9th grade science textbook

Your email address will not be published. Biological Diversity. This Earth Science Open Educational Resource (OER) textbook is written specifically for students to have a reputable source for them to obtain materials and information aligned to Utah Earth Science Standards for Grade 9, or for student’s first year Earth Science (Earth Science I) in high school. Services, Lesson 1 - Matter: Physical and Chemical Properties, Lesson 2 - States of Matter: Solids, Liquids, Gases & Plasma, Lesson 3 - The Kinetic Molecular Theory: Properties of Solids and Liquids, Lesson 4 - Phase Diagrams: Critical Point, Triple Point and Phase Equilibrium Boundaries, Lesson 5 - Phase Change: Evaporation, Condensation, Freezing, Melting, Sublimation & Deposition, Lesson 6 - Common Chemical Reactions and Energy Change, Lesson 7 - Avogadro's Number: Using the Mole to Count Atoms, Lesson 8 - Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions, Lesson 9 - Chromatography, Distillation and Filtration: Methods of Separating Mixtures, Lesson 10 - Physical Property of Matter: Definition & Examples, Lesson 11 - Water Phase Changes: Physics Lab, Lesson 1 - The Kinetic Molecular Theory: Properties of Gases, Lesson 2 - Pressure: Definition, Units, and Conversions, Lesson 3 - How to Find the Density of a Gas, Lesson 4 - Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures: Calculating Partial & Total Pressures, Lesson 5 - The Boltzmann Distribution: Temperature and Kinetic Energy of Gases, Lesson 6 - Diffusion and Effusion: Graham's Law, Lesson 7 - Molar Volume: Using Avogadro's Law to Calculate the Quantity or Volume of a Gas, Lesson 8 - Boyle's Law: Gas Pressure and Volume Relationship, Lesson 9 - Charles' Law: Gas Volume and Temperature Relationship, Lesson 10 - Gay-Lussac's Law: Gas Pressure and Temperature Relationship, Lesson 11 - The Ideal Gas Law and the Gas Constant, Lesson 12 - Using the Ideal Gas Law: Calculate Pressure, Volume, Temperature, or Quantity of a Gas, Lesson 13 - Real Gases: Deviation From the Ideal Gas Laws, Lesson 14 - Real Gases: Using the Van der Waals Equation, Lesson 15 - Pressure Change & Volume of a Gas: Physics Lab, Lesson 3 - Early Atomic Theory: Dalton, Thomson, Rutherford and Millikan, Lesson 4 - Isotopes and Average Atomic Mass, Lesson 5 - Electron Configurations in Atomic Energy Levels, Lesson 6 - Hund's Rule, the Pauli Exclusion Principle & the Aufbau Principle, Lesson 7 - The Law of Conservation of Mass: Definition, Equation & Examples, Lesson 8 - Diamagnetism & Paramagnetism: Definition & Explanation, Lesson 9 - Four Quantum Numbers: Principal, Angular Momentum, Magnetic & Spin, Lesson 10 - The de Broglie Hypothesis: Definition & Significance, Lesson 11 - Ionic Bonds: Definitions and Examples, Lesson 12 - How Compounds and Molecules Are Built From Elements, Lesson 13 - Polar and Nonpolar Covalent Bonds: Definitions and Examples, Lesson 14 - Using Atoms and Ions to Determine Molecular Formulas, Lesson 16 - Ernest Rutherford's Gold Foil Experiment: Physics Lab, Understanding the Atom & Atomic Structure, Lesson 1 - The Periodic Table: Properties of Groups and Periods, Lesson 2 - Valence Electrons and Energy Levels of Atoms of Elements, Lesson 3 - Atomic and Ionic Radii: Trends Among Groups and Periods of the Periodic Table, Lesson 4 - Ionization Energy: Trends Among Groups and Periods of the Periodic Table, Lesson 5 - Electronegativity: Trends Among Groups and Periods of the Periodic Table, Lesson 6 - The Diagonal Relationship, Metallic Character, and Boiling Point, Lesson 7 - Transition Metals vs. Main Group Elements: Properties and Differences, Lesson 3 - Chemical Bonds III: Polar Covalent, Lesson 5 - The Octet Rule and Lewis Structures of Atoms, Lesson 6 - Ions: Predicting Formation, Charge, and Formulas of Ions, Lesson 7 - Ionic Compounds: Formation, Lattice Energy and Properties, Lesson 8 - Naming Ionic Compounds: Simple Binary, Transition Metal & Polyatomic Ion Compounds, Lesson 9 - Covalent Compounds: Properties, Naming & Formation, Lesson 10 - Lewis Structures: Single, Double & Triple Bonds, Lesson 11 - Lewis Dot Structures: Polyatomic Ions, Lesson 12 - Lewis Dot Structures: Resonance, Lesson 13 - Covalent Bonds: Predicting Bond Polarity and Ionic Character, Lesson 14 - VSEPR Theory & Molecule Shapes, Lesson 15 - Dipoles & Dipole Moments: Molecule Polarity, Lesson 16 - Hydrogen Bonding, Dipole-Dipole & Ion-Dipole Forces: Strong Intermolecular Forces, Lesson 17 - London Dispersion Forces (Van Der Waals Forces): Weak Intermolecular Forces, Lesson 18 - Using Orbital Hybridization and Valence Bond Theory to Predict Molecular Shape, Lesson 19 - Molecular Orbital Theory: Tutorial and Diagrams, Lesson 20 - Metallic Bonding: The Electron-Sea Model & Why Metals Are Good Electrical Conductors, Lesson 21 - Intramolecular Bonding and Identification of Organic and Inorganic Macromolecules, Lesson 22 - Organic Molecules: Alkanes, Alkenes, Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Isomers, Lesson 23 - Functional Groups in Organic Molecules, Lesson 1 - The Rate of Dissolution: Factors and Definition, Lesson 2 - Solutions, Electrolytes and Nonelectrolytes, Lesson 3 - Solubility and Solubility Curves, Lesson 4 - Solubility of Common Salts: Predicting Reaction Outcomes, Lesson 5 - Calculating Molarity and Molality Concentration, Lesson 6 - Calculating Dilution of Solutions, Lesson 7 - Colligative Properties and Raoult's Law, Lesson 8 - Saturated Solution: Definition & Examples, Lesson 1 - Chemical Reactions and Balancing Chemical Equations, Lesson 2 - Mole-to-Mole Ratios and Calculations of a Chemical Equation, Lesson 3 - Mass-to-Mass Stoichiometric Calculations, Lesson 4 - Stoichiometry: Calculating Relative Quantities in a Gas or Solution, Lesson 5 - Limiting Reactants & Calculating Excess Reactants, Lesson 6 - Calculating Reaction Yield and Percentage Yield from a Limiting Reactant, Lesson 7 - Calculating Percent Composition and Determining Empirical Formulas, Lesson 8 - Hydrates: Determining the Chemical Formula From Empirical Data, Lesson 1 - Decomposition and Synthesis Reactions, Lesson 2 - The Arrhenius Definition of Acids and Bases, Lesson 3 - The Bronsted-Lowry and Lewis Definition of Acids and Bases, Lesson 4 - Neutralization and Acid-Base Reactions, Lesson 5 - Dissociation Constant and Autoionization of Water, Lesson 6 - The pH Scale: Calculating the pH of a Solution, Lesson 7 - Weak Acids, Weak Bases, and Buffers, Lesson 8 - Coordination Chemistry: Bonding in Coordinated Compounds, Lesson 9 - Precipitation Reactions: Predicting Precipitates and Net Ionic Equations, Lesson 10 - Assigning Oxidation Numbers to Elements in a Chemical Formula, Lesson 11 - Balancing Redox Reactions and Identifying Oxidizing and Reducing Agents, Lesson 12 - The Activity Series: Predicting Products of Single Displacement Reactions, Lesson 13 - Electrochemical Cells and Electrochemistry, Lesson 14 - Cathode and Anode Half-Cell Reactions, Lesson 15 - Writing and Balancing Combustion Reactions, Lesson 1 - The Photoelectric Effect: Definition, History, Application & Equation, Lesson 2 - Energy & Momentum of a Photon: Equation & Calculations, Lesson 3 - Planck's Constant: Formula & Application, Lesson 4 - The Bohr Model and Atomic Spectra, Lesson 5 - Wave-Particle Duality & the Davisson-Germer Experiment, Lesson 6 - Nuclear Physics: Nuclear Force & Building Energy, Lesson 7 - Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle: Definition & Equation, Lesson 8 - Nuclear Reaction: Definition & Examples, Lesson 9 - Types of Radioactive Decay and Their Effect on the Nucleus, Lesson 10 - Balancing Nuclear Equations & Predicting the Product of a Nuclear Reaction, Lesson 11 - Half-life: Calculating Radioactive Decay and Interpreting Decay Graphs, Lesson 12 - Mass-Energy Conversion, Mass Defect and Nuclear Binding Energy, Lesson 13 - Fusion, Fission, Carbon Dating, Tracers & Imaging: Applications of Nuclear Chemistry, Lesson 14 - Disintegration Energy in Nuclear Physics: Definition & Formula, Lesson 15 - Electron Cloud: Definition, Model & Theory, Lesson 1 - What Is Motion?

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