albanian slang swear words

T‰ qift‰ qeni qorrMeaning:May you get fucked by a blind dog, T‰ qift‰ ujku qorrMeaning:May you get fucked by a blind wolf, T‰ qift‰ xhandari i mbretit!Meaning:May a king’s guard fuck you. T‰ h‰ng‰rt thiu!Meaning:May a swine eat you! (use with anger while arguing), Mos më mërzit! Very mild, yet apparently originated as rhyming slang for "Berkeley hunt". (Korçe dialect), Nuk dua tja di! – Don’t bother me (use this when slightly annoyed). (lit. I’m currently on a mission to show you the amazing places and diversity that our planet has to offer! I’m running twice per week, giving private lessons, and hired a private tutor to help converse in Albanian for improvement. If you are about to travel to Albania, this is exactly what you are looking for! (means: wool, pubic hair)”, Mbylle halenMeaning:Shut up your mouth! Mair – Mirë (used in rural mountain areas, north dialect), Kam rënë e këmbe në dashuri me ty – I am in love with you, Jam i marrosur pas teje – I’m crazy about you, I’m crazy after you. Çfarë dreqin po ndodh?! – What the hell is going on? A collection of useful phrases in the Tosk dialect of Albanian, an Indo-European language spoken mainly in Albania and Kosovo. While many speak English, it’s always a good idea to learn some local expressions. I made a new routine to help my mentality in serene. - The Internet’s cussing dictionary T‰ qift‰ gomari mamin!Meaning:May a donkey fuck your mama! See these phrases in any combination of two languages in the Phrase Finder. (with a crankshaft). I learned many new phrases from my language instructor who is my friend and neighbor. T‰ r‰nt‰ qimja!Meaning:May all your hair fall off! Learn the most important words in Albanian Here you can find the translation of the 50 most important words and expressions into Albanian. – standard version for “Don’t bother me!”, Mos më çaj kokën! Danish language course with audio. T‰ qift‰ lugati!Meaning:May a zombie fuck you! don’t sell me farts), Mos pafsh drit‰ me syMeaning:May you not see light with your eyes, Mos pafsh f‰mi’ as katandiMeaning:May you not see [produce] children nor wealth, Mos pafsh g‰zim n‰ jet‰Meaning:May you not see happiness in you life, Mos u hap byth‰sh!Meaning:Don’t fuck around! I made a new routine to help my mentality in serene. Change ). Bland dig udenom: Mind your own business, Keep out of this: Det kommer ikke dig ved And it’s a good resource if you want to learn some more Albanian words and phrases, or even learn to speak it fluently. Kujt po I rruhetMeaning:Who gives a fuck!! Ti je rrot‰ kari!Meaning:You are a real dick! T‰ raft‰ morri i gopit!Meaning:May lice infest your cunt! -the word “dreq” derived from Gheg, north Albania. T‰ raft‰ rrufejaMeaning:May the thunder fall on you, T‰ raft‰ rrufeja mu n‰ hale!Meaning:May the thunder fall in your toilet!). crow), T’i pift‰ sorra mendt‰Meaning:May the magpie drink from your brains, T’i verboft Zoti syt‰Meaning:May God blind your eyes, T’u fikt‰ qiriMeaning:May your candle get put out, T’u mbytt‰ f‰mija n‰ gjakMeaning:May your child drown in blood, T’u mshelt deraMeaning:May your door close forever, T’u rritt‰ mendjaMeaning:May you become arrogant, T’u rr‰zoft‰ sht‰piaMeaning:May your home collapse. Jump to phrases. It’s the second day so far and I feel slightly awesome. Lesh!Meaning:“Shit! (use when you want to stop somebody from bothering you, slang, should not be used in public, casual talk 1 on 1). Bint – n., derogatory synonym for woman appropriated from the Arabic word … T‰ qifsha t‰ bardh‰t e syveMeaning:Fuck your eye whites, T‰ qift‰ arusha qorreMeaning:May you get fucked by a blind bear. ( Log Out /  My name is Alex, and I’m a Professional Travel Blogger and Photographer from Sweden. Ta henksha PidhinMeaning:I will eat your pussy, Ta humbt‰ Zoti far‰nMeaning:May God extinguish your seed, Ta qifsha n‰n‰n!Meaning:I’ll fuck your mother, Ta qifsha tok‰n t‰ndeMeaning:Fuck