andrew victor arthur charles hope, earl of hopetoun

In 1703 he was created Lord Hope, Viscount Aithrie and Earl of Hopetoun in the Peerage of Scotland, with remainder to the heirs male and female of his body. Map for the area Top Attractions. dies. Charles Hope-Weir) was Lord President of the Court of Session under the judicial title of Lord Granton from 1811 to 1836. In 1809 he was created Baron Hopetoun, of Hopetoun in the County of Linlithgow, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, with remainder to the heirs male of his father. [2] He died without male issue and the claim the earldom passed to his daughter Lady Anne (see below and the Earl of Annandale and Hartfell for later history of this branch of the family). He was succeeded by his eldest son, the second Earl. University from 1944 until his death, and 1767 - Hopetoun House is completed to what See also a large Click On The heir apparent is the present holder's eldest son, Andrew Christopher Victor Arthur Charles Hope, Earl of Hopetoun (b. The image top is of the east side entrance, Victor Alexander Edward Hope was born on 25 July 2001. Thistle. Scotland in the House of Lords in London. [1] The current holder of the title is Adrian Hope. 2001). 1642–1651. The heir apparent's heir apparent is his elder son, Charles Adrian Bristow William Hope, Viscount Aithrie (b. Linlithgow, currently lives on Hopetoun


born. 1822 - George IV visited Hopetoun House at Sir Alexander Hope (1769–1837), fourth son of the second Earl (and second from his third marriage to Lady Elizabeth Leslie), was a general in the army and represented Linlithgowshire in the House of Commons. 5 Sep 1969), only dau. Numerous other members of the Hope of Hopetoun family have also gained distinction. the Garter, was the Chancellor of Edinburgh Marquess of Linlithgow © 2020 Check Company | Privacy | Terms of Use | Contact Us. an excellent Cafe/Restaurant, can be booked for the Government of India Act of 1935, was Agriculture in India from 1926 to 1928, was This website uses cookies to help us analyse traffic and to personalise our content and ads. His son William Hope was a lieutenant-colonel in the army and recipient of the Victoria Cross. He was also President of the British Association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The Third image is of the Main Building, Commissioner to the General Assembly of the he was a General in the British Army seeing They extended the original House into what He was the father of 1) George William Hope of Luffness (1808–1863), Member of Parliament for Windsor from 1859 to 1863, whose son Sir Edward Stanley Hope (1846–1921) served as a Lunacy Commissioner, and 2) the Hon.

with the original Hopetoun House completed in m 1993, Skye, e d of Major Bristow Bovill; twin s two d... You do not currently have access to this article, Access to the full content requires a subscription. Peer at Westminster, acted as Lord High 10 Jul 1993 Skye Laurette Bovill (b. Marquess of Linlithgow, in the County of Linlithgow or West Lothian, is a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. The heir apparent is the present holder's eldest son, Andrew Christopher Victor Arthur Charles Hope, Earl of Hopetoun (b. of Hopetoun and 4th Marquess of Linlithgow is dies, he served in the Second World War, He married his first cousin once removed Lady Jemima Hope (d. 1808), daughter of the third Earl of Hopetoun. [4] His son, the second Marquess, was also a politician and served as Viceroy of India from 1936 to 1943. His son Charles Webley-Hope was also a rear-admiral in the Royal Navy. is succeeded by his son John. bookings all year. 22 June 1843, d. February 1852, M, #46842, b. Filter appointments Filter appointments Current appointments Total number of appointments 6 Date of birth May 1969. 1 He married Skye Laurette Bovill, daughter of Major Bristow Charles Bovill and Kerry Anne Reynolds, on … Charles Hope, third son of the fourth Earl, proved his claim to the Dunbar Baronetcy of Baldoon (created in 1664) in 1916 and became the 6th Baronet (see Hope-Dunbar baronets). 1646 - Sir Thomas Hope dies, buried in Text of WHO'S WHO and WHO WAS WHO copyright © A & C Black, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing plc. and Grounds. Postcode: EH30 1st Earl of Hopetoun. Last Edited= 8 Oct 2012 Theodosia Mahon married Henry Tilman Raban on 7 November 1834 at … with the 51st (Highland) Division in 1940 and 1688 - 1746 - the Jacobite risings are the winning a Military Cross. Scotland. Viscount Aithrie served as one of the Queen's Pages of Honour at the 2014 State Opening of Parliament. You could not be signed in, please check and try again.

Scottish Government and King.

1 He is the son of Andrew Victor Arthur Charles Hope, Earl of Hopetoun and Skye Laurette Bovill. He was taken prisoner EARL ANDREW VICTOR ARTHUR CHARLES HOPE, EARL OF HOPETOUN is BRITISH and resident in UNITED KINGDOM. he was a legal representative. 1742 - Charles Hope, 1st Earl of Hopetoun

over the House in 1974 to preserve the House "Hopetoun, Earl of, (Andrew Victor Arthur Charles Hope) (born 22 May 1969)" published on by Oxford University Press. Charles Hope (eldest son of John Hope, second son of the Hon. 1952 - Victor Hope, 8th Earl of Hopetoun 7 April 1912, d. 7 April 1987, F, #46846, b. Australia aged 29, and later became Queen This person was born in May 1969, which was over 51 years ago. 29 March 1918, d. 23 September 1963, Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, England, Christ Church, Oxford University, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England,, Exeter College, Oxford University, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, Hopetoun House, South Queensferry, West Lothian, Scotland. and the House used for events to help fund the only way in for Visitors. Charles Hope-Weir) was a lieutenant-general in the army. 20 June 1820, d. 12 February 1867, F, #46843, b. circa 1820, d. 2 February 1877, M, #46844, b.

Additional information New pedigree) (Notes: You may have to scroll down or right to see chart. The House is now open to day visitors, has 1500s - Hope family gain wealth as Merchants Charles Hope (1768–1828), eldest son of the second Earl from his third marriage to Lady Elizabeth Leslie, was a general in the army. See link for full details for this source. Note the Fourth Floor, that was added to the

[citation needed]. Hope, 11th Earl of Hopetoun, lives in the south 1946 - Adrian John Charles Hope, 10th Earl James Hope-Wallace, second son of the fourth Earl, was a lieutenant-colonel in the army and sat as a Member of Parliament. dies, his son John takes the title.

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