Each extended magazine release button is machined from a solid 7075 Billet Aluminum and finished with hard coat anodizing. Doing what I want, When I want, If I want! P365 Extended Mag Release? Please accept our apologies, but we are not able to accept any discount coupons for these grips modules. I measured how far the stock mag release protruded above the grip at 0.041" the Armory Craft mag release protrudes above the grip 0.053" a gain of only 0.012". Had been waiting for this since last year. In the past I installed an extended mag release on a 1911 I have and several times during a tactical drill I dropped the mag because it protruded to much and I was putting to much pressure on it. Freethinker: posted . Different leverage. While the overall length is only slightly extended. P365 Mag Release is very difficult to release the mag. - TWO versions are available: + 1 mm longer vs. stock + 1.5 mm longer vs stock Both versions have checkered texture. © Armory Craft - Patents Pending - Privacy Policy | Terms & Conditions, IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ - SHIPPING ADVISORY. Please Wait. We encourage you to insure your orders. While Armory Craft triggers will fit without any issues in a vast majority of firearms, due to small manufacturing tolerances present in all mass-produced firearms, in some cases fitting will be required by a qualified gunsmith or armorer. Thank you. While the overall length is only slightly extended, the angle AND the texture of the … Oh well. You will need to swap it from your existing module. Several posters on the forum have installed and recommend the Armory Craft component. All P365 XL grip modules come without the magazine release button. Please note that starting SEP 1st 2020, due to recent issues with USPS during COVID-19, Armory Craft will not NOT be responsible for lost packages unless INSURANCE is selected during checkout with your order. ... "ARMORY CRAFT" Tungsten Weight Kit - Wilson Combat P320 Grip Modules. All P365 XL grip modules come without the magazine release button.

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