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To view an interview with Dr. Rivara, CLICK HERE. The Seattle City Council continues to update its COVID-19 webpage which includes resources supporting workers, childcare, small businesses, and tenants/landlords. Crowd Control Weapons UpdateIn June, City Council passed an ordinance banning the use of certain less-than-lethal weapons such as tear gas and flash bangs and invited the police accountability organizations to provide their input. It includes updating water and sewer lines by Seattle Public Utilities, adding protected bike lanes, reconfiguring or removing some parking, and adding a few turn lane pockets for safety. Congratulations to everyone at the channel, whose hard work and dedication led to these prestigious awards. [NOTE: While public safety is a key component of our city budget and is discussed below, you can also view my separate posts about reimagining and revamping policing in Seattle by CLICKING HERE.]. Banning Chemical and Other Weapons Against Protesters (, Uncovering Badges for Clear Identification of Police Officers (. For example, I opposed cuts to Chief Carmen Best’s salary (the first Black chief in Seattle’s history) and I opposed cuts to our city’s Navigation Team that we need to address homeless encampments. As Chair of our City’s Transportation Committee since January, I ordered an audit of all City-owned bridges shortly after SDOT suddenly closed the West Seattle High Bridge in response to accelerating cracking. The example of how we would expect Seattle leadership to reduce police officer positions out of order is hobbled by a long, uncertain process due to the inflexibility of the police contract. We should not need to bargain for those reforms. At the same time, I believe in a wonderful future for Seattle and our nation and I am hopeful we can come together as a compassionate and committed community; advance and solidify public safety reform and accountability; and secure peace, equity, and justice here in Seattle. Here are my remarks during “Issue Identification” on October 15: “Considering the multiple crises we are facing, including back-to-back deficits for 2020 and 2021, I believe Mayor Durkan and her team have put forward a budget that is thoughtful and reasonable and I hope my colleagues on the City Council choose to consider it in a collaborative and constructive manner. The total (all funds) budget is $6.5 billion. For the University Bridge and other Seattle bridges ranked “poor” or “fair,” I hoped to redirect additional resources from the City budget  — if my colleagues on the City Council agree that keeping our infrastructure safe is a priority. You can also listen on your phone by calling 253-215-8782. There’s also one on the east side of Green Lake.

However, late Saturday afternoon, some demonstrations downtown swiftly turned violent with rogue protesters setting multiple fires and throwing objects not only harming our first responders and local businesses already stretched and struggling during the pandemic, but also endangering peaceful protesters. Thankfully, the Fairview bridge is being replaced now. Seattle thankfully withdrew its challenge of the inquest process and I sent a demand letter to the other jurisdictions calling on them to allow the process to proceed. I opposed cuts to our city’s Navigation Team because I believe we need to address homeless encampments in a constructive and coordinated manner. We cannot go back. Both Council Bill 119867 and Council Bill 119868 totaled only 2 pages in length. Nevertheless, instead of spending up to $30 million to increase the salaries of many city government employees, I strongly believe we should invest those dollars to provide housing and case management for people experiencing homelessness and to maintain the safety of our city’s aging bridges. You may be prompted by your browser for permission. While Harbor Patrol is well-known for its presence around Lake Union benefiting City Council Districts 3, 4, 6, and 7, it also serves Districts 2 and 5 in Lake Washington. WITHDRAWING MOTION ON CONSENT DECREE; ENDING CURFEWS: In response to requests from peaceful protesters, community leaders, your City Council, and their own assessments of quickly evolving events, the City Attorney withdrew the City’s controversial motion to the federal judge on the police consent decree and Mayor Durkan ended the controversial curfews. IMMEDIATE LEGISLATIVE FIXES: There will be legislation for our City Council to vote on within the next week that I plan to support: But that is just a start on the legislative front. Inquests—and Justice—Delayed AgainKing County needs to complete the inquest of the killing of Charleena Lyles by two Seattle Police officers in 2017. I share our Mayor’s concerns with key pieces of the budget package City Council adopted August 10. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. “There is also another perspective on how to view these changes: The necessity of fiscal responsibility.

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