the ground you stand on, Ta qifsha Zotin t‰ndMeaning:Fuck your God, Ta Qift Gjyshi NanenMeaning:May your Grandfather fuck your Mother, Te humbt‰ faraMeaning:May your seed disappear, Te Perdhunofsha MaminMeaning:I will rape your Mother, Te qifsha robet ne pidhMeaning:Fuck your family in the pussy, Te qifte gomariMeaning:May the Donkey fuck you, Te Qifte MizaMeaning:May the fly Fuck you, Te qifte ndonje gje me shume kembeMeaning:May a thing with many feet fucks you, Te rrah me shkopin e shurresMeaning:I’ll beat you with my dick, Te Shkerdhefsha nanenMeaning:Screw your mum, Ti je burr‰ muti!Meaning:You’re a shitty man, Ti je i/e thjesht si kompirMeaning:You are simple (plain) like a potato. ( Log Out /  Albanian Swear Words - Learn how to curse in Albanian. When you are at a restaurant, it might be nice to be able to say a few Albanian phrases and words. Albanian “Mut i ati, mut i biri, mut ai q‰ b‰ri t’atin” Meaning: “Father is shitty, son is shitty, he who made the father is shitty” “Se kur kam qi pidh une o qime nane, Ti ke kane te e thith cicen e nanes tane” Meaning: “When I was fuckin pussy, motherfucker, … For me, it’s always most memorable to talk with the locals, and the best way to do it is in their language. (don’t shake your ass too much), Mos ha mut!Meaning:Shut up! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. We will teach you: How to say Hello! don’t eat shit), Mos m‰ shit pordh‰!Meaning:Don’t fuck with me! If you want to know how to say anything specific or learn certain Albanian phrases or Words that aren’t in this list, leave a comment below and I will gladly ask some of my Albanian friends how to say it. Then you look at the Albanian version of the menu and easier understand what is being served. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  Hanksh e lepi karin tim!Meaning:Eat and lick my cock, Hyp te maja e karit tim!Meaning:Fuck off (jump on the tip of my dick), I/e dalur men‡Meaning:A man/women who goes insane, I/e krisurMeaning:“A man/woman who cracks, goes mad”, I/e pafytyr‰Meaning:A man/woman with no face/honor, I/e paturpMeaning:A man/woman with no shame, I/e shkalluarMeaning:A man/women who goes insane, I/e tranuarMeaning:A man/women who goes insane, Je nj‰ derr me zileMeaning:You are a real pig (you are a swine with a bell). and Goodbye in Albanian! T‰ qift‰ Kina mamin!Meaning:May all the Chinese fuck your mama! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. ( Log Out /  T‰ kafshoft‰ gjarp‰riMeaning:May the snake bite you, T‰ marrt‰ detiMeaning:May the sea wash you away, T‰ marrt‰ dreqiMeaning:May the Devil take you, T‰ marrt‰ lumiMeaning:May the river wash you away, T‰ mbajtshin kat‰r vet‰!Meaning:May four people carry you (like a dead body), T‰ qifsha n‰ byth‰Meaning:I’ll fuck you in your ass. Besides greeting phrases, these are some that you should memorize. There are different ways of saying “Si Jeni?” (How are you?) T‰ dalt‰ shpirti si qenitMeaning:May your soul leave you like [it leaves] a dog, T‰ hyft‰ dreqi nga bytha!Meaning:May the devil get inside you through the ass, T‰ h‰ngert dreqiMeaning:May the devil consume you, T‰ h‰ngert mortiMeaning:May death consume you, T‰ h‰ng‰rt morti… me ‡ka keMeaning:May death… consume you and all yours, T‰ h‰ng‰rt nataMeaning:May the night consume you, T‰ h‰ng‰rt terriMeaning:May the darkness consume you. When you are at a restaurant, it might be nice to be able to say a few Albanian phrases and words. shave my dick), Qiju me arushaMeaning:Fuck with the bears, Shkofsh si qeni n‰ rrushMeaning:May you die as a dog [shot] in a vineyard, Sorr‰Meaning:nasty bigmouth woman (lit. Most of the phrases are mainly Gheg dialect, which I prefer over Tosk dialect, and slangs. Change ). It's the second day so far and I feel slightly awesome. In addition to a happier attitude, the waiter and the staff will probably give even better service if you make an effort yourself. T‰ qifsha n‰n‰n n‰ pidh!Meaning:I’ll fuck your mother in the pussy! