7 days to die character reset

The name of the game stat you wish to set, e.g. 2. can only be used to kill players. The ID of the buff you wish to give to yourself. Description: usage: givequest questname, Command: giveself No detailed help available. Example: “se 1807 20” player-id = 0 if you are alone. This command can be used to change the temperature unit used by the game to Celsius ('C') or Fahrenheit ('F'). The permission level you wish to set for a command - a number between 0 and 1000. There are commands which can only be used through the server control panel. Description: Applies a buff to the local player, Command: chunkcache No detailed help available. Description: Kicks user with optional reason. This console command will, as you might've guessed from the name, kill every player on the server. Optional - the name of the command you wish to view help for. The information is technical information like your computer's hardware, operating system, etc. Specify 'add' (without quotes) here if you wish to add a player to the admin list. If you wish to teleport the player to a set of coordinates, enter them here, separated by spaces. The direction you for the player to face after teleporting, one of the following: The file name of the cloud texture you wish to use (located in resources/textures/environment/spectrums/default). Specify 'C' here (without quotes) to set the game's temperature unit to Celsius. Usage: 1. settime day 2. settime night 3. settime

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