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Help! The same goes for dagger kills, killing enemies without getting hit, killing specific enemy types and so on. If you are early to midgame, you won't have access to some game changing later game engravings, so you my have to go with the best you have. For anything other than crit it’s 30% Armor Penetration Assassin damage to nearby enemies Element damage engravings (40% Fire Damage or 40% Poison Damage) for arrow damage boost for hunter builds. You also need to obtain legendary weapons and sets to unlock powerful bonuses that can go on more pieces of gear. You can only put one engraving on each item and you can just overwrite it endlessly. So a chest piece with a natural plus 14% ranged damage effect can’t be equipped with a plus 10% ranged engraving to further increase ranged damage. When you get a Legendary Item with a unique Engraving, it will be added to your list of unlocked Engravings. Stick to legendary stuff, it’s generally a good policy. Watch Dogs 1 remaster will be in WDL season pass. I sure hope it does because that is super powerful. I've been doing poison mostly but will give fire a try! It depends on what you're trying to do, but in general: Crit Chance and Crit Chance at Full Health, Crit Damage and Crit Damage at Full Health. My guess is the Mighty Herakles Set (for fire) and the Myrmidon Set (for poison). Assassin's Creed Odyssey best weapons, armour, engravings, and legendary armour and weapons listed How to find legendary gear and the weapon and armour system explained. Engrave as much and as often as you like, they're cheap and powerful. The rank of your engraving is represented by the small diamond shaped marks on the left side of the icon, but generally they range in power from a 3-25% increase in the effectiveness of an ability, weapon, or damage type. Epic gear with crit chance and crit damage at 100% Crit Chance and 725% Crit damage. So, if you use the Asssassin one, and your Assassin attack is 300%, then you have a bonus of 200%, so half of that {100} would get added to Warrior and Hunter. You can also change the engraving to something else at any point. Unfortunately, on the flipside you won’t be able to just plug and play your engravings and immediately expect to get the best effect. Engravings are a unique new system to roll out for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey that are meant to go hand-in-hand with the unique playstyles available to a player exploring Ubisoft’s Greek world. As a result, your engravings will almost always be centered around your secondary combat style rather than on the damage you plan to use the most. Legendary engravings start out at the maximum possible strength they can be, and you can usually only get your hands on them for completing specific feats like killing the minotaur or completing a significant quest. MAKE YOUR WEAPONS ON FIRE! Setting - The most modern AC being set in the 19th-century Victorian Era, where industrialization and new technology is booming, there's so much to explore and learn and many historical characters to interact with such as Karl Marx, Charles Darwin, Frederick Abberline, and the Queen herself. Engravings are the subtle reward for almost everything you do in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and can drastically range in power and effect. For example, a legendary engraving that reduces your adrenaline Overpower cost by one is going to be of a lot more benefit to an open combat specialist than any amount of assassination damage. For anything other than crit it’s. You can equip weapon damage bonuses to both your head and both your weapons and they seem to function as a stacking stat boost across the board. Try to hunt a whole arm of the cultists to get a full set to activate the armour perks. In the case of the example below, I’m focusing on melee combat, so I have the immortal set equipped which has a base 15% bonus to warrior damage on every piece of equipment. Your gear is almost like a part of your odyssey and should be enjoyed.

For this one, I use the one that is the opposite of my build- the Assassin engraving for my Warrior build and the Warrior engraving for my Assassin build. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Best Build (assassin's creed odyssey build - assassin's creed odyssey tips - ac odyssey best build) Like the video? This lets me maximize my ability to function in stealth and in melee combat. The crit build focuses on crit damage and crit chance, combined with either Hunter or Assassin damage, depending on your preferred playstyle. I guess going through the long engravings list and matching them to different static engravings on my epic gear is a little intimidating?? A ranged specialist is going to be killing so many enemies with bow related skills that they’ll blow past the challenges associated with them in no time, and the same goes for someone that prefers daggers or heavy weapons. But I haven't really messed with creating builds around playstyles using engravings. You can post anything directly related to Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Ancient Greece Discovery Tour. You get all of your base stat engravings just by making it to level 50, which includes bonuses to assassination, warrior, and ranged damage, as well as health, armor, crit chance, crit damage, elemental effects and headshot damage. It worked for me, but there is definitely a build for every misthios. I'll have to run some damage tests myself at level 50. They look sick, and deal fire damage. Died a few times because of my lowish resistances, but took things out great. Playing mostly assassin+hunter so curious to try a build more like yours! When in doubt you can sort your engravings based on specific armor types through the engravings menu in your inventory. There are several legendary armor sets found within the game, but some sets might help you better than others. For example I can have the +100% damage but only 25% health one and you know it works because you will still be capped at 25% health even if the weapon is sheathed, but if I put the fire engraving on one weapon, the other won't have it. I want to try more melee and percentages.

... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. As we mentioned earlier, it’s best to think of your spec like you have one primary stat, one secondary stat, and a third stat that you might use but much more rarely than the other two. Making a "build" isn't that complicated. The engravings do not go away once you use them, so you can add them to multiple pieces of gear without worry. Oof, 70 hours in? Is there a list of engravings that work even while we're not using the weapons that have them? Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. You can apply these Engravings to the Blacksmith. If you get damage becomes poison damage or damage becomes fire damage, you'll most likely want to use those, but they are later game options. What’s more, the effects of stat engravings are usually less powerful than the maximum effect of a piece of gear that naturally spawns with that effect. Any build can be maximised, but engravings are key.

What do you guys think are the best engravings. This means that stat engravings are never meant to enhance a primary stat and are most effective at enhancing a secondary stat for a non-primary playstyle.

It does depend upon your gameplay, but in this list, we will assume that most people prefer to focus on their warrior damage. You can only have one engraving and one type of stat boost effect on any given piece of gear, which includes any boosts that come with the gear as a normal effect and not all engravings will apply to every piece of equipment. An assassin that isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty in combat will benefit the most from engravings that increase warrior damage or a specific weapon damage, because their gear should already have a greater assassination bonus than what’s available from an engraving.

This mentality focuses on selecting engravings that match your playstyle and then maximizing where you can place them in your loadout. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the assassinscreed community. Either way, you need to know how you plan to play so you can specialize accordingly. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest.

Hi! So for example, if you want to unlock the final tier of an engraving you’ll need to complete all five of the unlock objectives, and for every objective you complete the engraving will grow slightly more powerful until it reaches its final tier.

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