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. a priest’s beard), Morti te hangertMeaning:May death get you, Mos e dridh shum‰ byth‰n!Meaning:Don’t be so sneaky! In addition to a happier attitude, the waiter and the staff will probably give even better service if you make an effort yourself. (shut up your shithole! T‰ r‰nt‰ pika!Meaning:May a stroke hit you! (shave my dick), M‰ rruaj trapin!Meaning:Suck my dick! (lit. Bear in mind that I’m in no way fluent nor Albanian, so this list was created by help from Albanian friends. Here’s a big list of useful Albanian phrases and words! To understand the Albanian numerals are especially useful if you plan to go shopping. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. And also a big thank you to which helped to correct some mistakes! – I don’t care what you are talking about, Varja – Ok, let it go! Temen e semës – God damnit! – Don’t bother me! (don’t open your ass wide), Mos u trash‰gofshMeaning:May no life descend from you, Mut me luleMeaning:Fuckup (shit with flowers), Mut me maj‰Meaning:Fuckup (shit with a tip), Mut mutiMeaning:Shit of a shit (also insulting the father), M‰ hanksh mutin!Meaning:May you eat my shit, M‰ rruaj karin!Meaning:Suck my dick! Të dua means I love you, and the actual Albanian word for love is dashuri. T‰ qift‰ harapi i zi me dajre e napolon!Meaning:“May a black man fuck you with music, dances and drums!”. Ti moj shurr‰ muti!Meaning:You nasty shitty woman! Je nj‰ hale i v‰rtet‰!Meaning:You are a real shitty person! Jot eme ka diarre!Meaning:Your mother has diarrhea, KollodokMeaning:Big dick (engine crankshaft), Koqe kandariMeaning:Dickhead (means: a pair of balls). ), MendjendryshkurMeaning:A person with a rusty mind; rusty-minded, Milosh!Meaning:Slobodan Milosevic (hated by Albanians), Mjekra e priftitMeaning:Pubic hair (lit. (lit. I would also suggest Berat as one of the most beautiful destinations in Albania. T’u thaft‰ kari!Meaning:May your dick get paralysed! If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Hajt ma rruaj!Meaning:Come and suck (shave) my dick! Ai eshte i çmendur/lajthitur – He is out of his mind! Disclaimer: The contents of this web site are mine personally and do not reflect any position of the U. S. Government or the Peace Corps. Avoid the hassle of asking for an English menu by learning the following food-related Albanian phrases. I learned many new phrases from my language instructor who is my friend and neighbor.… This list of Albanian phrases was created to help new tourist to explore Albania in the fullest way possible and hopefully interact with the locals as we did when we traveled there. ( Log Out /  Ty te qi breshka!Meaning:Even a turtle can fuck you! Trimi Mire me pidha shumeMeaning:The brave man with lots of pussies, Tu qifte nana me shkijeMeaning:May the Serbs fuck your mum. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I'm running twice per week, giving private lessons, and hired a private tutor to help converse in Albanian for improvement. ( Log Out /  T‰ vraft‰ e miraMeaning:May the good/plenty kill you, T‰ vraft‰ qielliMeaning:May heavens kill you, U mbytsh n‰ gjakun t‰ndMeaning:May you drown in your own blood, U zvarritsh si gjarpniMeaning:May you crawl like a snake, Un‰ t‰ qij me kollodok!Meaning:I’ll fuck you hard! 5. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Create a free website or blog at If you are exploring on your own or if you are going somewhere, it can be helpful to know a few Albanian phrases to ask for directions and to understand the answer. Not many tourists speak Albanian and you will still be warmly welcomed if you don’t, but if you take the time to learn just a couple of Albanian phrases and words, it would be much appreciated and enable you to experience more of the local ways of Albania.

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