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For details, see page 187. Gear Box . ELECTRONICALLY ACTIVATED TRANSFER CASE WITH 2H, 4H, 4L. to 5 p. While 2 overdrive gearsAC60F 6 Speed Automatic Transmission Torque converter lockup in 5th and 6th gears. Ac60f transmission pdf. Manual Transmission Unit Components COMPONENTS ILLUSTRATION ILLUSTRATION *1 SHIFT DETENT BALL PLUG *2 SHIFT DETENT BALL COMPRESSION SPRING *3 MANUAL TRANSMISSION FILLER PLUG *4 SHAFT DETENT BALL *5 ... Terminals Of Ecu TERMINALS OF ECU 1. 2 Clutch 5 C3 No. RADIO AND DISPLAY RECEIVER ASSEMBLY Terminal No. This fact sheet provides best practices for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces to prevent the spread of disease while minimizing harmful chemical exposures. Is it because it has two over-drive gears? Transmission 6-SPEED AUTOMATIC (AC60F), ETC (ELECTRONICALLY CONTROLLED TRANSMISSION). TORQUE: 332.,PART-TIME 4WD. POWER: 177. (Symbol) Wiring Color Terminal Description Condition … Ac60f transmission pdf. Transfer The transfer has been switched from VF2BM to … A340E, A340F 4-speed Electronic Control Transmission (ECT), A750E, and A750F 5-speed Super ECT (Electronic Control Transmission) have been discontinued. But why is this happening, and why do we hate it so much? AC60E and AC60F Automatic Transmission Either of AC60E or AC60F 6-speed Electronic Control Transmission (ECT) has been adopted for all vehicles. drive transmission. We think not. 400 4th 1. The unit is fitted to current model Toyota Hilux GUN120 Series, Toyota Prado 150 Series, Toyota Fortuna GUN Series, Toyota HiAce TRH200 Series and Isuzu D-Max TF Series 2. 9. Tyre size P225/70R17 x 6J STEEL, FULL-SIZE STEEL SPARE Dimension (mm) 5 330 X 1 815 X 1 815 Kerb weight (kg) 2 105 … Engine 2.8L (2 755 cc) STRAIGHT-4 COMMON-RAIL DIESEL ENGINE. A shorter ratio for the first gear results in increased start-off drive power and improved crawl speeds off-road compared with the previous five speed transmission.

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