arkansas trailer tag requirements

trailer << /Size 22 /Info 4 0 R /Root 7 0 R /Prev 55188 /ID[<1d83cee5be9c3ee7d020869370551284>] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 7 0 obj << /Type /Catalog /Pages 3 0 R /Metadata 5 0 R /PageLabels 2 0 R >> endobj 20 0 obj << /S 36 /L 85 /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 21 0 R >> stream Motorcycle Side Car Lyft Invests $100M in Other On-Demand Transportation Venture, VW Phasing Out Combustion Engines Starting in 2026. The signatures of all owner(s) are required on the application when joint ownership is connected by “AND” on the ownership documents such as the lien contract, the manufacturer’s statement of origin, or the title. H��WK��6��W����%7�n�E�.h���xe[�VZH26��>���E�Ka���q���7ߐ/�͋4e��t�����$X�H�(�>n^�jڵ%��U���Sth7�;��� P���[��D�O�E���@0!$�[�ȸ�K��(����:fM7�_8�8a�L�� �J� �����ׯ�}����B�7�w�6�4�5Sp�UR� ������ o­�\���{�}x{�ڗ`KN�ۛ�����I7�H!G����n��~�p/0� A certified law enforcement officer of any city or county in Arkansas, the Arkansas State Police, or a designee of the Arkansas State Police may conduct the inspection, Copy of current registration certificate from the state you are moving from, Certificate of title or proof that the vehicle is financed and title is being held by a lien holder, Proof from your county assessor showing that the vehicle has been assessed or listed for assessment for the current year. Motorcycles If a motor vehicle or trailer is sold rather than traded in, credit may be given to the owner if the sale is 45 days prior to, or within 45 days after the purchase of a newly acquired vehicle. 0000053555 00000 n § 27-14-1204 - Penalties. You may go to any State Revenue Office. If sold 45 days prior to registration of the newly acquired vehicle the owner may receive credit when applying for title and registration of the newly acquired vehicle. Helpful Hint Vehicle Assessment Little Rock, AR 72203-3153 Vehicle Registration if Moving from Another State $36.00 Permanent Registration ST Identification Purposes Only Class two (2) through eight (8) trucks. Trailer Title and Registration Requirements. 0000035450 00000 n Local taxes may be due, depending on your residence. Credit for Trade-In In Arkansas, you can transfer your plate to a new car when you register your new vehicle. § 27-14-1202 - Definitions. You must provide a copy of your leave and earnings statement for verification of your home of record and, therefore, cannot renew by phone or internet. Trailers. Toll free Assistance: 1-888-389-8336 The following documents are required to register and title a new or used vehicle: Sales tax, registration and title fees: The state sales and use tax rate is 6.5%, 7% for Texarkana residents, of the taxable price of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers with a gross purchase price of $4000.00 or greater. The signatures of all owner(s) are required on the application when joint ownership is connected by “AND” on the ownership documents such as the lien contract, the manufacturer’s statement of origin or the title. If you are renewing previously issued car tags and you do not need to change any information other than your address, you can renew by phone, internet or mail. 0000000917 00000 n Official Arkansas Vehicle Registration Renewal - Renew your vehicle registration securely online through the official portal and sign up for property tax and vehicle registration reminders. 0000004162 00000 n By Mail: 0000001972 00000 n Proof of ownership is required. %PDF-1.3 %���� In most jurisdictions, state law stipulates that you have thirty days from the purchase to title and register your trailer. Mobile/Manufactured Homes For the purpose of ascertaining excess loaded weight on any truck, trailer, semitrailer, or combination thereof, a tolerance of one thousand pounds (1,000 lbs.) Trucks and Vans A copy of the document from the dealer or lien holder reflecting the "balloon" amount due is required. 0000001088 00000 n Arkansas law requires that an application for title be signed by the owner(s) of the vehicle. To avoid penalties, you must apply for title and registration as follows: Within thirty (30) calendar days of the date of transfer; or within thirty (30) calendar days of the date which a prior lien has been released, whichever date is later. Under federal guidelines, vehicles less than 10 years old must have a fully completed odometer disclosure statement signed by both the buyer and the seller, If the control number on the back of the previous owner's Arkansas title is less than 3003001 or an out-of-state title is being surrendered, a separate bill of sale and conforming odometer statement must accompany the title. Trucks and Vans Traveling with a Pet Soon? These requirements are automatically checked using a computer. Each local tax will not exceed $25.00 for each 1% of tax due. To title and register a trailer, the owner will normally have to submit: The properly signed title. Fun & Games: Who’s Really Winning the Autonomous Car Race? (a) (1) Every motor vehicle, trailer, semitrailer, and pole trailer, and any other vehicle which is being drawn at the end of a train of vehicles, shall be equipped with at least one (1) tail lamp mounted on the rear, which, when lighted as required, shall emit a red light plainly visible from a distance of five hundred feet (500') to the rear. Use this as a guideline and not a rule, because state laws always vary. If the invoice or bill of sale reflects a credit given for a trade-in, tax is computed on the difference of the total consideration paid less the trade-in credit. Check out all the ways DFA can serve you. Motor Homes If Arkansas is your home of record the requirements are the same as for an Arkansas resident, regardless of where you are stationed. What did you have to do to title and register it? For convenience, a title application form can be printed, signed by all of the owners and submitted to the state revenue office with the other required documents. © 1999 - 2020 DMV.ORG. All Rights Reserved. You are also required to maintain liability insurance on your vehicle. Check your state's trailer definitions; if you're still unsure, contact your DMV. Arkansas law requires that an application for title be signed by the owner(s) of the vehicle. Via the Internet: 0000000664 00000 n To renew by mail or in person you must furnish written proof of compliance for any item listed as "NO". You will pay the: $1 transfer fee. 0000050878 00000 n Trucks classes 2 through 8 Be aware that not every state titles and registers trailers; however, not titling and registering a trailer in a state that does require it will result in a penalty, which grows more severe the longer the trailer goes untitled. 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