6xd gearbox cost

Systems can be configured to integrate “Throttle blip downshift” as well regarding Road-Racing Needs. $3,490.00. YOUR one stop shop for SUCCESS! View full … Buy It Now … * G-force Transmissions owner Mike Long, 25+ yrs proven gear-train experience * RTS INC owner Rick Lamber, 30+ yrs racing gearbox builder/ R&D experience * SS manufacturing owner Clay Stephens, Designer/Mechanical Engineer with winning applications * SS manufacturing owner Skyler Schipper, Master machinist of all multi axis CnC machines, Effort Equals Results: * 1st Year World Release = 31 wins / 5 Championships / Not One Track Failure Ever *. All other special inputs are additional cost. As well as everything you need for your DBW Throttle / Downshift Blip Module. The dog-ring engagement and disengagement of a sequential transmission is dependent on the lightest torque reduction to perform the fastest shifts. © 2020 6XD Gearbox - All Rights Reserved |, Will Integrate w/ Throttle Blip Downshift, Contact Us about your vehicle platform and programmable throttle needs, Award Winning Customer Service & Installation Assistance. 6XD GEARBOX. $16,900.00 6XD GEARBOX. Because SS mfg performs both designing and manufacturing in-house, it creates a more efficient, cost-effective and premium quality-controlled environment. 3MO have developed a simple concept by re-mapping their ETV gearbox in order to keep our standards while offering a 100% specific product. RTS INC is the #1 Gforce racing transmission dealer in the world and #1 facility for rebuilding racing dogbox transmissions and Winters Quick Change rears, brand new builds and/or rebuilds n repairs! Email Address. “Our Xineering W.O.T. $5,499.00. Torque reduction is performed by programmatically cutting power by a specified % to the ignition coils during a shift event. 100% satisfaction guaranteed for past 10yrs! Notify me when this product is available: WORLD'S STRONGEST SEQUENTIAL DOGBOX CAPABLE OF HANDLING OVER 1800 ftllbs MOST COST EFFECTIVE MAINTENANCE REMOVABLE DOG FACEPLATES SUPER FAST DROP GEAR CHANGES COMMON 4-BOLT... $3,190.00 RTS sequential, sequential transmission, 6 spd gearbox. Follow; Follow Clay Stephens | 770 … package! This allows SS mfg to deliver products that would normally be considered “out of the price range” and make them available to enthusiasts of all levels. Brand New. Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum Designed to provide clearance for large rocker gear and large valve spring set-ups, but can also be used to improve the... Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more …, © 2020 SS Manufacturing. $18,750.00. 6XD GEARBOX Rick Lamber | 714-290-5276 703B Mooresville Road, Kannapolis, NC 28081 www.racetechservicesinc.com 6xdgearbox@gmail.com. Buy It Now +$250.00 shipping. (Ignition Cut) Module is essential to any sequential transmission Pkg. Any racing clutch will work with 6XD; we have a variety of input shafts for many applications! 6XD sequential gearbox went from RTS INC/SS mfg drawing on paper to an actual racing product in only 11 months! Send Message. Skyler Schipper Owner / Programmer / Machinist. “The 6XD gearbox has been such a drastic improvement to our car this season! 100% satisfaction guaranteed for past 10yrs! Downshift Wot Pull Early Shifting. - 72 degrees of lock - Extra suspension droop for rear weight transfer - Extra rigid mounting points providing solid feel for the driver -... E46 Stage 3 Front Suspension

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